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Most Effective Vastu Tips as per Zodiac

It is very obvious to wish for a beautiful house. After all, this is the place that provides you with a peaceful and calm ambience after a tedious schedule. But, sometimes, some unexpected expenditures or altercation with loved ones can give you sleepless nights. If wondering what may be the reason, then you will be surprised to know that your house Vastu can be responsible for all the problems around you.

Your house Vastu should be according to the zodiac of the main bread earner of the family. It will help to create an equilibrium in your relations and improve your bond.

Aries is the first astrological sign in the zodiac chart. It is a fire element. Aries always wish for the best for them. They are always looking for all the material elements and luxurious lifestyles. As per Vastu, they should build a house in the east. Aries’ ruling planet is the sun, therefore they should keep house entrance in the east direction. Also, placing Swastik on the entrance will bring good luck and positive energy. Keep the puja room in the south and do not overload the west part of the house. Maintain less furniture and Keep it open, if possible. Placing an excessive amount of plants in the east attracts anxiety and mental illness, therefore try to avoid it.

Remedies :

  • For a south-facing house or entrance, place a hawthorn plant to rectify the Vastu dosh.
  • The north part of the house can be decorated with plants.
  • Plant peepal trees in any holy place.

Taurus is an earth element zodiac. They are stubborn by nature and appreciate beauty or artistic things. According to their mood, light shades are suitable for them. They can use shades of white, light green and baby pink for their wall interiors. They should build their house in the north-east and keep entrance in the same direction. This direction is very auspicious for Taurus and attracts positivity, wealth, health, power and prosperity.

Remedies :

  • Keep basil plants in the house.
  • Keep heavy furniture and articles in the south-west part of the house.
  • Decorate Mandir with Kamal-Gatta garland
  • Place silver pyramid in the house for positivity
  • If any of the family members are suffering from insomnia, plant crape jasmine in your house.

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Dual personality, Gemini is air element zodiac sign. They majorly like contrasting things. For them, communication is most important. Chances are very high that they prefer a comfortable dining table over other furniture, where the entire family can sit together and have a meaningful conversation. The Gemini should build their house in the north-east direction, as it attracts positivity and prosperity. According to Vastu, shades of yellow are suited best for a gemini. It is advised to keep the centre part of the house open, and you can place the Lord Ganesha idol in that part.

Remedies :

  • Place cedar plant in your house.
  • Mop the floor of your house with saltwater.
  • Light a Diya near the basil/tulsi plant daily.
  • Install a Ketu pyramid in your house.
  • Don’t keep any article or decorative piece made of ivory in the house.

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Water element cancers are very sensitive. North is an auspicious direction for them, therefore they should build home in this direction only. The North is also associated with the Lord of wealth, Kuber. Light green or pista green is good for a Cancerian. A Cancerian can keep their house entrance from south to north, also, try to create a garden in the west direction of the house. Silver Swastik should be placed on the entrance, along with green Ganpati Idol for positivity. If you’re wishing to have a mandir in the house, you can build Lord Vishnu temple in the south-west or Lord shiva temple in the west direction of the house.


  • Keep a silver pyramid in your pocket.
  • Do not place heavy articles in the south-west direction.
  • Hang a photo of a running horse in your house.
  • Install a Surya yantra in the east direction of the house.
  • Keep a Gangajal vessel in the south-east direction of the house.

Leo is indeed a lion of all the zodiacs, filled with aggression and chirp. Any bright colour with a combination of white can suit a Leo’s temperament. Bright colours like red, orange or any shade of yellow can be best for them. North-west is the best direction for a Leo to build a house. According to Vastu, a Leo should hang a moon photo on the north-west wall of the house, to attract prosperity. Leo can place a silver bronze Swastik on the house entrance. A Leo should make sure that the immediate next house to theirs should not be empty and must be occupied by a family only.

Remedies :

  • Create a water source in a public place.
  • Install a pyramid in the north-west part of the house.
  • Plant a pomegranate tree in the house.
  • Apply a Chandan tilak on the forehead, before leaving the house.

