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Lucky Metals According To Your Zodiac Sign

Lucky Metals According To Your Zodiac Sign

Beautiful jewelry can put four moons in your luck along with your personality. Actually, according to Vedic astrology, there is a direct relationship between planets and metals. Sun controls the planets-gold and copper, Moon-silver, Mars-copper, Jupiter-gold and Saturn, Rahu and Ketu-iron. Gold is hot and silver is cool. In astrology, where Sun is the symbol of the head and Saturn is the symbol of the feet. If Sun and Saturn are there, then there is a father-son relationship, but they are not friends of each other. Ayurveda also says that you should always keep your head cool and feet warm. We now tell you how you can increase your good luck with your metals like gold, silver or jewelry made from them.
1- If your ascendant is Aries, Cancer, Leo and Sagittarius, then gold can increase your wealth, prosperity and good luck.
2- Gold will be moderately beneficial for the people of Scorpio and Pisces ascendant.
3- Gold jewelery will not be beneficial for Taurus, Gemini, Virgo and Aquarius ascendant.
4- People of Libra and Capricorn ascendant should not wear gold things.
5- Wearing gold of Libra and Capricorn ascendant can get caught in the clutches of debt and disease.
Wearing a gold chain around the neck as jewelry is a sign of auspiciousness to bring happiness in married life.
7- Wearing a gold ring on the ring finger is beneficial if there is no child.
8- To increase the concentration, it is beneficial to wear a gold ring on the index finger.
9- Gold jewelry creates heat and silver jewelry creates coolness in the body. Therefore, gold jewelry should be worn in the parts above the waist and silver jewelry in the parts below it.
10- While keeping the gold things in the cupboard or locker, keep them tied in a red cloth. With this, the mighty Mars will make Jupiter stronger, which will increase your wealth and prosperity.
11- Green and red colored bangles will suit more on the hands.
12- Wearing silver anklets on feet provides relief in diseases like back, blood disorders, urinary diseases, problems of heels and knees.
13- According to Vastu Shastra, the filth of anklets removes the negative energy of the house.
14- Keeping the horoscope in mind, wearing a ring of iron or black horseshoe in the middle finger ie middle finger gives great benefit in diseases and eyesight.
15- According to Vastu, if you keep gold jewelery sets etc. in the northeast or southeast angle of your house, then not only will it last but it will also bring your prosperity.
16- To protect children from sorcery, wearing iron or copper rings on hands or feet, moon or sun around the neck is healthy for their healthy teeth.
17- Teaching people must wear a gold chain or ring to make their personality bright.
18- According to Indian astrology, the person’s personal horoscope, the position of the planets going on and the conditions of transit also give advice on whether to wear these metals or not. Do not gift the things of the planet which is auspicious for you to others. These auspicious metals are also worn on the body in the form of rings, pendants and bracelets along with favorable gems. If you also want to take full advantage of these metals or jewelery by using them, then talk to our expert astrologers. We would be happy to guide you.

So… if you are wearing this jewellery, then you are also in the list of successful people!

If not… then brighten your bad luck with jewelry or change the style of wearing jewelry.

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