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Mercury Transit 2017: Mercury In Libra – Know Its Effects On 12 Moon Signs

Starts: 14th October 2017 Ends: 1st November 2017

Mercury provides intellectual skills and is designated as a prince in the planetary cabinet. This planet will enter Libra sign from 14th October 2017 and continue to transit therein till 1st November 2017. Mercury’s transit in Libra sign will lead to the invention of some new gadgets.

Communication shall become more important in the media industry. New accessories related to women will come in the market. As a result, a new trend shall start. Considering the broad viewpoint, we can expect some significant news regarding the textile sector. Regarding the business front – casinos, wine, luxury vehicles, perfumes, jewellery, readymade garments and the cloth market will receive some incentives. Moreover, new shopping websites shall be launched. Whereas, websites that are already in the market will now launch new schemes to attract customers. Besides, we will also witness the various effects of Mercury’s transit in Libra sign on all the signs, which are described below.

[Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable for the Ascendants like Libra Ascendant.

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Mercury Transit 2017: Mercury In Libra – Predictions For The 12 Moon Signs

– Mercury Transit In 7th House

For Aries natives, this transit of Mercury in Libra sign will prove to deliver average results. Your workload in office will increase during this period. Besides considering your performance, you shall be given new responsibilities. As a result, you may remain very anxious. The rise in differences with your coworkers is also indicated. Moreover, you may have a difference of opinion with your family members, and especially with your life partner. This development may have implications for your marriage. Stars have predicted a challenging time ahead for you in career. Are you concerned about the future? Well, we have the means to get your worries settled and queries answered.

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You are likely to have a slightly benevolent attitude during this period. There are also many chances of developing an interest in the sculptural arts. Additionally, there is a strong possibility of traveling a lot for official purposes according to Mercury transit 2017. Several changes in your daily routine are foreseen. You shall also do self-analysis during this period. Besides, you will have to understand the difference between your dreams and reality. Further, you are likely to become very emotional and move away from reality during this period. Thus, you are especially advised to control your feelings.

– Mercury Transit In 6th House

The rise in expenses, especially for your family members and children are indicated for Taurus natives during this Mercury transit in Libra. Hence, you will have to control your expenditure. Further, the most important thing is that students will have to remain totally focussed on their studies. Besides, you may also face some health issues during this period. Thus, you must maintain your daily routine. Consumption of alcoholic drinks and diseases related to the chest and lungs may be a cause of concern.

Also avoid arguments with everyone, as far as possible. Moreover, you shall be highly inclined towards social service and helping the needy people during this period. This philanthropic attitude will take you to a higher level as compared to other people according to Mercury in Libra 2017. Those doing job-work are likely to receive good orders. You shall also spend more money for entertainment activities during this period, feels Ganesha. We need happiness in life. Money is an important ingredient for happiness. Do you want to know the future of your wealth? Is there any query in your mind related to your wealth?

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– Mercury Transit In 5th House

During this transit of Mercury in Libra sign, Gemini natives will be strongly inclined to undertake more risks in order to earn more money. Moreover, under the influence of Mercury planet, you shall become more intelligent, happy, impressive and joyous as per Mercury transit in Libra 2017. Besides gaining knowledge and luxuries, you can also expect to have a child. Further, you will be highly inclined towards speculative activities.

But, you need to make decisions based on the planetary positions in your birth chart. Otherwise, instead of gaining money, you may incur a big loss. There is also a possibility of starting some new joint ventures or signing new agreements with some company on the professional front. Moreover, you are likely to sign contracts related to your house or office in accordance with Mercury in Libra effects. You shall focus on new projects and business proposals. Additionally, you will prepare plans to fulfil your dream project during this period. This time is going to be good for your profession. But you can make it still better if you know your future. You can do this if you buy the Career Ask A Question Report.

– Mercury Transit In 4th House

Cancer natives are likely to spend more money related to foreign matters during this transit of Mercury in Libra sign. Besides, there is a strong possibility of undertaking small and big journeys during this period according to the effects of Mercury transit 2017 effects. You shall also invest your money to buy a new house or vehicle. In case you don’t expend money for buying property, you will most probably incur expenses for redecorating or renovating your house or office. Overall, Ganesha observes that your lifestyle will improve during this period. Stars predict some expenses for
you. Unnecessary expenses erode our wealth and create hardships. If you want your wealth to grow and are facing obstacles on the way, we have the guidance for you.

