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March 2008 tells you more than one story about your life

March 2008 tells you more than one story about your life


According to Western Astrology, Mars, the planet of vigour and vitality is going to be debilitated from March 5, 2008. Venus will enter Pisces, its sign of exaltation on 13th and it will welcome Mercury to its sign of debilitation on 15th.

Well well, this is going to be an interesting month. The planets are small in size but they are going to have big effect on you. These extraterrestrial bodies treat everybody with no discrimination – whether you are a prince or a pauper – the planets are certainly going to have a great impact on different spheres of your life in March 2008. Some of you may find a treasure trove and some might find themselves in a financial crunch. You may be fascinated with an idea of buying vehicle or some sumptuous thing. You may have itchy feet and like to travel abroad or in your own country.

Your personal or professional life may see a sea-change during this month. Sun is moving towards its sign of exaltation and will be forming Square aspect with Mars, therefore, if you wish to begin something new, you can set the ball rolling. On the other hand, Mr Mars can affect your energy and strength. But don’t worry, nothing lasts forever. Planets keep moving, and the next day you may be riding the wave of ecstasy. You may take important decisions in your personal or professional life. What is fated for you? Wedding bells or sorrowful separation? Would the wind of change take you to the higher stage of life or you would be gone with the wind? Our Monthly Report answers all these questions. Wouldn’t it be good to know your future so that you can plan your life accordingly? Avail Solutions To Issues In Personal Life With Personal Ask A Question – Detailed Advice

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