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Will India experience a Normal Monsoon Run in 2015? Ganesha reveals the answers…

Will India experience a Normal Monsoon Run in 2015? Ganesha reveals the answers…

Will India experience a Normal Monsoon Run in 2015?

The summers, although they have started later than usual in 2015, have been typically scorching. But, the torrential rains, storms and heavy winds that lashed the nation around Baisakhi (12th April) and earlier around Makar Sakranti (14th January) –both important harvest festivals—have left behind a trail of agricultural and crop disaster, with farmers resorting to suicides and the inflation mark hitting an all time high.

After these rather strange and tumultuous set of weather and climatic manifestations, India and its severely hit agriculture eagerly await the great Indian Monsoons. Thus, quite obviously, all eyes and senses await and hope for nature’s cooperation—a feeling that sinks to vast depths, when one takes in with teary eyes at the earthquake affected Nepal’s recent fate and numerous rumors surrounding it. What lies ahead? Will the Monsoons be normal in 2015? Ganesha probes.

Generally, the Sun’s transit through Ardra constellation is the prime area of study that is employed by Astrologers to make various forecasts about the rains and monsoons. But, this time, Ganesha notes that Ardra Pravesh Kundali does not indicate clear-cut symptoms for Monsoons in India.
Hence, we have examined and worked through some alternative astrological methods to predict about Monsoons-2015 in India.

Findings and Predictions

1. First and most important – Ganesha foresees a minor possibility of something unusual or unexpected in the climatic/ nature’s realm towards the month end. This may simply be a little different than usual seasonal occurrence, but this will largely set the course of the Monsoon and weather pattern further.
In other words, Ganesha says that if climate and nature remain normal in the latter half of the month of May, then we can expect the Monsoon in India too also remain normal in 2015. But, if there is some unusual pattern at that time, then things may be different.

2. The month of June 2015 looks set to remain very tricky, in the context of the overall weather conditions in India. Ganesha does foresee chances of early Monsoons in some locations of India. South India won’t be the only place to receive early Monsoons (which is a norm), but additionally other parts of India too may receive these Monsoons, due to the awkward placements of the transiting Jupiter and Saturn at that time. Nonetheless, the close conjunction of the transiting Sun and Mars at that time indicates highest levels of temperatures and humidity levels.

3. Moreover, moderate to heavy wind storms or thunder storms too can be expected, during June or July 2015.

4. Ganesha also notes another key alignment – the malefic planets Rahu and Ketu are currently transiting though Earth and Water Signs respectively. In the coming months, they will form a Square aspect from the transiting Sun and Mars—which is a very unfavourable sign. This is a terrible sign, and indicates a possibility of an untoward or unexpected natural phenomenon, which may occur any time between mid-June to mid-July 2015.

5. Also note that Since the natural malefic Saturn will be transiting through Anuradha constellation in the coming time, causing imbalance in the Water Sign Scorpio (through which Saturn is currently transiting), there may also be scenarios like ‘No Monsoons No Rain’ in certain parts of India.

All in all, though, when it comes to the Monsoons scenario, Ganesha foresees a ‘Normal Monsoon’ for India in 2015, with some unequal distribution of rainfall in various parts of India. Thus, there may be flood-like situations in some parts of the country, while some areas may see shortage of rainfall.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,