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Mars transits through Libra – brace up for some turbulence and chaos, says Ganesha

Mars transits through Libra – brace up for some turbulence and chaos, says Ganesha

Bhumi Putra (the son of mother Earth), Mars has entered the Moon Sign Libra on 05-02-2014. Mars is a Fire element planet and Libra is an Air Sign, and the combination of air and fire is undoubtedly going to have a profound impact on one and all. When in the right balance, these elements create positive energy, as fire helps air reach heights it can never reach on its own and air keeps the fire burning. However, any sort of imbalance in this combination can create great turbulence.

The effect of Mars transit is different on different Moon signs. Talking about the current Mars transit, Ganesha says that since two negative planets – Rahu and Saturn – are already transiting through Libra, the chances of the transit producing negative impact are quite high. Besides, Mars will move in retrograde motion in Libra between 02-03-2014 to 24-03-2014 and Saturn too will start moving in retrograde motion from 03-03-2014. Please note that Rahu always moves in retrograde motion. As three powerful planets will be in retrograde motion in the same Moon Sign ie. Libra, you are strongly advised to be careful and cautious about every matter. It is difficult to say how intense the negative impact would be, but keep in mind that these planetary configurations will bring some challenging times. Ganesha observes that from 19-03-2014 till the next two days, Moon – the Ruler of the mind – will also be transiting through Libra along with these powerful planets. If you are born with Libra Moon Sign, you are advised to remain extremely alert and careful, or you are bound to land up in some deep trouble.

Mars’ transit in Libra will not only affect the personal Kundali but will also have an impact on a bigger platform. Expect some drastic changes in the world of politics and geographical conditions. Mars’ transit along with two other negative planets can cause fights, protests, opposition, wars and bloodshed. Hasty decisions that may be taken on the political front during this transit would prove to be big mistakes in the future.

Talking in detail about the impact of this transit on the geographical conditions, Ganesha says that there is a strong possibility of a volcanic eruption, earthquakes and landslides during this transit. Since this transit is associated with the south direction, countries and states in the south are likely to bear a stronger impact of the negative planetary forces. The possibility of terrorist attacks and loss of lives cannot be ruled out, says Ganesha.

Read on to know how the position of Mars in a particular House from your Sign will affect you. These predictions and remedial measures, which are in accordance with the principles of Vedic astrology, are reliable and authentic. Follow the suggested remedial measures to guard yourself against the negative influence of this planetary transit.

