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Negative Or Dark Sides Of Each Zodiac Sign

Negative Or Dark Sides Of Each Zodiac Sign

Are we on the inside as we look on the outside? Sometimes we have different personalities. We think differently in private and behave differently among others. Today we will talk about some such dark personalities, which are hidden somewhere in us. Know about the dark personality of people of different zodiac signs-


You think of murder in private, here we are not talking about suicide. When someone continues to harass you, you can really fantasize about murdering or being in private. Sometimes you are too egoistic. Sometimes they are also very jealous in nature. Sudden progress cannot be tolerated by you. When someone draws close to you, you always want to hold them down. You always consider someone else to be nothing before your ego.


You are filled with a different kind of kindness towards yourself. Sometimes you can consider yourself poor. By connecting any situation with yourself, you go into a different emotional feeling towards yourself. Whereas nothing like this happens. Instead of fighting with yourself, you start considering yourself as a very poor, poor kind. You may also make yourself a victim of an incurable disease in order to get help from others.


Your dual mindset leaves you nowhere. You can break a friendship with anyone even on the basis of doubt. You may also be adept at lying. Sometimes you are very callous in your dealings with others. You can also have wrong thoughts about people in private. You are always full of doubts about the people you love. You do not hold back even in doing evil to those in front of whom you smile.


When it comes to emotions, you can always inflict emotional torture on yourself and others. Even if someone apologises to you for a mistake, you are not able to forgive him. You never have any respect for the people who bite you. Often you are predisposed to people and keep your behaviour accordingly. The feelings of others don’t matter to you. You are a very insecure person.


You are a different kind of coward. Often filled with your false ego, but alone you are afraid of feelings of insecurity. You always like to dominate others and when others cross you, you spread your pride in others by killing them, breaking up with them or driving them away. You are really a timid kind of person.


You never share your real happiness with people. You always feel that this can affect your happiness. You remain unhappy until someone is as sad as you are. You often do not miss to encourage your friends. You often distance yourself from your friends. When you want, get close to them. Seeing this behaviour, even your friends do not have a better relationship with you.


You give entry to only those people in your circle, whom you can use in future. The people around you are often like toys to you. As long as your mind drifts, you stay close to them. You don’t hesitate to manipulate your friends, family, office coolies and even your pets. Sometimes you don’t care about the feelings of others.


Sometimes it seems that the true happiness of your life is only in bothering others. You often insult people. If they oppose you, you accuse them of being a child. It doesn’t matter to you whether people may call you a hard-hearted or a bad creature.


No one can stay close for long with Sagittarius sign people. Sometimes you know where the annoying button is? You often end up making people laugh behind your back. Many times, when you say something bad to your beloved, even then you do not react to it. You always want attention from people, while not giving people much attention yourself.


You always feel that there is no person unhappy with you in this world. You are very emotional towards yourself alone. Sometimes this emotion does not allow you to connect with the outside world. You know very well how to spoil people’s good mood and often you find some reason or the other to make people sad.


You value yourself the most. You feel that the universe is spinning around you. You only want your close ones to give you gifts. If someone breaks up with you, you can sometimes even ask for a gift back. Feelings are not so important to you as material things. Yes, even if someone gives you a gift, then you do not even express gratitude to him properly.


There could be a dreaded conspiracy behind your sweet smile. You never reveal your real personality to people. You can always try to pretend that you are too innocent, when in reality you are not. You don’t help others until you get their help from the front. You always behave like a notorious gang leader.

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