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Earth elemental Virgos prefer natural surroundings most. These perfectionists are very emphatic and softhearted in nature. The nature-inspired colours such as white, brown and green suits them best. Beige colours are also good for virgos that attract positivity for this zodiac sign. They always like to place things in a systematic manner. Therefore, a trendy organiser can be a boon for them. The north-west is the best direction to build a house for them. Western part of the house is excellent to have a courtyard, garden or a holy place/temple.

Remedies :

  • Plant a neem tree.
  • Plant a banana tree in the northwest direction
  • Place lord Ganpati idol in the north direction.
  • For positivity, place crystal plants in the house.

This air elemental zodiac is very much socialite. They love to party and meet new people on a regular basis. The best-suited house for a libra should have a big living and dining room for such get-togethers. They like to decorate their house with beautiful art pieces. The scale should build their house in the west direction with the entrance in the north-west direction. This keeps away the negativity from the head of the house. Placing Swastik on the entrance keeps the enemies away. Libra can build a shiv mandir in the house.

Remedies :

  • Plant a money plant at home.
  • Install a red bulb in the south part of the house.
  • Place a mountain photo on the south wall of the house.
  • Place bamboo trees in the south-east direction.

Water elemental Scorpios are very sensitive in nature. They prefer traditional and minimal decoration in their house. They love placing classy decorations that are unique but have some deep meaning underneath. Scorpions can build their home in the south direction. Although Vastu never suggests a south-facing house, in case of scorpions it is really auspicious and attracts positive energy. Installing Panchmukhi Lord Hanuman idol is favourable for this zodiac.

Remedies :

  • Avoid keeping any heavy objects on the roof of the house.
  • Throw away if there is any junk in the house.
  • Plant peepal trees in public places.
  • Mop the floor of your house with saltwater.
  • Place an aquarium in the north direction of the house.

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Fire elementary, this zodiac is most into philanthropy and likes to help needy people a lot. The shades of purple and pink go well with archers. They can also place different types of bonsai plants in the west. Avoid keeping entrance in the north-west direction, it may cause illness for the head of the family. Plant a tulsi/basil in the house. social places.

Remedies :

  • Always light lamps/deep in the temple.
  • Place a laughing buddha idol at the entrance.
  • Hang family ancestors’ photo on the south wall.
  • Keep all the water storage place clean in the house.

The earth elementary archers always admire craftsmanship. They are always happy to see magnificent furniture. They like natural shades such as black, white and earthy or wooden brown furniture in their home. For Capricorn, a South facing house is always auspicious. Capricorn should make sure that the south direction floor must be higher than the east direction floor.


  • Install crystal Sri Yantra.
  • Hang golden wind chimes in the North-East direction of the house.
  • Keep some pleasant odour spreading machine. This will bring you peace.
  • Plant lavender in the South corner of your house.
  • For positive energy, install Sphatik Yantra.

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Aquarius do not prefer too many things in their house. They like to have open space and minimal furniture. Aquarius likes soft hues such as shades of blue and gray. These colours make an aquarian’s living room more lively and beautiful. As per Vastu, an aquarian can build a house in the south-east direction. Also, place Swastik on the entrance.

Remedies :

  • Build a temple/holy place in the northeast direction.
  • Establish an underground pyramid in the south-west direction of the house.
  • Make space for your ancestors in the south direction
  • Place flowers in the east direction of the house.
  • Keeping blue flowers is very auspicious.

This water elementary zodiac is an ambivert. They always like to welcome guests to their house. An elegantly placed couch or L-shape sofa perfectly assembled for chatterbox pisces’ living room conversation. Although the south-east is not preferable in vastu, this is a very auspicious direction for Pisces. Placing a Swastika on the entrance brings prosperity and good luck.

Remedies :

  • Place Kamal-Gatta garland in the holy place (puja room or mandir).
  • Spread the smoke of cow dung cake after burning it.
  • Mop the floor of your house with saltwater.
  • Hang laughing children’s photos in your house.
  • Plant a Jasmine in the garden of the house which will bring fortune

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