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Expect an unequal distribution of rainfall across India this monsoon, says Ganesha

Expect an unequal distribution of rainfall across India this monsoon, says Ganesha

Monsoon, the word almost synonymous to the annual rainfall, is a well-known and a much-awaited seasonal phenomenon in India, and many neighbouring nations, so much so that we may even hear its mention in our economic policies and budget recitations. Why? Because, monsoon has been a key factor responsible for the growth and development of the Indian economy and culture, over the years. In fact, the Indian economy has also been alluded as the ‘monsoon economy’ in some instances, owing to its dependence for its agricultural cycle on the rainfall, and hence the monsoons. Needless to say that every year the right time of arrival and the intensity of the monsoons is crucial to our agriculture and our country in general.

It is important that the arrival of monsoons be predicted accurately in advance, so as to prepare the farmers accordingly and avoid panic in case of any eventuality like floods or drought. A correct forecast, thus, will enable the government, farmers and other industries plan out their strategies, so that they can make the most out of a favourable monsoon season and stay braced to deal with any probable issues.

However, it is not that easy to accurately predict about the Indian monsoon, primarily because of the Indian topography and the influence of oceans. However, with the help of astrology, it is possible to foresee how good or bad the monsoon season may prove to be. Ganesha, with the help of His observations on the transiting planets, puts forward His findings on how the year ahead is likely to be for India as far as the rainfall is concerned.

Astrological Analysis:
Vedic Astrology makes use of myriad principles to forecast weather conditions. Predicting for the monsoons too may be done by employing many of such techniques including Animal Behaviour, Sun’s entry in the Ardra Star, Sun’s entry in the zodiac sign Cancer, Halo at the sunrise, Lunar Days and Lunar Months, Solar Ingress, Pregnancy of Clouds (conception of Water Element) etc.

In this particular analysis, we have analysed only the planetary patterns of the transiting planets to forecast rainfall, across the country as a whole. The exact state-wise prediction of the same is not possible, without considering their respective horoscopes.

The Sun (the Fire element) plays an important role in auguring the monsoon, asserts Ganesha. Three types of fire energies are present around us. First is the environmental heat which is also called as the “Char Tapmaan”. The second kind of fire energy is contained in the Sun itself that is known as the “Stheer Tampaan”, while the third and the last fire energy type resides within the earth as Magma, and is known as the “Dwiswabhav Tapmaan”.

Here, it is also important to note that an Annular Solar Eclipse, which is a major astrological event had occurred on May 20th, 2012. Besides, Saturn, Neptune and other celestial bodies have also been moving unfavourably. These combinations are indicative of irregularities in the South Asian Sea Level Pressure. Plus, these factors also signify the lower pressure of water evaporation in the Equatorial and the South Indian Ocean Sea Surface Temperature. Overall, this implies that the irregularities in the monsoons in the year 2012 can be attributed to these aforementioned reasons.

The famed Indian astronomer, mathematician and astrologer Varahmihira had said that “if there is no rain in Jyeshtha month, there will be no monsoon”. Barring a few places near the South West sea coast, which experienced rainfall during the Jyeshtha month, others continued to remain practically dry. Ganesha has already predicted these uncertainties in one of His previous forecasts. Read this prediction here : “$Planetary_aspects_to_affect_climate_and_events_across_the_world_3684)
Ganesha also notes that the transiting Mercury is in a retrogression motion in the zodiac sign Cancer, a watery sign. Venus will be travelling through Gemini, an Air sign, during August 2012. Transiting Mars and Saturn will hit the zodiac sign Libra during August 2012. Hence, some parts of the Western India may notice moisture-laden, heated temperature. This planetary aspect may also cause weather fluctuations. However, average or above average rainfall is foreseen in a few cities, which fall the Tropic of Cancer.

Ganesha also observes that Venus will be travelling through Cancer, a Water sign, during September 2012. This combination may bring sufficient rainfall during September 2012 in some parts of Chattisgarh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh or the Central India, as a whole.

What Next: (the prediction)
The overall pattern of monsoon looks set to be erratic. An equal distribution of rainfall across India is not foreseen in the year 2012. Ganesha foresees that rainfall over the country, as a whole will be below normal. In fact, more or less, deficient rainfall may be expected in some parts of Northern and Central India. North-Eastern locations of India, however, may notice heavy rainfall, due to Mercury’s presence in a Water sign.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,