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Mercury Venus Conjunction in Aquarius Effects on Moon Signs

Mercury Venus Conjunction in Aquarius Effects on Moon Signs

Aquarius is Air Sign ruled by Saturn. Mercury is the planet with Air Element. Venus is Natural friend to Saturn. Mercury and Venus conjunction in Aquarius is going to bring important changes in relationships and related matters if it is falling on a house Cusp or on a particular planet in your horoscope. Here are general effects of this conjunction for each Moon Sign, in general.

New friendships can be established under the influence of this transit. There may be unexpected financial gain too. You may join or activate new groups. Ganesha feels that you will enjoy meeting your old friends or even attend parties organised by office.Read More

You may come across important changes on the career front. Facilities at work may increase. You may receive new job offers with better salary. Ganesha suggests you not to miss out on opportunities.Read More

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You may receive good news from overseas or a new foreign connection may establish. Your concern for younger ones in the family may increase. Domestic comforts are also promised. Good time to buy a new vehicle.Read More

Ganesha advises you to avoid disputes with siblings. Concern for inheritance may increase. Expected gains may delay. You will have to be alert about job or business opportunities otherwise you may miss out on them.Read More

Concern for the life partner may increase. You may try to please your partner by talking as nicely as possible. You may also wish to gift something precious to the partner. Best time to travel with life partner or beloved one.Read More

There may be some amount of stress on the job front. You may need to put in extra effort to gain a little. Financial gains may be there but less than expected. Ganesha suggests you to try and avoid confrontations with colleagues at office.Read More

Your creativity may reach at a height. Best time to discover new rules in work. Artists will see benefits. Your intuitive powers may increase. Ganesha suggests you to read and write as much as possible with influence of this conjunction as it may benefit you a lot in future.Read More

You will have good terms with your life partner or business partner. If unmarried, you can expect business proposal. You may wish to beautify your home with new articles.Read More

You may participate in some group activities. Ganesha feels that your knowledge in the area of interest will increase. You may wish to realign your library or may purchase new books. Short distance travel is also possible.Read More

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You are advised to take good care of health. Try to keep good relations with everyone on the professional front. Good terms will be source of your professional progress. Time to change job or decide on the career path, suggests Ganesha.Read More

You will be highly creative in this period. There will be perfect link between logic and creativity. Decisions taken in this period will have good effect on your professional progress. Re-establishment of old or lost contacts is possible.Read More

It may be difficult to strike balance between personal and professional front. You will grow very sensitive under the influence of this conjunction. Chances of new job offers are also there. Best time to hone your professional and creative skills.Read More

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