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Mars Jupiter Ketu Conjunction Effects On Scorpio

Mars Jupiter Ketu Conjunction Effects On Scorpio

From 08 February 2020 to 22 March 2020, the totals of some special events are visible in our solar system. During this time period Jupiter, Mars and Ketu are going to converge in the same zodiac or in one house. This position of rare planets in the solar system is considered very important and effective in Vedic astrology. Because during this time the effects of all the planets mix and affect the creature through a powerful energy. The effect of this astronomical event is not only limited to beings, but its effect is visible on every means associated with them. In order to make an accurate assessment of its effects on the common man, it is necessary to know in which house and in which zodiac this Mahayuti or Mahasanyojan is being formed.

A team of experienced astrologers from GaneshaSpeaks has studied the effects of the conjunction of Jupiter, Mars, and Ketu in Sagittarius on all the zodiac signs starting from February 8. At present, we are going to assess its effects on the Moon sign Scorpio horoscope. The water element zodiac is Scorpio, a female cognizant of brahmin color, polyphasic night sacrifice, long, heady, even, fruitful zodiac. Scorpio is a stable sign and its lord is Mars. The adjustment of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu is going to happen in the second house of Scorpio horoscope. The second house of the horoscope is known as wealth or family place, it is related to wealth, movable and immovable property, family, speech, lineage, accumulation of wealth, addiction, business, inheritance property, profit and loss and ambition in the life of the person. happens from.

The Mahayuti of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu being prepared in the second house of Scorpio horoscope is seen creating very favorable conditions for the career of Scorpio people. During this time you may have the energy to pursue your plans and new ideas, you are going to work hard to achieve the set goals of your career. Your professional circle is going to be bigger and wider during this time period. During this, your prestige and prestige at the workplace will increase. You can make the profit received during this period more favorable through self-efforts.

In terms of business, the combination of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu is going to bring mixed results for the people of Scorpio zodiac. During this, you should try to take advantage of this time carefully. Limited investment in the stock market can be beneficial during this time period, although caution is also advised. During this time your hold on business is going to get stronger. During this time, the use of easy and effective techniques can also benefit you.

The conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu does not rule out the possibility of a meaningful impact on your love relationship, although it is also advisable to take necessary precautions regarding relationships during this time. There is a possibility of increasing mutual understanding during this time, but it is still a long time to reach the level at which you want your relationship to go. In such a situation, you may suffer from a feeling of despair or hopelessness during this time. To make your love relationship more meaningful during this time, you should respect your feelings by showing more love and dedication towards your partner.

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The adjustment of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu in the 2nd house of Scorpio horoscope is going to make you rich in personal life and in domestic life with a more easy-going and easy-going nature. During this time you will see a radical change in your communication with your family members. During this time your thoughts and dialogues will work to improve personal relationships. During this time period, you are going to take active part in family and social work, its benefit will be visible in the expansion of your social circle. Your social circle is going to become more effective and wide during the Mahasanjan of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu.

You also need to be careful on health issues during the Mahasanjan of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu. During this time, you may be troubled by small problems or things, mental stress can make you irritable and mentally unstable. During this combination, you should use your energy positively in the right direction, keeping your mind balanced.

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