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Mercury’s Journey: How will your kids perform in the exam?

Mercury’s Journey: How will your kids perform in the exam?

According to Vedic Astrology, Mercury, the planet of Intelligence, is travelling through Shravan Constellation ruled by Moon, till 4th March 2008. From 5th March 2008, it will be passing through Dhanishtha Constellation ruled by Mars. From 16th March it will be in Rahu’s Constellation and the journey continues.

Considering these factors, Ganesha declares that students may remain indecisive or a bit confused till 4th March 2008. From 5th to 15th March 2008, students may work hard to give an edge to their academic career. However, from 16th March 2008, while Mercury is under the strong influence of Rahu’s constellation, there may be problems related to concentration, health, stability of mind and it may also lead to the state of confusion. Students must avoid copying from others’ answer sheets during exams as the planetary position in question can either spoil your academic career or you may have to live with a stigma attached to your personality. Despite Mercury’s transit through Aquarius -ruled by Air element- students may need to be extra cautious and attentive.

These are general effects for students who are likely to appear in exams in March and April 2008.

Here are some specific predictions for students. The predictions are based on Moon Signs-Vedic Astrology.

Arians need to work hard, otherwise your higher expectations may meet with debacle. Be careful that you are not caught red-handed by supervisors.

Taureans are extra-careful, but then again they tend to ponder over one question for long. Do not do this and think about other questions also. And don’t forget to have a final check of the answer-sheet if you want to score good.

You have got sharp brains and perhaps therefore, you are in topsy-turvy as to which question should be answered first. Don’t waste your time and put your pen to paper. You are advised not to help your neighbours.

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Your answer should be in proportion to the marks allotted to the question. Never give more than what is asked as this will provide you less time to give justice to other questions. If you can score good, you may get a chance to study abroad. Read more about Cancer.

Your ability to understand the subject is worthy of praise. Comprehensive study is your strength. But dear friends, even the smallest of your lapse can spoil your entire year and you may miss the bus. You need to put in lot of efforts. Read more about Leo.

You are good at preparing answers with speed and putting them in the form of short notes. Very few can do while exams are looming large over the heads. But you are in confusion, feels Ganesha. Just brush off all the worries and keep going. Get to know more about Virgo.

You have given equal justice to all the subjects, and this will fetch good marks for you. But Ganesha advises you not to burn the midnight oil as this may harm your health. Read more about your zodiac sign Libra.

Your focus on one subject can keep you miles away from other subjects. This can create imbalance in your result-sheet. You need to think about those subjects in which you were not up to the mark in preliminary exams. Read more about Scorpio.

You are brilliant and you are ready to appear in exam any time. But your over-confidence can bring you down in the dumps. Reading late nights can cause mouth ulcer. All in all, good marks are expected. Get to kno more about Sagittarius.

Carefulness and calculated answers are your signatures, but at the same time you are absent-minded. Lest you forget your examination call-letter or something very important. Read more about Capricorn your zordiac sign.

More haste, less speed. Your over-excitement can cost you a lot. You want to attempt a question and you may dash off something beside the question. Read more about Aquarius.

Your over-kindness will inspire you to help your neighbours, and finally you find your answer-sheet blank. And then answers dashed down in haste will fetch poor results. You need to zero in on your answers with great stability of mind because it’s a question of your academic career. Read more about Pisces.

So parents, if your wards are appearing in the exams and you are much worried about their results, Ganesha can guide you using his excellence in Astrology. Moreover, if your kids are not able to concentrate while studying or if they have exam fear, you can surely seek Ganesha’s guidelines. You will be provided with remedies to boost concentration power and confidence level. Don’t you worry when Expert Astrologers of GaneshaSpeaks are with you!

Get astrological views on how your kids will score in the examination.

Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team