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How Terrible Mangal Dosha Could Be?

Mostly people think that Manglik Dosha is dangerous but that is not the fact. There are twelve Houses in a Horoscope and if Mars is in the 1st, 2nd (according to some astrologers of South India), 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th House then it’s said to be Mangal Dosha. So, out of 12 Houses, there are 6 houses where the position of Mars is said to cause Manglik factor. Hence the ratio of Manglik and Non-Manglik is 50:50 (If you exclude the 2nd House then it becomes 60:40).

Actually, Mars is a planet of boldness in nature. It gives dominating, aggressive and quarrelsome nature to the person. When it aspects or presents in the 7th House then it produces a quarrel between the husband and the wife. It is a planet of over sex drive as well. These all factors reduce the peace in married life. A common notion is if there is a Mangal Dosha in a Horoscope then the partner will die – it is absolutely non-acceptable. In such a case the Mars is heavily afflicted and there are more than two afflictions to 7th House.

  • Some astrologers believe that Mars becomes powerless after an individual completes 28 years. That’s why some astrologers ask to wait till the completion of 28th year of the person to marry. But logically it’s not acceptable. Mars will show its effect in its period.
  • The best way to reduce the Mars Dosha is to match the Horoscope of both the partners. Mars in the same position can reduce the Dosha but cannot eliminate it entirely.
  • Most of the time it is seen that if a boy is having Mangal Dosha and girl is also having Mangal Dosha in her Horoscope then the cancellation of Mangal Dosha is judged without consideration of the Houses in which Mars is present. But actually it is observed that only presence of Mangal Dosha in both the Horoscopes would not reduce the effect of Mangal Dosha in both Horoscopes. Mars should be in the same House of both the partners. Example: If a boy has Mars in his 4th House then girl should also have the Mars in her 4th House. The effect of Mars is different in different Houses and in different Signs.
  • Mars in the first House makes one bold, aggressive and dominating. The person would be short tempered. He would have nature of rising over critical periods with tensions. Rash tendency is commonly seen among the persons having Mars in their first House.
  • Mars in the 2nd House gives sharp tongue. The person may not have control over his tongue and the condition may worsen if he is in anger. He may speak at any extent without consideration, which may lead him to loss financially and socially. Mars aspects the 8th House from here so it also affects the family and age of spouse.
  • 4th House is the House of comforts and happiness. Besides reducing the factors of the 4th House, the Mars also reduces happiness in marital relation, as it aspects the 7th House by its fourth aspect. It causes unrest in the domestic happiness. It may evoke jealousy among brothers/sisters, which may be due to wife/husband.
  • In the 7th House, the presence of Mars is worse than its aspect. It gives violence in marital life. There would be mismatch in emotional and sexual needs of the partners. In some cases it may also cause intercaste marriage.
  • Mars in the 8th House shows short life of the spouse. Since it’s the family of husband so it may show disturbance in the family of spouse. It will reduce the happiness of the girl in her in laws’ house. Afflicted Mars shows the extravagant partner. 8th House is the House of hidden matters. Mars in the 8th House shows the involvement of the spouse in hidden matters, when it surfaces, may create troubles.
  • 12th House is the House for losses and bed pleasures. In marital life the partner may not be compatible with each other in this respect, causing disharmony between them.
  • According to some astrologers exalted Mars or Mars in its own House or a benefic Mars does not produce any Mars Dosha, but in fact it does not happen – Mars will show its effect even then. Strength of the Mars should be considered while observing Mars Dosha.
  • As it is said earlier that out of the 12 Houses, if Mars is present in 6 Houses then it is Mars Dosha, so you can find many people suffering with this Dosha. It is not possible that Mars would affect every person in the same way. Moreover, people think that Mars Dosha means untimely and accidental death of the partner. But it never happens in all the cases unless Mars is afflicted.
  • Proper matching of the Horoscopes of the boy and the girl respectively reduces the effect of Mars in their married lives. It would not cancel the violent effect of Mars completely, but may reduce its effect to some extent. If Venus and Moon are in the 2nd House or even one of them is present in the 2nd House then also it is said that the effect of Mars is reduced to some extent. But actually it is seen that this factor does not count in every case. Aspect of Jupiter on Mars on the 7th House. Jupiter is planet of wisdom and righteousness. So it may reduce to an extent that the problem may persist in the life, but the matter would remain in the four walls of the house. If there were more than two afflictions then Jupiter would also prove not to be supportive to that extent.
  • It is also said that if Saturn is present in the House of the partner’s Horoscope where Mars is present then also it reduces the Mars Dosha. But actually it is also to less extent.
  • If Rahu and Mars are conjunct.
  • If Mars is the owner of the same House i.e. If Mars is placed in Aries or Scorpio Ascendant or if Mars is placed in the Signs of Taurus or Cancer in the 7th House.

All these combinations may reduce the affliction to some extent but cannot nullify it.

Actual reduction of affliction can be done by the Matching of the Horoscopes of the boy and the girl with respect to the placement of Mars according to the Ascendant, the Moon and Venus respectively. There are many more factors to be considered while matching the Birth Charts for marriage purposes.

The above results are based on the facts that are brought out after researching on many Birth Charts practically.

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