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Mind your language on Vaag Baras

Mind your language on Vaag Baras

Diwali is not far away and people across the country are in the mood of celebration. The five day festival starts with Vaag Baras. This is the day to worship Goddess Amba and Saraswati. Vaag means Speech. The day teaches us to control our tongue and not to speak malice; and, if at all we have hurt feelings of others through our terrible tongue, this is the day to pray Goddess to pardon us. Because malicious words are sharper than dagger and bitter than poison.

Here, Ganesha tells you how each sun sign uses tongue; some of the features of tongue are discussed briefly. What kind of tongue do you possess?

Arians tend to be too impulsive and take actions in haste. They are outspoken and less diplomatic. They tend to indulge in quarrels by getting into arguments unnecessarily and also justify the cause of arguments. Read more..

Taureans are unnecessarily stubborn at times and cannot compromise easily. They speak well when they are in good mood and even better when they have something to prove. But if they are driven into a corner they will settle for nothing but victory by taking tough stand and arguing for hours proving their points. Read more..

They are expert in arguments and have their own opinion in almost all the matters. They are fickle and tend to change stands frequently. If they are interested in some matter they will talk for hours but if not interested they can be indifferent and rude. Read more..

They are very moody and their mood reflects in their speech. They speak confidently when they are in most productive mood. If somebody crosses them, they would not fight back but like to retire. But retaliate later when they get into a mood to prove their point.Read more..

They tend to have massive ego and pride. They sometimes carried away by over enthusiasm and willing to prove anything and everything. They are easily ruffled by criticism and in angry mood they will speak out their mind without thinking the consequences of their words.Read more..

In optimistic mood, they are likely to produce some of the great speeches. But in fighting or argumentative mood, productivity goes down and in frustration they tend to lose control over their speech.Read more..

They are generally gentle and compassionate. They are large-hearted and having strong passions. In right mood they will be friendly and use good words. But they have a strong sense of honor and justice. So whenever someone hurt these strong feelings they loose the control over the speech and indulge in disputes and arguments.Read more..

They are strong and dominating with strong will power. They generally maintain good control over speech unless they have `enemy’ to control. In that case they are quick tempered and vindictive using abusive words but they will ensure correct time to take revenge.Read more..

They are generally noble and refined. They are very quick and impulsive in speech as well as action. They sometimes speak out their mind before other person finished the sentence. But they are truthful and like to maintain dignity of other people. They tend to react with strong words when someone tries to curb their voice.Read more..

They are generally prudent and hard working. They are serious in disposition and endowed with a strong sense of service. They don’t use aggressive words generally and tend to maintain discipline in the speech.Read more..

They have very logical mind and like to be guided by their intuition and reasoning. In a gregarious mood they are very disciplined, productive and don’t use harsh words. But they do not get along well with the people who doesn’t respect their honor and privacy and tend to loose control over their temperaments and we can hear them shouting loudly.Read more..

Most Pisceans are emotional, creative, compassionate and having natural talent to understand the emotional make up of the other human beings. So they will always respect others and don’t use harsh words that can hurt other’s feelings. But if someone hurt their emotions they tend to express the pain by touching words.Read more..

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,