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What Is Your Lucky Number And Color?

What’s your favorite color? Colors play an extremely vital role in your life. It not only helps you to lift your mood, but they are also a great indicator of how you can harness some extra luck for yourself. Now, the same way we all have a number, nope, we are not talking about your mobile number, we are talking about your lucky number.

According to Vedic astrology, every zodiac sign is associated with a color and a number, which shares its qualities. Your detailed Kundali analysis can throw some light on what your true lucky color and number may be and how they may affect your life.

Once you know your lucky number and color, you can use them in every situation, as they appear to rule every vital aspect of your life. The reason? Each element in Vedic astrology is represented by a specific color and number that carries specific aura and energy with them, either positive or negative. Detailed Kundli analysis by our expert astrologers can help you to know your lucky number and color that can help you invite good luck in your life.

Now, before you get to know your lucky color and number with the help of free Janam Kundali, here is the short description of what they even mean and signify. Read on to find out what do the different colors mean:

Lucky colors and numbers are very fascinating. If you think you don’t have any lucky color or number, then you are wrong. Each zodiac sign has some fortunate attributes that can change their life. Below is the list of some colors and numbers and their significance:

  • Red: One of the most powerful colors – Red, delivers a strong message. It is the color of happiness, love, and prosperity. The red color is also associated with fire that expresses your anger. In Vedic astrology, Sun and Mars have been assigned Red color. But the main difference between Sun red and Mars red is that Sun signifies royalty while Mars red signifies aggression. Accurate horoscopes prepared by using your date of birth can help you to know your ruling planet and your lucky color.
  • Yellow: Yellow is associated with intellect and knowledge. It considered having a very positive aura that enhances your thinking power. It gives inspiration and motivation to achieve your goal. The main properties of Yellow color include optimism, logic, quick decision-making. In Vedic astrology, Yellow is assigned to the planet of expansion and good luck – Jupiter. It is associated with the element Earth.
  • Green: Green signifies peace and is associated with growth, goodwill, and production. It is also associated with your family. In Vedic astrology, planet Mercury is considered as Green and symbolizes harmony and hope. Green can calm down the agitated minds.
  • Blue: Blue is linked with the water element. It is the color of safety and optimism. It is regarded as the representative of the heavens. Faith, trust, and stability are the main energies generated by this color. It is also associated with knowledge and wisdom.
  • Violet: This color has both the energies of Blue and red. It is connected with intellects and high values and ideals. It is considered as the most important color for improvement in life. The main properties associated with Violet are excitement, approach, and orientation to achieve your goal. It has a deep connection with your life. Additionally, it may harbinger good luck in accumulating wealth.
  • Black: Black compromises all the colors in it. It is also associated with wealth. It is an independent color that symbolizes power, strength, and attraction. It may have negative energies like resistance, opposition, obstruction, etc. It is considered as the color of planet Saturn and Rahu.
  • White: The color of purity and simplicity – White is associated with new beginnings in life. In Vedic astrology, planet Venus is assigned white color. It is the combination of all the colors of the spectrum. It gives insights about your business and brings freshness to your life.

Colors have the potential of influencing your life and attract good luck in your life. The correct use of your lucky colors can help you to bring happiness and success. Access your free birth horoscope to know your lucky attributes and bring positive changes in your life.

  • One: The zodiac sign having one as a lucky number is positive, ambitious, and determined.
  • Two: It is the number associated with imagination and romance. The person with two as a lucky number usually takes a back seat instead of leading.
  • Three: The main properties of this number includes: trustworthy, proud, and vigilant.
  • Four: The person with four as a lucky number is likely to be very sensitive and may often feel lonely.
  • Five: Five means the person is commercially minded, quick thinker, and highly strung.
  • Six: It symbolizes the artistic, generous, and determined nature of a person.
  • Seven: Seven number signifies the qualities of being restless, innovative, and independent.
  • Eight: It indicates wisdom and workability. This number doesn’t go well with any particular number.
  • Nine: It indicates qualities like courage, strength, simplicity, etc.

You may now be clear that your zodiac sign not only describes your personality, it also tells you about which numbers and colors are the luckiest for you. Free Janam Kundli prediction can be amazingly insightful in this realm, it can help you to know which number and color have a higher chance of making you fortunate. So, now you can have a lucky day, every day with the help of astrology.

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