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Mars Jupiter Ketu Conjunction Effects On Gemini

Mars Jupiter Ketu Conjunction Effects On Gemini

The conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius is going to have its auspicious and inauspicious effects on all the zodiac signs. During this, some zodiac signs will have to face its side effects, while some will get a chance to be overwhelmed by its positive effects. The ninth sign of the zodiac is Sagittarius, the element of fire and the sign of dual nature. Sagittarius is the male cognition of Kshatriyavarna, bipedal, night sacrifice, even, back, short delivery and odd zodiac. From February 8, 2020, there is going to be an adjustment of Mars of fire element, Jupiter of sky element and Ketu of air element in Sagittarius.

The presence of these three opposite planets together in Sagittarius becomes very important in terms of the zodiac. The team of experienced astrologers from GaneshaSpeaks has studied the effects of the adjustment of Jupiter, Mars, and Ketu in Sagittarius on all the zodiac signs. For the time being, we will assess its effects on Gemini people, Gemini is the dual nature of the air element.

The conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu in Sagittarius is happening in the seventh house of the Moon sign Gemini Kundli. The seventh house or house of the horoscope deals with husband, wife and partnership. If we discuss its effects on the career of Gemini people, then this period is not favorable for getting complete peace and desired cooperation. Avoid taking big and important decisions in your job or professional life during this period. During this time stress is going to affect your performance, during this time try to bring changes in your internal style of working and adopt a positive attitude.

In terms of business, business, the occurrence of planetary combination in the seventh house of Gemini horoscope can make it complicated and difficult for Gemini natives. However, during this time you should prepare an alternative and possibly better approach to business. Try to make your financial plans better during this time, but do not make the mistake of taking any kind of decision in haste during this time. Management of business-business is a work of patience and patience, keep moving forward with a positive attitude.

The adjustment of Mars, Jupiter and Ketu in the seventh house of the horoscope related to partnership is going to create a favorable situation for you on the love relationship front. There will be more clarity in your relationship during this period and the hesitation between you will gradually turn into a strong emotional connection. Getting outside of your personal circle will give you the experience to handle stressful situations more efficiently.

The adjustment of Ketu, Mars and Jupiter in the seventh house of Gemini horoscope is going to bring many important changes in the married life of Gemini natives. Because the seventh house of the horoscope is related to important areas like husband, wife, partnership. However, during this time nothing positive seems to happen in the marital relationship of Gemini people. During this time, you should try your best to prevent any kind of unpleasant incident by controlling your emotions. During this time you may have control over your emotions, in the meantime you can take a big decision independently or out of emotion, which will not be acceptable to your family or life partner. Due to such conduct, a situation of dispute is seen in your domestic life. During this, you should patiently take a decision only after consultation with your family and life partner. This time period may bring some emotional issues in your life.

In terms of health, the adjustment of Jupiter, Mars and Ketu in Sagittarius is going to have an average effect on the people of Gemini. During this time, you are going to focus a large part of your energy on your current work. During this time you need to be more energetic, so along with optional health check-up, regular exercise or exercise can keep you energetic. Strong determination and patience are going to support you the most during this time period.

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