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March 2014 Weekly Love Horoscope – Week 1

March 2014 Weekly Love Horoscope – Week 1
March 2014 Weekly Love Horoscope - Week 1 - GaneshaSpeaksIt’s time to take initiatives on the love front. Singles, approach your crush and woo them! If you are already in a committed relationship, give your darling a thoughtful gift and make them happy! As the week progresses, you will need to be more careful about the words you choose to speak. Ganesha feels that love life related issues need to be handled tactfully. On Thursday and Friday, you will become more friendly and flirtatious, your antics will certainly bring a smile on your loved one’s face. The weekend, however, will be spent in solitude as you wish to think deeply about your future plans. Read more about Aries

GaneshaspeaksYou will not take any chances and this cautious approach will bring you good results, but maybe not on the love front. Don’t hold back when it comes to expressing your emotions, advises Ganesha. The cosmos is in your favour at the moment, so you might want to make the most of this benign period. Your personality and charm combined with your impeccable dressing sense will make you irresistible in the eyes of members of the opposite sex. Needless to say, you will love to be in the limelight. Know Your Romantic Personality and heat things up! Pay attention to your emotions as well. Read more about Taurus….

GaneshaspeaksPut your best foot forward when it comes to pleasing your beloved and making them feel special. The stars suggest that the week will begin on a great note at the love front, says Ganesha. However, don’t always take things on face value. Utilise the period around Tuesday and Wednesday to reflect and make your equation better. Fun-filled times are on the cards, regardless of your relationship status. So there will be parties, get-togethers and social events where you will meet new people and have a ball! If you are single, get your 100% personalised Love Prospects report to know when you will find the love of your life. Read more about Gemini….

GaneshaspeaksYou will have to focus on your love life and take cues from your past experiences in order to strengthen your bond. If you are planning to bring some changes on the love front, the period post Tuesday looks set to be good for it. Don’t feel shy to express your feelings, whether you are single or in a relationship. Let your heart sing the sweet songs of love and have a good time! The weekend is going to be extraordinary and you will be closer to your beloved. Saturday night looks particularly exciting! If you have a specific question regarding your love life, you may seek our expert astrologer’s advice through Love Ask A Question report. Read more about Cancer….

GaneshaspeaksHappy people are the most beautiful people! As the week gets going, you will become more and more jovial and your ability to laugh at yourself will make you the life of every party. Spend time with your special someone and also learn little more about yourself and your likings. Certain things may get a little complicated, so you will have to pay extra attention to keep your love life problem-free. Thursday, in all likelihood, will be spent in the company of friends, and you will have a wonderful time. There may be times when you will feel that you heart is trying to tell you something, listen to it for it may help you take the right decision. If you feel confused, don’t hesitate to avail Love Ask 3 Questions and get 100% personalised astrological advice. Read more about Leo

GaneshaspeaksFocus on your ongoing projects and ensure that you will accomplish your targets. Although this may not directly affect your love life, it will definitely lift your mood. Post Tuesday, you will slow down but during this time consider various possibilities to march forward at the desired speed. You will also explore the matters on the love front. If you are planning to woo someone or search for a girlfriend/ boyfriend, you may find that luck is in your favour. You may feel a lot more emotional during this week, Ganesha says don’t ignore your feelings. If there is a particular person in your life and you are not sure about longevity of your relationship, get Compatibility Assessment Reading report to know whether you two make a good, compatible pair. Read more about Virgo….

GaneshaspeaksYou may not be in the driving seat as the week begins, however, your beloved will not have it their way either. Both of you need to reach a consensus and not let the differences affect your relationship, advises Ganesha. During the latter part of the week, love life is likely to become more intense as the warmth in your relationship puts you in a great mood. Singles, wear your best clothes on Thursday and Friday as an exciting meeting is on the cards! Also, brush up your knowledge and think of topics for discussions as engaging conversations will work well for you. Get Your Passion Personality report to know your intimate desires and sexual style. Read more about Libra….

GaneshaspeaksBe your charming self! If you find someone attractive, don’t hesitate to compliments them for their good looks. If you find someone in trouble, help them find a solution. In short, just be positive and spread the good energy around. Matters related to love may get a bit strenuous, you will need to handle many issues. Well, it is not that bad, so don’t lose your cool. Just a little bit of careful handling shall do the trick, says Ganesha. For 100% personalised guidance on love related issues, avail Love Ask 3 Questions report. A major part of the weekend will be spent exploring your intellectual and intuitive powers. Read  more about Scorpio

GaneshaspeaksYour love life will take a pleasant turn at the beginning of the week. If you are single, this week surely indicates the entry of a someone special. If you are already in a committed relationship, you may expect your romance to blossom this week. Be more imaginative and creative while handling various issues related to your love life. The period around Wednesday looks favourable for getting deeper in your relationship and spending time with your beloved. However, you may not be able to keep problems at bay. But if you look closely, you will find the problems are telling you about the worthiness of the relationship. Avail Relationship Ask 3 Questions Detailed report and get 100% reliable astrological guidance. The advice will surely help you gain clarity in life. Read more about Sagittarius…..

GaneshaspeaksWork pressure may be high, but finish off the assignments by the end of Monday and lighten your burden as Tuesday and Wednesday, according to Ganesha, are highly favourable for your love life. Schedule a date on one (or both!) of these days if you are single. While you will take things pretty casually during the first half of the week, you will become more serious about your love life post Thursday. You will want clarity about certain matters and will be ready to take some tough decisions. If there are issues you can’t share with anyone, avail Intimate Affairs and get our expert astrologer’s unbiased advice on these matters. Read more about Capricorn……

GaneshaspeaksYou don’t let your past dampen your spirits and that’s one of your biggest strengths, says Ganesha. This week, you will decide the course of actions and will start to gather resources to accomplish your goals. Well, on the love front, the scenario may be different. It will not be a bad one, though. Change is foreseen, but the good thing is that you will not resist it. Weekend may be quite romantic, you need to decide the amount of emotional involvement you will want to have in this particular relationship. Is this relationship right for you? Talk to An Astrologer now and discuss your relationship issues at length. Read more about Aquarius….

GaneshaspeaksLove will keep you mysteriously confused as things will change the moment you will think you have understood them completely. However, all the confusions will start to wane as the week progresses. More than anything else, you will understand what you want to do. However, work will take precedence on Thursday and Friday, and your love life will automatically take a backseat. Nevertheless, once in a while you will look at the love front and see if things are fine. The weekend may be completely allotted to your love life, says Ganesha. Be ready for some excitement! Do you want to know what will happen in your personal life this year? Avail 2023 Personal Life & Relationship Report now.
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