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Mars, the Lord of your Sign, will be in conjunction with Rahu and Saturn in the 7th House from your Sign. Therefore, Ganesha foresees the possibility of you having some difference of opinion with your partner both on the professional as well as personal front. Married life may also go through some ups and downs while this transit is in progress. If you are a public figure, make sure you control your anger, else you will end up doing something that will dent your image.
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Saturn, Mars and Rahu are in conjunction in the House of Illness, Enemy and Job, observes Ganesha. You will often find yourself getting into arguments with your colleagues over matters related to work, and even petty issues will cause some serious problems. You need to be patient and calm as this short-term negative transit of Mars may spoil some of your valuable relations forever. You will make new enemies and may even defeat few of them, but this will all be a waste of your time and energy. Haemoglobin related health issues and seasonal ailments are likely to bother you.
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Saturn, Mars and Rahu will be in conjunction in the 5th House, which is the House of Education, Child, Love and Stock Market. Those of you appearing for an exam during this transit are in for a challenging period. It will be difficult for you to recall what you have studied and your concentration levels, too, may be quite low. However, Jupiter, which is transiting over your Sign, will come to your rescue. You may be presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you just need to recognise and grab it. At home, there may be disputes and disagreements with children and elderly members of the family. As for your love life, Ganesha says that this transit will prove to be a tough test. Postpone your plans to propose to the special someone, as it is not at all a favourable period to voice your feelings for them. If you are a trader or an investor, avoid getting into any sort of transaction during this transit because there is a strong likelihood of you taking wrong decisions and incurring losses.
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Saturn, Mars and Rahu will be in conjunction in the House of Heart and Happiness. During this period, Mars will be transiting through the House of Motherland. Since Mars will be in the company of two negative planets during this period, there is a possibility of you going away from your motherland. You are likely to experience unnecessary anxiety, worry and tension while this transit is in progress. If your job or business is related to matters of land and property, you are advised to be extremely careful, else you will incur loss or your money will get stuck.
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For the Lions, Mars-Saturn-Rahu will be in conjunction in the 3rd House, the House of Siblings and Neighbours. Although there may not be much of a problem for Leo natives, those of you who are associated with the travel industry or who have to travel because of work related matters will have to brace up for some obstacles and discomforts during their journey. Try to maintain good relations with siblings and neighbours, advises Ganesha, and this can be done by keeping your temper in control. Do not forget to read the fine print before signing any important documents.
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The conjunction of Saturn-Mars-Rahu will occur in the 2nd House from Virgo. The 2nd House signifies Family, Financial Matters, Speech and Eyes. Ganesha advises you to be careful regarding all these four aspects. Difference of opinion with someone very close to you in the family will make the atmosphere in your house quite tensed. Your speech may disturb the harmony in your relationship, so mind your words. You may also make the mistake of taking wrong financial decisions, so if possible, avoid taking important financial decisions while this transit operates. Ganesha foresees that you may suffer from eyes-related health issues during this time.
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Since Saturn-Mars-Rahu will be in conjunction over your Natal Moon, Libra natives are advised to be extremely careful during this transit. Performing regular pooja will help to shield yourself against the possible hardships. Since your Natal Moon is getting severely afflicted, you may tend to be overly anxious, impatient and tensed during this period. Even positive energy will turn into aggression and anger, feels Ganesha. Your relationship with your partner on the personal front as well as on the professional front is likely to go through a rather turbulent time, so be very careful on this front.
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For Scorpio natives, the conjunction of Saturn, Mars and Rahu will occur in the House of Loss. This House also signifies the Court of Law and Debts. While this transit is in progress, do not break the law or get into any activity that may be related to the court of law, as the final outcome in any legal matter is likely to go against you. Unnecessary and unexpected expenditure is likely during this transit. Think twice before applying for loans, and if you have to take one, make sure you carefully plan out the repayment of that loan. Changes on the job front are foreseen.
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Saturn, Mars and Rahu will be in conjunction in your House of Gains. Gear up for some challenges and obstacles on almost every front, says Ganesha. Do not expect your colleagues, superiors or even family members to be cooperative during this period. What is more likely to disturb you is that friends, whom you considered very close to you, may betray you. Matters of the heart need to be handled patiently, as the times are unfavourable for your relationships. You may end up spoiling your love life by taking hasty decisions. It is advisable that you adapt the wait and watch approach.

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Since the conjunction of Saturn-Mars-Rahu occurs in your House of Profession, you need to be very careful about matters on this front. No matter how challenging the situation may be, keep your calm, says Ganesha. This period is such that you may end up taking wrong decisions now and repent later. You may feel like changing your profession and relocating to another place under the influence of this transit, but consider all the pros and cons before you take any major step. Government related matters need to be handled with care. Also, watch your words while interacting with your father, and make sure you don’t cross your limits.
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Saturn-Mars-Rahu will be in conjunction in your House of Luck. You may feel the pressure to slow down a little. You will not be able to adapt to a situation well and will feel frustrated, and may end up taking some impulsive decisions. Ganesha says you will not have it your way and you will have no option but to take a few steps backwards. It won’t be surprising to see you blaming your destiny for all the hardships. Be patient and make well-calculated plans to find some respite during this challenging period. If you are planning to go overseas, Ganesha advises you to postpone your plans for now. In case there is no option, make sure you do Havan of Modak and Sankatnashan Strotra performed before leaving. This remedy will ease out your problems.
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Since Saturn-Mars-Rahu will be in conjunction in the 8th House, you just need to focus on one thing – maintain your peace of mind and be polite. Be a silent witness to everything that is happening around. In case you are confused about how to deal with an unexpected event, consult the elderly members of your family and experts for advice before making any decision. Ensure that you don’t incur financial loss. Also, drive very carefully. Keep these two advices in mind all the while during this transit.
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In order to safeguard yourself from any sort of negative impact of Mars’ transit through Libra, worship Ganesha Yantra or Mangal Yantra wholeheartedly and regularly.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team