Lost Madeleine may be found between Nov 22, 2007 & May 6, 2008

Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, daughter of Kate and Gerry McCann has received international media attention these days. Born on May 12, 2003, Madeleine disappeared from her family’s holiday apartment on May 3, 2007 from Praia Da Luz, Portugal.

Ganesha finds this an interesting news to give his astrological analysis.

Madeleine McCann’s Natal Chart

As the birth time of Madeleine McCann is not available, we consider Surya Kundali i.e. Sun in the first house. In Madeleine McCann’s chart, Stellium of Sun, Venus and Mercury is placed in 1st house, Saturn is placed in 3rd house. Jupiter is placed in 4th house and Moon is placed in 6th house. Ketu and Pluto are placed in 8th house. Mars is placed in 10th house.

In Madeleine McCann’s chart, Exalted Jupiter, Exalted Sun (significator of immune system and health) and Exalted Mars are placed in Angular houses. Saturn is placed in 3rd house of Surya Kundali, which indicates that Madeleine McCann may have long life span, feels Ganesha, but Madeleine McCann has got Moon in 6th house of diseases, which creates “Balarishta Yoga” and effect of this yoga creates health problems or child suffers from some problems during childhood so you should take proper care of your child at least for initial 7 years of your kids. Madeleine McCann has Jalghat Yoga, so she should keep herself away from water, sea and swimming pool till she completes 7.

Madeleine McCann disappeared on 3rd May 2007 from Praia Da Luz, Portugal and as per last photograph was taken by her mother, Kate at 2.29pm (3rd May 2007, 14:29, Praia Da Luz, Portugal), on 3rd May 2007, transiting Moon was aspecting Jupiter. Transiting Moon was in sextile aspect with Natal Moon as well as Natal Jupiter. Moreover, transiting Jupiter is in trine aspect with Natal Jupiter. The horoscope and planetary position of this event reveals that Madeleine is likely to be found.

Madeleine McCann Disappearance moment chart

As per Vedic Prasha Kundali System, (20th November 2007, 13:44, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India). Aquarius Ascendant is rising, which indicaes some delay in matter. Moon in Pisces sign and is in placed in 2nd house. Lord of the 7th house (house of missing person) i.e. Sun is placed in 10th house and is forming Ithashaal Yoga with Moon with 1 Degree tight orb. Moreover, Moon is in applying aspect to Jupiter, which indicates that at present Madeleine is not in any danger and Madeleine McCann would definitely come to home, but lord of the Ascendant i.e. Saturn is placed in 7th house with Ketu and Rahu is placed in 1st house, which indicates that Madeleine may be hurt on forehead or may be unconscious at this time.

Madeleine McCann Disappearance Prashna Kundali

Ganesha feels that in Prashna Kundali chart, lord of the 9th house i.e. Venus is at 18 Degree so there are more chances of her coming home. Ganesha feels that Madeleine is accompanied either by a man with big head or an old man; she could be with a dark-skinned person at this time. Ganesha feels that Madeleine is likely to be found or recovered from places or the person whose name starts with alphabets word M, G, Sha, N, Y, Kha, J, T and from North-West Directions. Ganesha feels that Madeleine is also likely to be found from places which are nearer to water, river or sea.

Ganesha believes that as per Madeleine’s Surya Kundali, transiting Jupiter will pass through 5th house and will be in trine aspect with lord of the Ascendant i.e. Sun as well as Ascendant, which indicates that Madeleine is also likely to be found between November 22, 2007 and May 6, 2008. Since Jupiter is in Sagittarius, we may receive some positive news during the said phase.

May lord Ganesha bless Madeleine with good luck.

Ganesha’s Grace,
Hitendrra H Thakor,

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