Mercury Transit in Libra and Its Effect on Your Moon Sign

Mercury transit in Libra

Mercury is known as the Prince in Vedic astrology. Mercury represents intelligence, communication, analytical and logical mind, speech, and thoughts. It is the most benefic planet in astrology and doesn’t have any harmful effects on the native, and always blesses the native with its quick-witted and creative characteristics.

Libra is the airy sign ruled by Venus which governs love and beauty. Libra also has the characteristics of love and balance. It is a sign of charm and attractiveness with beauty.

What Does it Mean When Mercury Transits in Libra?

Mercury transit in Libra brings out the creative abilities of an individual at their best. Our communication will be more towards maintaining a peaceful balance. We will be more relaxed and think about the future more positively. We will be involved in more activities and will freely express ourselves more artistically. Our communication will be smooth, and we will generate creative ideas. We will feel more romantic in our day to day life, and it will indeed affect our relationships as well.

Read on to know how it will affect your moon sign. 

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Aries 

It is time to do a business partnership, Aries. You are likely to communicate with your partner in an easier way, and past issues might start reducing. It might lead to new business ideas.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Taurus 

Fitness is at the top of your mind! You might change your daily routine to a new one, and it might be possible that you express it to others very clearly, isn’t it Taurus? Gym joining thought can help you mentally and physically.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Gemini 

Good time for Gemini natives who are creative artists. The entertainment business may start running smoothly. Theatre owners may have a good time. The stock market and gambling business are likely to pick up. 

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Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Cancer 

It's time to celebrate any special events with family. Birthdays and anniversaries would bring great pleasure to you, dear Cancer. You may get the support of your family. Your spouse might get great career opportunities, and these can surprise others.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Leo 

It's time to travel and visit some hill stations. Your idea of fun might be more adventurous, just like you want it Leo. Younger siblings would be supportive of you—a good time for singers and actors. New creative opportunities in your career can be predicted.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Virgo 

Family life would be good. It's time to check your bank balance and make necessary changes as well. New investment is also possible, do that wisely Virgo. You might change your values, and it may surprise others as well. It's time to think about a second marriage.

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Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Libra 

You might express yourself more freely and charmingly this time. New creative ideas are likely to bring happiness to your life. Your ego may come down, Libra and you might be more intellectual. It's time to enter into a new love and relationship as well.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Scorpio 

It's time to go overseas and enjoy the foreign air, go and shine bright Scorpio. New spiritual ideas might come to your mind, and you may be more spiritual. A visit to the new ashram is also likely. You might follow different religions as well.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Sagittarius 

It's time to launch a new app. New business investment is likely to bring success for Sagittarius natives. A sudden rise in your career might make you smile. Financial problems may be solved now. Large organisations can have a good time now.

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Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Capricorn 

Sudden promotion is there for you. A new job is there for you, and travelling related to your work might bring success for you. It's time to clear all your government exams, Capricorn. A sudden career change might also be possible.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Aquarius 

It's time to visit pilgrimage places. A sudden visit to any holy place can make you very relaxed and peaceful. Travelling can bring a lot of gains for you Aquarius. It's time to complete your masters. Universities may have a good time now.

Mercury Transit in Libra: Effects on Pisces 

Pisces natives, this period may take you for an investigation. Doctors' careers might suddenly improve, and new inventions by scientists are also possible. It's time to enjoy magic shows, and new magic shows interest you. Relationships with in-laws are likely to improve.

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