Nostradamus- Ganesha’s tribute to a great astrologer

Nostradamus was a French apothecary who publishes the world wide popular Prophecies. His best known work is Les Propheties, which led to a massive fan following for Nostradamus.

Nostradamus’ Birth Chart:

Nostradamus was born on 14th December 1503 in Saint-Remy-de-Province in the south of France. Michel de Nostredame was one of at least nine children of Reyniere de St-Remy and grain dealer and notary Jaume de Nostredame.

Ganesha feels that Nostradamus was born in Scorpio Ascendant and lord of the Ascendant i.e. Mars is placed in 9th house of luck in Watery sign Cancer. Mercury and Sun are forming Budhaditya Yoga in the 2nd house of his chart, which make a person clever, virtuous, skillful in all works with a good reputation. In Nostradamus’s chart, Moon and Jupiter are placed in 8th house while forming Gaj Kesari Yoga which gives intelligent or royal bearing and enjoys lasting fame.

Ganesha feels that in Nostradamus’s chart, lord of the 4th house of education i.e. Saturn, lord of the 5th house of education i.e. Jupiter and lord of the 6th house of diseases i.e. Mars are placed in 8th house and this Stellium is aspected by Sun (significator of medicine), due to this planetary position he was an enthusiastic and gifted student and in 1529 he pursued a doctorate in medicine from University of Montpellier. Michel’s grandfather suggested a career in medicine. 8th house also signifies mystery so he also studied mystery of astrology; he also had exceptional mathematical ability.

Ganesha notes that in Nostradamus’s chart, lord of the Ascendant i.e. Mars is placed in 9th house of research and higher studies and that is why he was in the research of Francois Rabelais at the University of Paris. Nostradamus acquired a great reputation as a doctor by treating victims of the bubonic plague (Le Charbon) which ravaged that part of Europe and his invention of an oral vitamin C supplement (rose pills) to enhance immune response in his patients met with considerable skepticism among his medical peers at the time.

Ganesha feels that disposition of 7th house of marriage i.e. Venus is placed in 8th house of adversary i.e. Saturn. Lord of the 7th house i.e. Venus of Natal chart and Ketu are placed in 8th house in D 9 chart. Moreover, 5th house of child is afflicted by Rahu and lord of the 5th house i.e. Jupiter is retrograde and is placed in 8th house, due to this in 1534 his wife and children died, presumably from Plague. In 1545, he assisted the prominent physician Louis Serre in his fight against a major plague outbreak in Marseille, and then tackled further outbreaks of disease on his own in Salon-de-Provence and in the regional capital, Aix-en-Provence. Finally, in 1547, he settled in Salon-de-Provence in the house which still exists.

Ganesha feels that lord of the second marriage i.e. Moon is placed in 8th house and is aspected by lord of the 10th house of second wife of wealth of wife i.e. Sun, with lord of the 5th house of child i.e. Jupiter is aspecting 2nd house of family, so he remarried a rich widow named Anne Ponsarde, with whom he had six children, three daughters and three sons and which has given big family.

Ganesha observes that Stellium of Jupiter (significator of astrology and wisdom), Moon and Saturn, which is lord of the 3rd house or writing and publishing, in 8th house has given divinely intuitions, vision to see future and interest in astrology and metaphysics. As divining tool he employed a brass bowl, filled with water and perched on a tripod; his visions appeared to him reflected on the pool of water, because of his lord of the Ascendant i.e. Mars is placed in Watery sign in Cancer. In 1555 he completed the Centuries, a book of more than 900 predictions about the fate of France, the world, and celebrated persons of his time. Nostradamus was consulted by Catherine de Medici for astrology regarding the fate of her husband, King Henry II, as well as that of her three sons. Nostradamus predicted that her husband would be killed in a joust, and that she would outlive each of her sons through their consecutive successions on the throne, were proved true. It was largely as a result of his protection by Catherine de Medici that Nostradamus was allowed to remain free to pursue his scientific studies and to publish his dire but accurate prophecies. The Great Astrologer and Physician Nostradamus died on 2nd July 1566.

Nostradamus predicted some events in book “The Prophecies” the Great Fire of London in 1666, the invention of the guillotine, the deaths of several monarchs, details of the French Revolution, the rise of Napoleon and Hitler, World War II, submarine warfare, military incursions by helicopters and supersonic bombers, twentieth century earthquakes, nuclear holocausts, John F. Kennedy’s assassination, man’s landing on the moon and the advent of AIDS, proved true.

Ganesha observes Nostradamus’ quatrains and transiting planetary positions minutely, which indicate that there is apprehension of war, war with chemical weapons, war with nuclear weapons in Arab countries and European countries between 2008 and 2013.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Hitendra H Thakor,