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Mysterious Rahu and Ketu in transit and their effects

Mysterious Rahu and Ketu in transit and their effects

Rahu Ketu Transit 2019 to 2020

Rahu and Ketu, the two nodes of the Moon, take approximately 18 months to transit through a sign. Unlike other planets, Rahu and Ketu are just points (nodes) in space and have no mass. But they are considered to be more powerful than most other heavenly bodies. They always travel in the reverse direction – that is the retrogression.

Here, we shall examine the Rahu transit with respect to individual Rashis. Rahu and Ketu are next in importance only to Jupiter and Saturn. They are unseen, mysterious points in space causing the eclipses. Technically speaking, they are not planets but their influence is so significant that they have been given the status of planets. Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, and Saturn are the slowest moving planets and thus call for maximum attention when they are in transit through any Rashi.

The effect of no planet’s transit can be termed as fully malefic or fully benefic. It depends on how we respond to favourable and unfavourable situations. Rahu has a positive side, offering great boons in communications, new inventions, technology, etc. Rahu is extroverted, affirming, and ambitious, while Ketu is introverted, negating and detached.

Ketu transits are generally more difficult to tackle. Ketu deals with your karma. This will be the time when you will have to pay back your karmic debts. During its transits, Rahu will give you a lot and even promote you. One has to be discreet when it comes to the nodes. One needs to keep in mind that they deal with one’s karma. Well, they can really surprise you with what they bring forth.

The movement of Rahu and Ketu through the Zodiac signs has been extensively observed by those with keen interest in astrology. Rahu, the planet of materialism, gives material gains in particular areas. It gives exceedingly good results in ‘Kendras’ & ‘Trikonas’. An apt placement of Rahu brings happiness. If well aspected, along with happiness, it also signifies acquisition of wealth and a powerful social position. But an inappropriate placement may bring anxieties and a condition wherein you really cannot enjoy material gains. The adverse effects may include loss of position, legal hassles and misfortune. Also, it urges one to turn to the almighty for mental peace. Ketu on the other hand, will deprive a person of the benefits of the House in which it is transiting and force him to think at a higher level. It can also result in an urge for introspection.

The specific results heavily depend on the basic strength of your natal chart and also on the running ‘mahadasha’ of an individual. A strong natal chart is a blessing from the heavens as it minimises all negativity. Also, there are seven other planets in Vedic astrology and their placement and transit too needs to be taken into account for an accurate prediction.

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