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Moreover, he also gives you a green signal to spend money because if you don’t expend for yourself, then for whom will you spend? You shall also think of making some changes in your life during this period. Actually, you were very eager to implement some changes since a long time, and now you shall have an intense desire for the same. Finally, you will have to decide whether you should fulfill your desires or not, says Ganesha according to Mercury in Libra Vedic astrology. Different planetary transits, like Jupiter transit 2017, have different implications.

– Mercury Transit In 3rd House

During this transit of Mercury in Libra sign, Leo natives will focus on three important topics, wherein communication shall be the most important. Hence, you will freely use Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and many other similar platforms during this period. On the other hand, you shall seriously and quickly act in all matters related to your business and partnership. You are also likely to undertake many short and long journeys as per the movement of Mercury planet. As per the science of Astrology, each planet has a different influence eg: Venus will have a different impact on the lives of the people.

Additionally, your friends and siblings will be very helpful. Perhaps, you shall also plan to travel with your friends during this period as is seen in Mercury transit 2017. Besides, women are likely to organise kitty parties and short trips writes Ganesha. This is also a good period to book profits for any of your past investments and then take an exit. Moreover, you will be more interested in those activities, wherein the profit margin will be less, but comparatively, the business turnover shall be more, as per Mercury transit astrology. However, if you read your daily horoscope, you will find more inputs on your life. Your business turnover will be large. But you can make the situation even more gainful if you settle your doubts.

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– Mercury Transit In 2nd House

Virgo natives will gain wealth during this transit of Mercury transit in Libra. You shall mainly earn money through your own efforts and intelligence. During this fruitful phase, you will perform some auspicious activity and also become happier. Students shall feel very comfortable while studying during this period. Those who are especially associated with subjects like mathematics, physics, statistics or economics will perform very well. Make your studies a grand success.

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Besides, you shall feel very glad as you will now receive the monetary returns of the projects you had implemented during the last month. Hence, you are advised to take maximum advantage of this opportunity according to Mercury in Libra effects. Moreover, you shall be able to make the most of your contacts and relationships on the professional front. Further, you will also use the latest technology to expand your horizons and thereby create a distinct image during this period, feels Ganesha.

– Mercury Transit In 1st House

Libra star sign natives will have an intense desire to win the world with their own efforts during this transit of Mercury in Libra sign. But, Ganesha would like to advise you that you should control your feelings, else people will think that you have become arrogant, and it may also have an adverse effect on your relationships. However, if this happens then the related effects will be evident for a long time, as per Libra compatibility. Ganesha knows that you don’t like suggestions as per the effects of Mercury transit as per the Libra astrology.

But, it is very much necessary for Libra men and Libra women to remember this advice during this period. Besides, you are likely to visit some distant places and thus incur extra expenses according to Mercury in Libra Vedic astrology. Also be prepared to visit mysterious places and unknown locations, or going on an adventurous tour, or a trip for increasing your knowledge during this period. Moreover, you may think about some probabilities which are endless. Anyway, you will finally perform only those activities that provide a sense of satisfaction during this transit of Mercury. All that we need in life is happiness and success. Success is more commonly associated with achievements in career. Do you want to know the future of your career?

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– Mercury Transit In 12th House

Scorpio natives will spend money for religious activities during this transit of Mercury in Libra sign. Besides, you are likely to take a long-term medical policy or make investments with a long-term perspective. You shall also focus on your own self during this period. Perhaps, you may devote less than expected time to your family members. This is also a phase of in-depth thinking and introspection. But, this introspection will be different. Consequently, you shall have to evaluate your aspirations and ambitions and then accordingly devise your future strategies during the Mercury transit in Libra. Stars see you turning more far sighted in business. Certainly, a peep into the future of your busines can help you further.

