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Know How Mars Will Enter the Shravan Nakshatra and Change Your Life!


Mars will be transiting Shravana Nakshatra from 26th September 2018 till 25th October 2018. Shravan Nakshatra signifies listening. It was referred to as “listening to the Vedas” in ancient times. It also means “gaining knowledge by listening to the Gurus”. If you listen to the inner voice, it will become the cause of your success, this is the mantra for Shravana Nakshatra.

Mars symbolises brother, aggression, motion, soldier, athlete, sports person. It is also related to land and real estate. Shravan nakshatra falls in the sign of Capricorn which is the sign of Saturn and is the 10th sign of the zodiac. It deals with government, reputation, authority and discipline. Here, Mars is exalted at 28 degrees. Shravan nakshatra is ruled by the moon which makes you emotional, loving, caring and creative.

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This Nakshatra has the energy of Moon and Saturn so you will be more energetic. You will use your imagination in work as per Mars in Shravan nakshatra. Besides, you will be more disciplined, your creative talent will come up, and you will be dealing with masses and their mind level. It is the best time to start learning a new language, learn music, do new creative things, join the radio or TV station, understand human psychology, start travel & tourism business. It is the best time to study metaphysical sciences like astrology, psychology. Besides, the phase is excellent for healers and counsellors. Best time to get success in big projects.

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You will be more creative at heart. You will like to read books due to Mars in Shravan nakshatra. It is the best time to start new work because the tasks which you initiate during this phase will get energised by Mars. From 26 September to 4th October, Mars energy will magnify so you will be more conscious and will get ambitious. You will be more logical and take initiative in your work.

From 5th October to 11th October, you may get marriage proposals and also business projects. You may travel abroad, you may even give your property on rent. You will make gains in your job according to Mars in Shravana nakshatra. You may renovate your house, or get it painted. Besides, you will acquire a diplomatic approach in your love life. Your compassion is likely to increase.

From 12th October to 24th October, your eagerness to learn will increase; you may do work related to mass media and communication. You will become more emotional. It is the best time for hotel and restaurant business or any other home-based service industry, as per Mars in Shravan nakshatra 2018.

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Shravan is related to Goddess Saraswati and Lord Vishnu so worshipping them in this phase will bless you with new heights in your career. This phase has to do with peepal tree, where Buddha got enlightenment. So if spiritually motivated people meditate, their intuition will increase. This Nakshatra is named after Shravan Kumar who was completely devoted to his parents, thus it is the best time to look after your old parents and serve them. Besides, it is the best time to purify yourself with mantra and sadhana. You can work towards developing oratory and organizational skills. Avail Ask A Question – Get golden guidance from our Experienced Astrologer.

The Guiding Attitude During Mars In Shravana Nakshatra:
“So, listen to your inner voice, meditate, take care of your parents, start big ventures and get success.”

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