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Navaratri: Nine nights to worship Goddess of Strength

Navaratri: Nine nights to worship Goddess of Strength

Navaratri is a Hindu festival during which the Indians get in touch with goddess of strength (Shakti) through dance. It is the festival to worship nine goddesses in nine different forms. Navaratri arrives in the Ashwin month of Gujarati calendar; it starts from the first day of brighter side of the month and lasts till the ninth day.

Navratri is the festival of nine nights and the importance of 9 is phenomenal in Indian Vedic culture.

The early Vedic sages were not only spiritual head of Indian society but also renowned mathematicians and in fact invented our number system.

Why Number 9 is so important in all the numbers? The number 9 represents wholeness. If you multiply any figure by 9, the answer is always 9 when you add the numbers together. The reason behind this is that 9 symbolizes wholeness or God since God is everywhere!

The universe is created of 108 elements according to ancient texts and the total of 108 comes to 9. Navratri is the festival to experience the divinity of Number 9.

Ganesha celebrates this festival of dance in a special way. Ganesha is interested to take a look how people of different sun sign enjoy themselves the nine nights.

People born under this Sun sign are ruled by Mars. Arians are very energetic, they will play Navaratri with full of energy, they do not care much about others. Their style of playing Dandiya is unique. They like to dress up themselves with fine clothes. But, be careful! Sometime Arians may hurt who play around them. The restless Arians can’t stick to any one place in ground.

Taureans are good administrators and therefore, before going to play Dandiya, they will fix time to reach the destination. Taureans are ruled by Venus, so they are fashionistas by birth. Heavy make up, heavy jewellery and gorgeous apparels are just part of their personality. They play Dandiya with different styles.

Geminians ruled by Mercury, so they are very sensible. If any one of their group doesn’t know how to play Dandiya, then they are always ready to teach them. They would not like to stand for hours before the mirror, but they will play Dandiya very decently. People like to watch them and they also like to take the cake wherever they go.

Moon rules the Cancereans. They are very punctual and are first to receive their friends on grounds. They also like to be called fashion plate. They will enjoy Navaratri pleasantly. As Cancer is water sign, Cancereans might play Navaratri with water bottles instead of Dandiya.

People born under this Sun sign are ruled by Sun. Navaratri is the time to show their energy and they like to shout on ground while playing Dandiya. After three-four hours, they are tired and get retired from the ground to watch others playing Dandiya. But they might jump in again after recharging themselves. They are eager to show new styles of playing Dandiya.

Virgos are ruled by Mercury. Perfection is the key word for them. Therefore, they spend hours before the dressing-table only to take trials of costumes. They can’t keep themselves aloof, but immediately jump into a group. They are so enthusiastic that they like to take tuitions to learn different styles of Dandiya.

Venus rules the Librans. They come to play Navaratri in a big group. Their graceful style is their identity while they are playing Dandiya. Until they find perfect dress, Librans would not like to take a single step in Dandiya. It’s a movable sign and therefore, they don’t seat outside ground. They are always buzzing on ground and attract others. They like to be in limelight.

Scorpions are under the influence of Mars. They are always on the dot. If you want them to turn up at specific time, they will be there on ground with nicely dressed up. They love to play Navaratri with full of energy, and you cannot see them playing Dandiya with the same style even for 15 minutes. They have got itchy feet and so, they don’t like to play Dandiya at one place.

Sagittarians are influenced by Jupiter. They are very thinkers, and while playing, they always think about what would be the next new step or style. When they find any fast-food stall around, the next moment they will be found gobbling up something. They don’t waste their energy after dressing up; rather they would show their oomph in the ground.

Capricorneans are ruled by Saturn. They like to put on nice dress if someone wants them in that dress. They are so fanatic about this festival that even if they do not know how to play, they are ready to take a plunge. Not found in group, Capricorneans like to play Dandiya with elegance. They don’t play Navartra at one place on ground.

Aquarians are governed by Saturn. Though they take time to doll up themselves, they are never late. They love to be in group and never go away. They like to show new styles with full vigour.

Pisceans are ruled by Jupiter. Normally they are in cheerful mood and they do not need any synthetic smile on face while playing Dandiya. They take time while dressing up. Pisceans like to take lead in changing style in group. They will take time while dressing up. Pisceans come to play Navaratri in big group.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,