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Your Love Stars this week – 23rd Feb to 01st Mar 2014

Your Love Stars this week – 23rd Feb to 01st Mar  2014

Your natural charm will help you secure a place in the heart of someone special. But is this relationship really worth it all? Think about it, says Ganesha. Seek a close friend’s advice on the matter, their genuine opinion will help you see the reality more clearly. Also, rely on your own instincts to identify the actual picture. Avail Friends Or Lovers? Report to know whether your relationship is more than just friendship. During the weekend, you may come across a person or situation that may take you by surprise. Don’t resent the situation/ person, as it/ they will help you gain a better idea about the present scenario in your love life.

The second half of the week seems to be much challenging for the Gemini on the love front. If you are in a committed relationship, fights and conflicts may occur at the drop of the hat as one of you will be quite bossy. Singles, it does not look set to be a very exciting period for you since a certain someone will confuse you a lot about the status of your relationship. But the good news is, the first half of the week is going to be pleasing which shall make the challenges during the second half seem less problematic. You may be in the driver’s seat as far as the matters of the heart are concerned during the first couple of days of the week. If you want to make your relationship more beautiful, it goes without saying that you should address the nagging problems. Avail Relationship Ask 3 Questions at the earliest!

Social commitments will demand your attention, and as a result, love life may get sidelined, especially during the first couple of days of the week, predicts Ganesha. It is, therefore, advisable that you keep some room for last minute changes in your plans. Make sure that you get over and done with major social commitments before mid-week, as around Wednesday and Thursday an important issue may need to be addressed on the love front. During the weekend, your heart will say one thing and your mind another, striking a balance will be the key here. Get Your Romantic Personality reading to know what you really want.

Your behaviour will be slightly over-the-top as the week begins. You will not shy away from letting people know your feelings. This may make your relationship more beautiful, provided you are with someone who appreciates your way of expressing emotions. Ganesha advises you to channelise your energies in the right direction and be little more subtle on the love front, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. Those in committed relationships may have to sort out some issues, power struggles are best avoided. Know Remedial Solutions for Love and make things better. If you are single, you need to be out there and make your presence felt.

Don’t rely on anybody else to make your love life interesting and exciting, because it is you who can add a dash of spice to it. Think out-of-the-box and try to do something different to please your partner. During the period around mid-week you will be both romantic and energetic. So, plan a date or something around Wednesday and Thursday to give your love life the much-needed boost. Also, spend quality time with your darling to continue your romantic journey. Consider availing Revive the Spark report to bring back the zing in your relationship.

You will revisit your past time and again during this week, and according to Ganesha, it may affect your present. Spend some time with old friends and associates so that the walks down the memory lane make you feel good and rejuvenated. As far as your love life is concerned, it is likely that you will express yourself quite freely during the first couple of days of the week. The weekend, too, is going to be quite romantic for you, as you will display your wits and make yourself look very attractive. Get Couple Analysis done to know how compatible you and your beloved are.

You may be in two minds about a particular matter as the week beings. Listen to your heart, says Ganesha. If things get too confusing, detach yourself from the subject for some time and analyse your real feelings. The stars suggest that you may go on a date on Wednesday or Thursday and have a wonderful time with this someone special. Whether it is a dinner, a project or a impromptu picnic, you will let your creativity come to the fore and spend memorable moments. During the weekend, it may be difficult for others to keep up with your mood-swings. Try and control your emotional barometer, advises Ganesha. Avail Personal Ask 3 Questions to sort out the issues bothering you.

The week is likely to begin on a good note for enthusiastic and energetic Sagittarius. Since you are in a positive frame of mind, it looks set to be the right time to sort out the issues on the love front. However, don’t think that Ganesha is advising you to push things and rush in the matters of the heart. Slow down and trust your instincts while taking decisions. And if you feel confused, Talk to an Astrologer for 100% personalised astrological guidance. You will communicate with your beloved quite freely; this will increase transparency in your relationship.

Your demand for perfection may make you ignore something exciting on the love front this week. Be open to things that not necessarily fit into your definition of beautiful and alluring, you never know when you may be in for something much better than your expectations. As the week progresses, your love life will get better. Ganesha gives you a green signal and says that you will communicate with your beloved more frequently, as the results will be very exciting. If you are married, avail Marital Problems report as this 100% personalised report; it will help you sort out issues on the marital front. You need to look at things from a fresh perspective to find permanent solutions.

Embrace opportunities that make you interact with people as they will help you expand your social and professional network. If you are single, you might meet someone interesting during such encounters. Know your Love Prospects to get an idea about what you have in store on the love front in the times to come. Those in a relationship will also make their love life exciting during this week. However, matters of the heart may leave you quite perplexed during mid-week and all your efforts to be in control of things are likely to go in vain. So relax, see what the destiny has planned for you. The weekend may be quite action-packed, as you will often find yourself in the limelight. Have a good time!

You may be very tempted to voice your feelings, but Ganesha advises you to show some restraint. Take a look at your love situation more closely and wait for a while before you say anything or take any major decision. If you are single, let people know that you are looking for a companion – you may find a match in the most unexpected manner. Those in a long-term relationship will have to extend emotional support, more than anything else, to their partners. To make love life more beautiful, kindly avail Love Ask 3 Questions report. The weekend may be spent in solitude, on purpose, as you may wish to get a better understanding of things happening around you.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
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