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February 2014 Weekly Love Horoscope – Week 1

February 2014 Weekly Love Horoscope – Week 1

Your Love Stars this week – 2nd February to 8th February 2014

Cosmic Love Vibes

Mercury, the planet of expression and communication, is still retrograde, and you can expect technical glitches to mar your communications with loved ones and even at work. Relax! This is temporary, says Ganesha. Good thing is many of you will be in a mood to express yourself, and shall do so in a new, inventive style. It’s also a good time for expressing something by the way of writing, especially is writing is your strong feature. If not, stay away, though! In love, Ganesha advises you to still hold back plans of something new or risky. Ones already in committed relationships can express their love through gifts, love letters and other forms of written communication, suggests Ganesha. Be careful, though, as chances of misunderstandings cannot be ruled out. Your sexual urges would be intense, but it’s best to stick to known quarters.

The first two days of the week send great vibes for your love life, says Ganesha. Planning a major move in love? Start right away as the week begins! And, this time chances are that you will have a larger picture in mind. You are feeling more stable, and would be thinking long-term, mid-week. And, you will feel all ready to reveal your inner feelings and desires. Yet, remember that Mercury is still retrograde, so it would be best to remain modest and sensitive. Being too intense, right at the beginning, may scare them away! So, go slow! Read more about Aries.

The week’s beginning may not be all that great for making any love or fun plans. You may not be very expressive, plus there may be other things occupying your mind and attention. Why give half-hearted attempts to something as important as love! By mid-week, however, if you are seriously interested, cosmos shall send you some real hints about that special one and their feelings for you, promises Ganesha. Just keep your eyes and ears open! Also, relax, go easy and be more romantic – it’s love…not work, we are talking about. Change your approach this weekend! Read more about Taurus.

Mercury, your Sign’s ruler, is still retrograde, bringing you a new and probably a different way of expression. This week, no wonder, love and friendship shall rely largely on how you handle the expression bit with your beloved. Many of you, in fact, may prefer hanging out with friends rather than going on blind dates, feels Ganesha. Mid-week would be the best time, however, to catch up with that special one. Do that with some flirty, fun poetry, notes or emails, and you may have a winner there. Over the weekend, you would be all set and blazing hot for a fun party. Go out – even if it’s a simple neighbourhood do! Read more about Gemini.

The retrograde Mercury calls for come serious thought and creativity in written communications, and if you manage to do that, you may end up seriously impressing someone. Be sure of telling how deep, profound your feelings are – being your reclusive, quiet self may backfire, though no one is pressing you to be garrulous or preachy. Time from Wednesday afternoon till Friday morning shall be full of love potential – get down to making some real plans, urges Ganesha. Weekend brings a fresh dose of charm your way – employ it to your advantage. Read more about Cancer.

No one dares to call you timid – but this week, the stars urge you to really show how brazen, how intense you can be – to the right one, of course. The moment is not as much for mushy love as it is for some fun, adventure-laden, inventive dating and mingling. Chances are you may end up being alone, especially if you are not yet in a committed relationship, but that should not stop you from having fun, says Ganesha. Weekend too promises some friendly action – there will soon be some romantic action – hang on there. However, if you are with a long-time sweetheart, it’s time to surprise them with a love-ode and cozy candle-lit dinner – intense the better! Read more about Leo.

Work still takes up most of your time, and it’s all about work and planning, as the week unfolds. And, if still love occupies a part of your mind (or heart), keep yourself flexible and ready (also ready to let go of some serious professional time). Too much of a good thing can be…eventually a bad thing, or so they say – don’t let all work make you a dull guy this week, tips Ganesha. And, as Wednesday comes, which is by far the best day of the week, love-wise, bring in a soulful quality to all your communications. The results may be for you to see as the weekend comes – that is when you can put your organisational skills to a good use – plan a super date! Read more about Virgo.

Just like many other Signs, this is not one of your most romantic times. Yet, that should not stop you from some trying! What say? For starters, stay open and positive about all relationship matters – you may have a tendency to be overly critical or too short tempered now. If that’s the case, take a break, especially if your love interest is at work – give them (and yourself) a nice break, suggests Ganesha. Wednesday, which would bring the week’s best love vibes is good for some fun and adventure (approach them a bit differently – that shows that you have missed them). Saturday too has limitless possibilities, though Sunday would be best spent tucked up at home in a duvet for some TLC. Read more about Libra.

Alert – Mercury is still retrograde, and chances of misunderstandings abound, especially when you are trying to talk it out. Relax, and take relationship matters easy, as the week begins. Sadly there’s not much mush in the air. Thankfully, by mid-week, stars shall relent, helping you sort out any communication glitches or spats you may have had with a beloved, promises Ganesha. Say it out – a bit differently, though, than your usual style, and you may hit the right note. Hint – use written communication to your advantage, but stay moderate and modest. Weekend allows you some romantic chance – it’s on you to take them or leave them. Read more about Scorpio.

It’s good news for Archers – love Is in the air for you! Whether you are in a love relationship already or are looking – the Universe shall send your way loads of romantic vibes, helping you take off beautifully. You may try to postpone the date to the weekend for the lack of quality time – but don’t do that – energy is precious right now, especially on Wednesday and Thursday. You may even be musing about the whole thing as the week winds along, says Ganesha. Plan another date as the weekend arrives, and talk it out – tell them what you feel and find what they do! Read more about Sagittarius.

The beginning of the week shall be as mundane as you like – you are a workaholic Capricorn, after all! No? Relax, for as the week progresses, you shall see work getting cleared up, chores getting finished, and thus shall find yourself all ready and prepped up for some real love dose. By Wednesday or Thursday, you shall get great vibes from cosmos in the love domain, especially if you are all love-ready (hint – clear up your work desk by Wednesday afternoon!). You are super attractive now, and your low phase is getting over, for good. Keep your plans flexible, and your mind (and heart) all alert, says Ganesha. You never know what’s in store! Fun, Fun!

The retrograde Mercury encourages you to find your own, unusual way to impress that special someone – as the week begins. This also applies to all creative projects – novel the better shall be your strategy when it’s about communication and expression. Unlike many others, you may not be up to much mid-week, though that should not stop you from going to a no strings date to a museum, an art gallery, even a fun-fair or sorts. Steer clear of all arguments, though! Friday brings back your lost zest, and that is when you can plan some real action. Read more about Aquarius.

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You are quiet, you are reclusive and you are a dreamboat in love – but that doesn’t mean you have to take everything lying down. You don’t do that! Do you? Whatever be the case, certainly don’t do that as the week begins – express and ask. Ask questions, let them know you are interested to know and put your doubts to rest. This will leave you more peaceful mid-week, when the stars relent and bring some mush in the air, points Ganesha. Sunday is your love day this week, and till then build up a slow, sensuous and loving energy. Later, have some splendid fun! Read more about Pisces.

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