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Lunar Eclipse February 2017: Effects And Predictions For All Moon Signs

Lunar Eclipse February 2017: Effects And Predictions For All Moon Signs

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Lunar Eclipse Meaning:

The Lunar Eclipse is a phenomenon when the Moon appears to be covered by a shadow due to the complete blockage of the light that it receives from the Sun. The blockage is caused when the Sun, Earth and the Moon are aligned closely.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 10/11 February 2017 will occur in Cancer Zodiac sign and Ashlesha constellation which will be visible in Mumbai.

The Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan Details:
First Contact with the Penumbra (Sparsh) – 04:06:26
Maximum of Lunar Eclipse (Madhya) – 06:14:39
Last Contact with the Penumbra (Moksha) – 08:22:53

Duration of Penumbral Phase – 04 Hours 16 Mins 27 Secs
Magnitude of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – 0.98

Unless the Lunar Eclipse is visible to the naked eye, it can be generally said that it is not of much significance and thus the religious activities need not be followed.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipses are not visible to the naked eye hence no rituals related to the Chandra Grahan need be observed. If Lunar Eclipse is visible during Umbral Phase only then should it be considered for religious activities. Most Hindu Calendars don’t list Penumbral Eclipses. Thus, the Sutak need not be followed.

The 2017 Lunar Eclipse is likely to affect your health along with some anxiety and unrest in your domestic life. This phase will not augur well financially. You are likely to face obstacles in your business, delays or failure in your endeavours. There is a risk of losing money. At work, you may have to remain focused enough to maintain your position or rank. You are also likely to face increased work pressure and it will be difficult for you to match the expectations imposed upon you. Read more about Aries.

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Surprisingly, this may be a good time for the Taurus Moon Sign natives to pursue creative ventures, and for progressing in the matters of love, romance, higher education and even travel. There may be an improvement in the relations with your spouse. If single, then you may come across an interesting person. You will have to be careful in your written communication as there might be some problems in this regard. The relations with younger siblings may get strained due to some misunderstandings, so try to be careful during interactions with them. Multiple gains are foreseen for you, so you need not worry.

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The 2017 Lunar Eclipse may force you to develop new financial resources and devise new investment strategies. You may not be too happy with your income and will feel pressurised by the expenses and especially so if you are a businessperson. Your skill of managing resources will be tested due to this phenomenon. The impact of this eclipse will also force you to learn a lot about yourself and your family values and you will also realize the importance of financial management and material possessions. Relations with some family members may get strained. Read more about Gemini.

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For Cancer natives, this Penumbral Lunar Eclipse will push you to search new opportunities. This impact of the eclipse may remain quite negative for you. Your focus may get diverted and you will prefer the easy way of doing things. Anxiety may get the better of you on certain instances. Your health may also be quite sensitive in the days to come. Some constraints and disruptions may not allow you to concentrate well. You may also have a feeling from within that things may go wrong and this will make you hesitant and diffident in each and every step that you take. This phenomenon will however help you to discover your real talents and strengths.

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There may be some difficulties and constraints in the days to come and this may affect your momentum. Post the Lunar Eclipse, you will also realise the futility of constantly trying to satisfy your senses. Material benefits may reduce. Unexpeted expenses may bother you. There are chances that you may travel to a foreign land or go on a pilgrimage. Your power of imagination will be excellent, but there may also be some illusions. You will have a strong desire to learn the spiritual and religious aspects. Read more about Leo.

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The 2017s Lunar Eclipse will encourage you to socialise more and increase contacts. Your professional network may also expand. Your relationship with your siblings and cousins may improve. Faster financial gains are foreseen. More importantly, your vision will expand and you will upgrade your thinking patterns. You will be more generous and tolerant towards your opponents and critics, but will be able to stay ahead in the race when it matters the most. You will be able to realise your long-cherished desire or ambition. Read more about Virgo.

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The 2017 Lunar Eclipse will take place in the 10th House of career, profession, business, ambitions and honour. The desire within you to achieve greater success in the aforementioned areas may increase drastically. However, you will not be allowed to find the desired opportunities, and hence there may be a sense of dissatisfaction. You will it to be a bit difficult to discharge your responsibilities at the workplace and things may become somewhat demanding. If you are self-employed, you will have to plan well and reserve some resources for contingencies, as there may be some problems. Read more about Libra.

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As the 2017 Lunar Eclipse will be occuring in the 9th House, you will have a strong desire to broaden your horizons. You will also feel like making the best of the opportunities that come your way. You may also prefer looking for some job opportunities abroad. You should make the best use of this phase to set out on a long distance trip or pilgrimage. You will be able to benefit spiritually post the Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan. This is also a good period to learn philosophy and metaphysics. This period will provide you with an opportunity of learning new dimensions of life. But, you will have to be careful of your father’s health in the coming days. Read more about Scorpio.

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The Lunar Eclipse 2017 or Chandra Grahan will be taking place in the 8th House from your Sign. The effects of the eclipse will remain quite adverse for you. You are going to witness conflicts that may be a direct result of your deeds in the past. You will be very emotional, sentimental and anxious in the coming few days. Also, there are chances of conflicts and complications in your personal life and relationships. You will have to control the urge to overeat. Those in business may face problems from employees at workplace. Read more about Sagittarius.

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The Lunar Eclipse 2017 will be taking place in the 7th House from your Sign. You are also likely to create enmity with your life partner or it may bring disruptions in your relationship. Your equations with your spouse may come under a cloud and there may be unforeseen arguments and tiffs. You will face increased problems from your competitors or enemies. Health would require proper attention during this time. You may tend to be more restless and impatient during this time. You will have to be more attentive in your field of work. Wealth and property related concerns may also bother you. Read more about Capricorn.

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This Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2017 may bring along some disappointments and frustration. Health would require a lot of attention during this particular time and your immunity may be somewhat weak. If you have taken a loan, then there may be some problems in related matters. You will have to keep your mind calm and put in more efforts to be happy and relaxed. You will also face hurdles and your work would require a lot of effort to see successful completion of routine tasks. Read more about Aquarius.

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The Lunar Eclipse 2017 or Chandra Grahan will be taking place in the 5th House. Your creativity will be on a high during this phase, but you will have a tendency to stay too much in your comfort zone. Due to this aspect, you might miss out on some wonderful opportunities. If you are in a relationship, then there may be some disturbances. But, for the love-birds this period will expand the range of experiences in your love life. Children might cause concern and you will have to pay proper attention to them. The time seems good for studying philosophy and religion. You might not get desired satisfacion in your profession and you are also advised to avoid speculative business activities such as stock market trading. Read more about Pisces.

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