Osama bin Laden's death unlikely to put a full-stop on terrorism, says Ganesha!

plans of enjoying a relaxed Sunday were aborted by the sudden ringing
of my mobile phone. I was a bit annoyed as I wanted to shut out all
issues related to astrology for the day. It was an
old friend Robert on the other end, who gave me the startling news of
Osama bin Laden being killed by US forces in the heart of Pakistan in
a swift, secretive and unilateral operation. This bolt from the blue
made me sit up, and ask for more details about the event. Robert
obliged, but also wished to know what would be the fate of global
terrorism, now that its kingpin had been eliminated.

I curiously
tried to figure out the planetary positions by referring the
ephemeris. Two, rather three, important movements of the signs Rahu,
Mangal and Guru were confirmed.

true Rahu (Dragon's head) shifts to Scorpio, the 8th
sign of zodiac ruled by Mangal. As such the 8th
House is attributed to sudden and hidden things. At the same time,
the fiery Mangal enters its own sign Aries (Mesh Rashi). The clue was
there to be decoded. Scorpio is a watery sign represented by the
scorpion's deadly sting. Usually major planets cast their shadow
over the events to follow before entering the next sign. So, things
became clear.

entry of Rahu in Scorpio signals conspiracy, and the angry Mangal
having influence over it means bursting the ring of conspiracy.
(Entry of Mars in its
own sign Aries signifies an important phenomenon. Mangal transits in
combust mode from around December, 2010. Combust Mangal finds it
difficult to express itself.)

So, if we
take into account the basics of astrology, this is not the end of
terrorism. The fight to defeat terrorism is likely to continue in the
times to come.

aggression of Mangal transiting through its
own sign Aries may not go too far, as the planet of wisdom Guru/
Jupiter enters Aries on the 8th
of the month. However, as Mars is leading, it is capable of damaging
the designs of terrorists. It will be interesting to see when things
get hotter. One thing is clear: Terrorism will now have more hidden
designs and nations (particularly the US and India) need to be more
vigilant and prepared to combat the same.

Let us
now converge on times when this confrontation is likely to become
more pronounced. In the near future, transit of Mangal through Aries
and Taurus is likely to see the fight against terrorism getting
intensified. Transit of Mangal through Taurus (Vrishabh rasi) will be
in direct opposition to Rahu transiting through Scorpio. This could
lead to fights on the ground, feels Ganesha.

the more significant time for
the same is from around 30th
November, 2011, when Mangal enters another fiery sign Leo. Mangal
transits through Leo
(Simha rasi) till around 21st
June, 2012. In between, Mangal transits in retrograde mode from
around 23rd
January 2012 to around 13th
April 2012.

feels that this transit of Mars becomes important, as Mars will have
a strong influence over Rahu transiting through Scorpio, a sign ruled
by Mars. We are likely to see more violent expressions of terrorism,
and also a strong fight against it around this period. This could be
more serious when Mangal transits in retrograde mode, from around
January to around 13th
of April, 2012.

Pakistan too, this is likely to be a real hard time as Rahu transits
through the 8th
House in the chart of Pakistan. The US is likely to become more
assertive in its relationship with Pakistan, demanding stricter
compliance by them in the fight against terrorism. Pakistan's economy
will also be in an alarming state.

In short, the
terrorists and other divisive forces are likely to continue their
dreadful activities. At the same time, the fight against terrorism is
also likely to become more result-oriented. The following periods
seem significant in this regard:

  • From
    May to 12
    June, 2011.

  • From
    June to 25
    July, 2011. This period seems quite significant.

  • From
    November, 2011 to 21
    June, 2012. Here the period from around 23
    January to 13
    April, 2012 seems more significant.

is likely to suffer more humiliation, and face
an even more difficult time managing its economy and sovereignty.

as always, wishes that
people on earth live in peace and enjoy prosperity.

Ganesha's grace,
Bharat A.
GaneshaSpeaks Team.