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Which Zodiac Sign Matters – The Sun Sign or the Moon Sign?

Which Zodiac Sign Matters – The Sun Sign or the Moon Sign?

Stars influence human lives. There is no escaping from destiny. The zodiac signs influence almost every aspect of our lives namely character, financial success, relationships, health, etc. however, it has been often observed that when one talks about astrology, it is the Sun sign which is being referred to, it being more popularly known concept.

Zodiac does not give a whole picture, and for a better analysis, in order to reveal the true and deepest details of your personality, one has to take a step further and explore the Moon sign and the Ascendent signs. It is precisely because of the latter two reasons that people even born under the same zodiac sign exhibit differences.

What is the significance of the Sun Sign?

Sun is the basic energy which derives life on the planet Earth. There is no other force on the planet or in our lives which has a greater elementary role in our lives. So, the Sun signs like the Sun are a description of the elementary level of our personalities. They stand for our essential qualities, a reflection of the soul, the ego, the inner self and even the basic approach to life.

Zodiac signs and astrology go much beyond this. One cannot ignore the influence of the Moon sign and the Ascendant sign on life.

What is the significance of the Moon Sign?

Moon Sign is a reflection of your inner self including many aspects of life like basic habits, feelings, emotions, instincts, etc. The Moon influenced traits to define your intimate character, which may only be known to people who are really very close to you.

We often label people as two-faced but in reality, it is not deliberate but merely due to the fact that the Moon sign is very different from the Sun sign in terms of elements like Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Such people are often very difficult to understand and are generally labelled as complicated personalities. So, all the forecasts which are based on your Moon sign will reveal the churnings that are going on in your private life, your core group or family. It also shows how the shifting phases of life bring an effect on your security, foundations and even feelings. It gives a soul to your existence and identity. Let us have a deeper look into it:

• Moon as an Air Sign: Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra. You will have an objective approach when dealt with change in circumstances. You feel an obvious inner alignment when you are given a chance to interact with the outside world.
• Moon as a Fire Sign: Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius. Your reaction to any change of experiences is marked by quick action and excitement. You get to experience an inner alignment when you get a chance to express confidence and strength.
• Moon as an Earth Sign: Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Your reaction to changing life experiences is marked by stability and grit. You feel most aligned with your inner self when you are pursuing a goal.
• Moon as a Water Sign: Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces. Your reaction to changing life conditions is marked with sensitivity and emotion. Thus, you experience an alignment with your inner self when you have deep feelings involved.

Let us have a look at what Our Experts Say to the significance of the Sun and the Moon Sign:

1. What does Moon sign equate to in Hindu astrology?

In Hindu astrology, Moon carries a lot of significance as it represents our mind. In our life, any event is impossible without the support of the Moon, which means support of our mind. Hence, a Moon sign is defined as the sign based on where the Moon is placed at the time of birth.

2. Which of the two are more accurate in looking for harmony in relationships in the future?

In Vedic astrology, it is very important to compare the compatibility of two people, especially when dealing with relationships. Many factors play a part when this evaluation is made during match-making. Generally speaking, the following signs are more compatible while we look for harmony in relationships:
• Taurus-Libra: Lord of these signs are Venus
• Taurus-Gemini: Lords of these signs are mutual friends of each-other
• Cancer-Leo: Lords of these signs are mutual friends of each-other

3. Which is a better measure for looking at career prospects?

The career prospects are often ruled by the placement of the Ascendant Lord. One vital factor in the same is that the 10th House of the Career and the 11th House of the Desires are analyzed together with the Ascendant Lord for better opportunities at the career front.

4. Why are the gemstones mostly related to the Sun Signs and not the Moon Signs?

Gemstones are often recommended in the Vedic astrology only after a thorough analysis of horoscopes. Gemstones are helpful in overcoming various hurdles and problems in the birth chart of a person. The planets of Ascendent-Fifth house and the Ninth House in Vedic astrology are known as the auspicious planets in the birth chart and are recommended to boost strength and positivity. It is thus advisable to completely analyze the birth horoscope before wearing any gemstone for getting desired results. However, if these planets are present in Sixth, Eighth or the Twelfth Houses, then these should not be worn. It has been seen in many cases; persons often know the date of birth but have no clue about the time of birth. In such a case, the person has only one alternative that is to wear a gemstone according to the birth sign. People also go for the easy analysis, i.e. Sun sign and Moon sign analysis.

Another point to note is that the analysis via Moon sign and Sun sign is a general one and is usually practiced to save time. Gemstones which are suggested by the Sun sign are found to give on partial benefits or mixed results in some cases. In many cases, it has also been observed that the planet gives adverse influences, so gemstones have to wear with a lot of care. But, on the other hand, gemstones as per the Moon sign are never recommended. Thus, we conclude that the gemstone should be worn only after a detailed analysis of the horoscope of the person.

Hence, we see that it is not just the Sun sign or the Moon sign alone but both taken together along with the Ascendant sign which will give the complete picture of the person. The primary difference between the Sun sign and the Moon sign is that the former is a sum of the elementary personality of the person while the Moon sign is the picture of the core traits of the person. But, it is not just the zodiac signs which are enough but one has to refer to the horoscope analysis for accurate analysis of the person to make suggestions regarding the future. You can talk to our Astrologer for more personal information regarding the same.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The Ganesha Speaks Team