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Mantras and gemstones for students to brighten their future

Mantras and gemstones for students to brighten their future

Good education builds the foundation of a successful career and life. Every parent yearns for academic excellence for their child. From the moment the child is born, parents start weaving their dreams, hopes, and aspirations. But what if your child isn’t doing well in academics? Doesn’t it sound like a nightmare?

Besides sending their child to school, parents also shell out their hard-earned money on tuitions and coaching. However, what if the child lacks focus? Sometimes students try to study or work hard but are distracted or struggle to cope up with the stress. This can be either attributed to their characteristics or a result of the malefic effects of some planets. Education mantras or shlokas for better academic performance can help you bridge this gap between hard work and results.

Yes! Certainly. When a mother surrenders to Lord Vasudeva and recites the mantra taking the name of the Supreme Being, she is blessed with the success of her child in education. It also eradicates the worries related to the bad company of her child.

This is a simple yet powerful mantra that helps her surrender her child to Lord Vasudeva. And he showers his blessings on the child for his welfare.

“Om Namo Bhagvataye Vasudevaye Namah”

The mother should recite this mantra 108 times daily.

Every student faces anxiety before examinations. Students may also get anxious during regular schooling due to bad performance in academics. Here are some powerful mantras for success in education, that will reduce their stress.

  • Saraswati Gayatri Mantra is a very powerful mantra to improve knowledge. It enhances one’s memory and concentration.

“Om Aim Vagdevyai Vidmahe Kamarajaya Dhimahi | Tanno Devi Prachodayat” ||

  • Saraswati Mantra makes the mind sharp and intelligent.

”Shreem Hreem Saraswatyay Swaha ll Aum Hreem Aing Hreem Sarasvatyay Namah”

  • Saraswati Beej Mantra can be recited by a small child who is unable to chant tough mantras.

”Aing – Aum Aing Namah – Aum Aing Kleem Sauh”

  • Ramcharit Manas Mantra is for weak students or those who aspire for higher studies. It should be recited 21 times daily.

“GuruGriha Gaye Padhan Raghurayi; Alp Kaal Vidhya Sab Payi”

  • Mantra for success in examinations

“Jehi par kripa karhin janu jaani kabi ur ajir nachaavhin baani Mori sudhaarihi so sab bhanti jaasu kripa nahin kripan aghaati“
Chanting this Mantra will increase confidence and chances of success in examination.

  • Mantra to Remove Fear and Anxiety. This mantra is for students who forget everything at the last moment even after preparing well.

“Om Shoum Shok Vinaashibhyaam Namah”
This mantra should be recited 11 times before writing for exams.

  • Ganesh Mantra sharpens the student’s memory and helps achieving success in examination.

“Om Gam Ganapataye Namah”

Students often wish for some shortcut to success. It might not be easy to believe, but Gemstones can be a great help. Students can excel in academics by wearing Yellow Sapphire or Pukhraaj. Emeralds make the mind work properly. But before wearing any gemstone, students or their parents should consult an expert astrologer. They can help the students by providing some powerful mantra and gemstones to improve their concentration in studies. Ask our astrologers for gemstones for your child.

The efficiency of Planet Mercury is responsible for the education of your child. Apart from Mantras and Gemstones, there is only hard work and determination that can help your child be successful in achieving good grades. Parents’ support and guidance should help the child sail across the sea of examination.

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