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Super Lucky Day For All The Zodiac Signs

First things first, do we require luck in life? Of course! Who doesn’t? You ought to believe this fact that any special task or event must be done at the right ‘Murat’ based on your Zodiac Sign & different planetary positions. Say For Example Lucky days can land us in a great destination of tremendous ‘Success’. Don’t get surprised by this school of thought at all! So without any ado, let’s check out what work you must do on which day based on your Zodiac Sign.

People may criticize Monday after the weekend while yawning in the morning, but hey Cancerian, time for ‘Monday Motivation’. Cancerians are loaded with hopes & luck on Mondays. Got a hunch? Consider your intuition and instinct, particularly on Mondays, to act on.

You can think of doing below activities on Mondays:

  • Do yoga
  • Try meditation
  • Making fine schedule
  • Go for the nature walks
  • Make an investment (wisely)
  • Brainstorm a new idea that would reward you in future
  • Work on your writing & speech

What Cancerians Should Wear on Mondays

  • Seashell prints and/or jewellery
  • Moon pendants
  • Blue and white are the ideal colours to wear

Survived Monday? now time for Tuesday! Jokespat, we ought to live instead of just surviving. Tuesdays tend to be power-packed, it works best for Scorpio & Aries Zodiac Signs. Ariens work energetically with bursting enthusiasm while on the other hand Scorpions walk with purpose & willingness to achieve something.

Do The Below Activities To Take The Advantage Of Tuesday In The Best Possible Manner:

  • Starting a new Podcast
  • Fulfilling your given commitments
  • Completing legal formalities
  • Speaking truth with utmost courage

What Scorpions & Ariens should wear on Tuesdays?

  • Wearing Gold
  • Wear Orange Or Red Color outfit
  • Applying Rose scent would work best

Hey, don’t count Wednesday as ‘keeled day’, it hurts especially for Gemini, Virgo 7 Aquarius as they can make the most out of that day. Wednesday themes complete balance, moderation & stability. It also counts as the ideal day to reflect upon past accomplishments as well as to plan for the future.

Activities For Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius On Wednesdays:

  • Complete all stuff related to marketing & sales
  • Go ahead for a public speech
  • Say YES to either office or personal tours
  • Cycling or yoga
  • Stick to reading books of your favourite genre

What Gemini, Virgo & Aquarius Should Wear On Wednesdays?

  • Wear green, deep blue, or purple colour outfits
  • Wear emerald Jewellery

Thursdays should be filled with optimism & steady growth. How many of you agree on this? Work hard with all your focus & dedication so that you can enjoy your weekend with ultra satisfactory mode. Hey Pisces & Sagittarius, don’t get tired unlike others, kickstart Thursday with a fresh mindset & determination. This day is ruled by Jupiter, & as we know Planet Jupiter is the lord of generosity, expansion & self development. Sagittarius & Pisces natives give wings to the people through their proper guidance towards life. Expert unconditional consultants! Believe it or not, no matter how big the challenges are, they ought to get it done without being defeated.

Activities For Sagittarius & Pisces On Thursdays:

  • Even if you feel 1%, start learning a new language
  • Indulge yourself in self improvement
  • Make new food dishes for friends & family
  • Review financial activities systematically
  • Give a shot to a business deal

What Sagittarius & Pisces Should Wear On Thursdays?

  • Try wearing blue, yellow or red outfit
  • Scents like rose, mint & Sandalwood are a perfect combination for this day
  • Decorating home with beautiful flower or rose would just add a cookie in Ice-cream

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Woohoo, Last week day is here, friday! Do you know what makes this day so special? It’s not just a day before the weekend but also it is being ruled by the lord of Prosperity, Happiness, Pleasure & Passion – Venus. Also, Friday is inked with the feeling of acceptance & well-being, especially for Taurus & Libra natives. After completing their work, they ought to go for their genre’s movie, date or any fun-filled activity. Needless to say, both the natives enjoy the theme of harmony on this day.

Activities For Taurus & Libra On Fridays:

  • Throw a party for friends or family
  • Plan a Lovey-dovey Date
  • Spend extra quality time with family
  • Get into the kitchen & surprise everyone by making delicious dishes

What Taurus & Libra Should Wear On Fridays?

  • They can wear white or cream colour clothes
  • The ideal day to wear diamond or white jewellery
  • You can also try wearing luscious floral printed clothes

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Hola, it’s weekend! The moment we were waiting for is finally here. They are also more into self-healing or as we say self-improvement. If there is any error found in the past work, they’ll be more than happy to rectify it on Saturdays even though it’s weekend, they know how to master the day accordingly as Saturday is governed by Saturn, an organised, controlling energy. Even if it’s weekend, Capricorns are not going to avoid attending important meetings. How inspiring does that sound!

Activities For Capricorn On Saturdays:

  • Complete homework & all the pending tasks
  • Donation in old an age home
  • Plan in advance for the upcoming week
  • Decorate the home, fulfil various family responsibilities

What Capricorn Should Wear On Saturdays?

  • Black or brown colour clothes
  • Wearing Sapphire Gemstone can bring positive energy

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The synonym of resting, partying & satisfaction is here – Sunday. Sunday is ruled by The Sun, which is the Symbol of Energy & Expression. On Sundays, Leos tend to express themselves better than any other day. Don’t freak out if Leos indulge themselves in guilty pleasures. They would also like to go for Spa treatments, Sunbath & so on. Overall, Leos may enjoy this day to the fullest by spending time with family, friends or dating with their own self.

Activities For Leo On Sundays:

  • Keep the mode of self indulging On
  • Sing in the shower, don’t hesitate to become a rocking bathroom singer
  • Recharge your must needed batteries
  • Go for a walk with your close friend

What Leo Should Wear On Sunday?

  • Wear gold to gain maximum energy
  • An ideal day to wear warm colours like yellow, red & orange
  • Enhance your home energy with a beautiful sunflower

So, what are you gonna do on your lucky day? launching corona’s vaccine or investing in some good stocks? Whatever you wanna do, hope you are chuffed with more & more added value!

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