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Moreover, you should not run away from your problems. Instead, you must face them boldly and also find a solution during this period. Just move ahead bravely, Ganesha will help you. Further, you will improve your social image as well as your public image during this period. This is also an excellent phase to learn new skills as per the effects of Mercury transit. Your public relations and teamwork while lea
rning some new skills, and also your experience till date shall help you to scale new heights during this period.

– Mercury Transit In 11th House

Sagittarius natives will gain through partnerships during this transit of Mercury in Libra sign. These partnerships could either be with your business partner, professional associates or life partner. This is also the right time to pay off your loans or pending dues. Moreover, if you have enough funds, then you should devise an appropriate plan to pay off your dues and hence feel totally relieved.Besides, you shall become very kind and generous during this period. You will also spend money for your children according to Mercury transit 2017. We love our children and want to give them all the happiness. But for that, the married life should be peaceful. However, if there are problems in your married life, you need not worry.

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Gains, as well as losses through your friends, are indicated during this period. Thus, you should now decide to maintain relations with good friends, and discontinue relations with bad friends. Ganesha shall only do the task of warning you during this period. Further, most of your time will be spent for your friends, family, romance and public life as per Mercury in Libra effects. Whereas on the other hand, your willpower shall increase a lot. As a result, you will only take a break after successfully accomplishing any task you undertake during this period.

– Mercury Transit In 10th House

Capricorn natives will earn money by doing job-work during this transit of Mercury in Libra sign. You shall also successfully perform some auspicious activities during this period. Moreover, you will taste success in your business or profession. The support and guidance of your father will help you to move ahead on the path to progress. Besides, you shall register your nomination as a strong competitor for achieving an appropriate position according to Mercury transit 2017. This is also a favourable period for your career and for those who are doing a job. But, you shall be given some new responsibilities and thus your workload will increase during this period. Further, there are chances of receiving some good projects from the government.

Ones who are associated with money-lending activities, banks and financial institutions will especially gain during this period. You shall also receive befitting rewards, which you rightly deserve in accordance with Mercury transit in Libra. However, these rewards will mostly be in the form of accolades or verbal appreciation through warm feelings, whereas the monetary benefits shall be less. Additionally, this phase is for maintaining your energy and relationships. Further, your creativity will fully blossom during this period. According to stars, those into banks and financial institutions will stand to gain during this period.

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– Mercury Transit In 9th House

During this transit of Mercury in Libra sign, Aquarius natives will focus on matters associated with religion, father, long distance trips, relations with in-laws, journeys, publishing, and master degree studies. Moreover, you shall be more fortunate due to your children. You will also be relieved from some emotional responsibilities during this period as per Mercury transit 2017. Besides, this is the right time to utilise your energy and abilities which you have maintained till date.

But, avoid investments that provide benefits after a very long period. Also, don’t invest in the schemes that you cannot understand. But, still, you may take a risk in the wrong direction. Actually, you should only move ahead after devising a good strategy and also implement it systematically. Otherwise, a small mistake on your part may become the cause for a big loss during this period. Life is long and diverse. We need a multi-pronged strategy to succeed in life. You can get it if you know the various aspects of your future life.

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– Mercury Transit In 8th House

Pisces natives will incur medical expenses related to their mother and life partner during this transit of Mercury in Libra sign. Besides, you need to avoid new contracts and partnerships during this period. Further, as a precautionary measure, you must take an insurance policy for your house and vehicle in order to meet any related expenses that you are likely to incur in the future according to Mercury in Libra effects. Also remain cautious about infections associated with the urinary tract. Moreover, you shall have a strong desire for solitude. Hence, you will wish to visit some ashram or go to a place that provides seclusion. You can know about your future in 2018. Buy the 2018 Detailed Yearly Report.

Besides, you must especially control yourself while speaking with anyone during this period, otherwise it will lead to adverse results. Also remain cautious about communication gaps and misunderstandings to avoid problems during this period. Additionally, you should carefully read your tweets and messages, and think twice before sending them. Further, there will be a major difference between your thoughts, and the practical situation you shall face after implementing your ideas as Mercury in Libra effects. Anyway, Ganesha will help you to overcome the difficult circumstances by providing appropriate solutions during this period.

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