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India Monsoon Prospects 2013

India Monsoon Prospects 2013

Monsoon, derived from the Arabic word Mawsim, is the life-line of the Indian sub-continent. With agriculture still playing a dominant role in the economy of India, and with millions of people dependent on the agricultural sector, monsoon, the season of rains, is an event hugely awaited by the entire nation. The fortunes of innumerable Indian farmers is dependent on the monsoon rains. Also, the food security of the nation and its economic health is also affected by monsoon. If the monsoon in a particular year is good, it will have a domino-effect on various other sectors, right from the stock markets to the the industrial production and inflation. Therefore, everyone desires a normal or adequate monsoon rainfall. This year’s monsoons have hurled yet another surprise on the people – what with monsoon’s early onset and flood-like situations. Ganesha employs Vedic Astrology to shed some light on the prospects of Indian monsoon in 2013.

Vedic Astrology makes use of myriad principles to forecast weather conditions. Predictions for monsoon may be done by employing various techniques such as studying animal behaviour, Sun’s entry in the Ardra Star, Sun’s entry in the zodiac sign Cancer, Halo at the sunrise, lunar Days and lunar months, solar ingress, pregnancy of clouds (conception of water element) etc.

In this particular analysis, we have analysed only the planetary patterns of the transiting planets to forecast rainfall across the country as a whole. The exact state-wise prediction of the same is not possible, without considering the respective horoscopes of the individual states.

As the transiting Venus will be strong in a watery sign, some parts of lower Central India may receive heavy rainfall during July 2013.

Latter halves of the months of July and August 2013 look better for the northern parts of India, including few parts of the Eastern and Northern India.

Transiting Saturn will become direct during the first half of July. In the same period, the transiting Mercury will be retrograde in an air sign. Mild to heavy thunderstorms may affect the coastal zones of India during the first half of July 2013.

The monsoon season, specifically the entire month of August 2013 looks quite uncertain with reference to the Indian weather conditions. Some places and rivers may even experience floods. Additionally, sudden changes in overall climate conditions may also occur.

Summarily, Monsoon conditions look favourable for India, in general. However, coastal zones may receive unequal distribution of rainfall.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,