How Mangal Dosha or an adversely posited Mars can affect you?

Planet Mars, when
placed in different Houses of the kundali has
different effects on the native's personal life. Lets see how Mangal
or Mars forms a 'Mangal Doshaa' in the kundali

When Mars is placed
in 1st,
8th or
12th House,
the kundali has
a 'Mangal Dosha' and the person is called a 'manglik'. The presence
of Mangal Dosha or Kuja Dosha is one of the biggest fears or misconceptions
in our society. Even the various old texts of astrology differ about
the Mangal Dosha, what are the exceptions available and the remedies
to nullify it. However, Mangal Dosha cannot be ignored. It may cause
problems in marital life. So, before marriage it is very essential
to match horoscopes for Kuja Dosha. It is also very important to analyse
the chart and identify whether the kundali has a Mangal Dosha or not.
  1. If Mars is placed
    in the 1st House,
    it will aspect 4th,
    7th and
    8th Houses.
    1st House
    signifies the character of the person. Hence, a person may be very
    aggressive and short tempered. Afflicted 4th House
    indicates problems associated with house, vehicle, accident due
    to fire, chemicals, electricity etc. Afflicted 7th House
    indicates a possibility of obstacles in marital life with spouse,
    partnership etc. Afflicted 8th House
    indicates a possibility of fatal accident. So, the placement of
    Mars in the Ascendant is considered as a drawback.
  2. If Mars is placed
    in the 4th House,
    it will affect 7th,
    10th and
    11th House
    in addition to 4th House.
    We have already seen adverse effects of afflicted 4th and
    7th Houses.
    Afflicted 10th House
    indicates a possibility of frequent changes and disturbances in
    profession, sleep and issues with father. Afflicted 11th House
    indicates possibility of losses due to accidents, thefts etc. So,
    the placement of Mars in the 4th House
    is not very well received.
  3. If Mars is placed
    in the 7th House,
    it will affect the 10th,
    1st and
    2nd Houses.
    7th is
    the House of marital life and spouse. So, the presence of Mars
    in the 7th House
    indicates turbulent married life. Afflicted 2nd House
    can create issues among the family members; there are chances of
    frequent problems and lack of harmony among the members due to
    conflicts. Also, there may be loss of money or unexpected expenses.
    So, the placement of Mars in the 7th House
    may gives rise to hardships
  4. If Mars is placed
    in the 8th House,
    it will affect 11th,
    2nd and
    3rd House.
    The person is prone to fatal accident due to fire, chemicals, electricity
    etc. Also, afflicted 3rd House
    may create tensions among siblings. It also makes person very rude
    and arrogant, and tends to hurt others quite often and may also
    suffer failures. So, placement of Mars in the 8th house
    is considered as a drawback.
  5. If Mars is placed
    in the 12th House,
    it will affect 3rd,
    6th and
    7th House.
    12th House
    signifies the spending habits of the person. So, it highlights
    the fact that the person may go overboard with expenses. A person
    may be prone to diseases caused due to acidity, hyper tension,
    diseases related to blood etc. So, the placement of Mars in the
    12th House
    is considered as a drawback.

So, Mangal Dosha can cause
many problems. But these are very broad guidelines. Many other aspects
and angles need to be studied. The overall strength of the horoscope,
strength of the planets, benefic aspects, and Mars' strength must be

Exceptions and Cancellations of Mangal Dosha:

  1. If Mars is debilitated.
  2. If Mars is combust
  3. If Mars is in own
    sign Aries or Scorpio
  4. If Mars is exalted
  5. If Mars is in
    Leo in 8th House
  6. If Mars is in Sagittarius in
    12th House.
  7. If Mars is aspected by a benefic.
  8. If a strong benefic is placed
    in the 9th House
  9. If Mars is exalted or in its own sign
    in Navmansa chart.
  10. If boy and girl both are 'Manglik'

The Mangal Dosha can be
troublesome and affect the married life, substantially. But kundali matching
and judging the Mangal Dosha is the job of an expert astrologer, and
it must be done only after carefully analysing the horoscopes of the
boy and the girl, both.

Here are the remedies
for the Mangal Dosha. Following these may reduce the ill-effects of
Mangal Dosha and give good results:

Appease Lord Ganesha in
the following manner.

  1. Offer red flowers
    and �gud� (Jaggery) to Lord Ganesha everyday. While
    worshipping, recite the mantra: �Om Gan Ganpataye Namah� 108
  2. Donate Blood on Tuesdays
    (quarterly), if health permits.
  3. Install Mangal Yantra
    and perform Mangal Prayer.
  4. Observe fast
    on Tuesdays (sunrise
    to next day sunrise).
    Have only fruit juice or milk.
  5. Recite Mangal Chandika
    Stotra on regular basis.
  6. Perform Kumbh Vivah,
    Vishnu Vivah or Ashwatha Vivah.
  7. Recite Hanuman Chalisa
  8. Feed birds with sweet.