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Mars And Rahu Conjunction Making Angarak Yoga

Mars And Rahu Conjunction Making Angarak Yoga

The planets always keep coming in conjunction with each other, but every time it is not harmful, but the combination of Mars and Rahu becomes a problem at times. Whenever both are in an inauspicious house, trouble arises. Not only this, when Mars is in conjunction with Rahu or Ketu in the horoscope, then Angarak Yoga is formed. Mars and Rahu are forming Angarak Yoga in Gemini from 7th May 2019. The effects of this yoga can also be different in the 12 houses of the horoscope. Regular chanting of Om Angarkaya Namah and recitation of Hanuman Chalisa is beneficial in case of conjunction in any house of the horoscope.

Due to this combination of Mars and Rahu, is Angarak Yoga not being formed in your horoscope? Contact our astrologers now to know about this and to diagnose the adverse effects of yoga.

Effects of Mars and Rahu conjunction

With the loss of Mars and Rahu, there are quarrels, accidents, stress and many kinds of problems. In astrology, Mars is the source of anger, arguments, fights, weapons, accidents, fire, electricity, etc., while Rahu is of sudden incidents, enemies, conspiracies, negative energy, tamasic tendencies, bad thoughts, deceit, and bad habits. The planet is considered to be the causative planet. This is the reason that in astrology, the yoga of Mars and Rahu is considered to be more negative and giving negative results.

Mars and Rahu make Angarak Yoga

If Mars and Rahu are together in any house of the horoscope, then Angarak Yoga is formed. This yoga is going to give both good and bad results. However, in the house of the horoscope in which this yoga is being formed, they afflict that house. Due to this, there is a situation of fighting and quarrel in the life of the person. Due to Angarak Yoga, the nature of a person becomes aggressive, violent and negative. Relations with your brothers, friends and other relatives also get spoiled. Money related problems also remain. If a woman has this yoga in her horoscope, then she faces obstacles in getting a child. If you do not take the measures of peace of this yoga, you may have to deal with problems for a long time.

If Angarak Yoga is also forming in your horoscope, then you can contact our astrologers to get the solution.

12 houses or houses and angarak yogas of a horoscope

  • 1st house – stomach related diseases, physical injury, unstable mentality and cruelty.
    Remedy – Throw batase in water. Feed jaggery to the cow every Tuesday.
  • 2nd house – economic ups and downs.
    Remedy – Wear a silver ring on the little finger of the left hand.
  • Third house – Relations with brothers are bitter, success through deceit.
    Remedy – Keep ivory in the house.
  • Fourth house – Grief to mother and land related dispute.
    Remedy – Wear a ring of gold, silver and copper.
  • Fifth house – Benefit from childlessness and gambling.
    Remedy – Keep a pot full of water by the head at night and put it in the trees and plants as soon as you wake up in the morning.
  • Sixth House – There is progress by taking loans, a person can also become a murderer or a surgeon.
    Remedy – Donate milk and silver to the girls. Recite Sundarkand on Tuesday.
  • Seventh house – Trouble in married life, illicit relations, being a widow or widower. However, partnership also brings benefits.
    Remedy – Keep a solid silver tablet with you.
  • Eighth house – ancestral property is available, there are strong chances of road accident.
    Remedy – Give one side of the fried sweet rotis to the dogs.
  • Ninth house – Unfortunate, fanatical, orthodox and indulges in occultism.
    Remedy – Offer vermilion to Hanuman ji on Tuesday. Feed jaggery to the cow every Tuesday.
  • Tenth House – The person is very hardworking, hardworking, sportsman as well as highly successful.
    Remedy – Wear coral.
  • Eleventh house – There is profit from property, but the people are thieves, fraudsters and fraudsters.
    Remedy – Keep vermilion in an earthen pot at home.
  • Twelfth house – There is profit from import-export and bribery. Such a person can even be a rapist.
    Remedy – Wear a silver elephant around the neck. Feed jaggery to the cow every Tuesday.

Effect of Mars-Rahu conjunction (Angarak dosha) on zodiac signs


The effect of conjunction of Mars and Rahu is best in Capricorn, where Mars is exalted and Rahu will result in exalted Mars. Due to its effect, the person will be very hardworking and will always work according to the law.


Due to the debilitating Mars, its effect in Cancer can be worst, and Rahu will badly affect the results of weak Mars. Due to its effect, anger can dominate the person, as well as he can easily get involved in physical fights.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Pisces

In these signs, Mars will be in a better position and Rahu will make Mars stronger. Such a person will be courageous and active. His will power will be of high standard and his actions will be well directed.


Here Mars is in Self, but the presence of Rahu means that there will be some unexpected ups and downs in one’s life. But one thing is that the presence of Mars will give courage and will power to deal with all these ups and downs. This person can be very good at mystic sciences.

Gemini, Virgo, and Aquarius – Here Mars is in enemy sign, so one may not have the right idea or direction to work.

Taurus and Libra

Here Mars is in neutral house. Neither too good nor too bad. Therefore, like any house or zodiac, the Rahu-Mars conjunction in these signs will make a person diligent towards the non-living factors related to the house and zodiac sign, but will hurt the living entities of the same house or zodiac.

With the blessings of Ganeshji,