Predictions Land Purchasing rules as per vaastu

Land Purchasing rules as per vaastu

During the ancient days, the color of the soil was selected as per the Varna, or Cast. White soil is good for the Brahmans, red for the Kshatriyas, yellow for the Vaisyas and black for sudras. It was advised to dig 12 ft down. If the soil is black up to 3 ft down and white or red below that, the land is suitable.

Soil & land: While purchasing land, it is ideal to buy land that can be cultivated, i.e., where the vegetation can grow. Land with too many rocks, worms, bones and thorny trees are not considered good. If it is high at the center and sloping towards the sides, it is not good.

Black and clayey soil is not good for building. If the soil is crumbly rock, money comes without effort. Yellow soil is ideal for the business community.

The materials that come up during the excavation for construction are indicators of the following results:

1 Stone Increase of wealth
2 Bricks All types of wealth and prosperity in future
3 Copper or Metals Prosperous life
4 Coal Sickness and loss of wealth
5 Bones of animals Obstacles to progress
6 Snake or Scorpion Fear of these animals and obstruction to building’s progress
7 Anthill, Termites Destruction of wealth, reduction in longivity of life
8 Straw, eggs Death, Unnecessary expenses
9 Cotton Sorrow
10 APieces of wood DHas to abondon the house and run away
11 Skull Unwanted quarrels, litigation
12 Horns of cow Wealth and prosperity
13 Gold, Silver, Coins All type of comforts
14 Zinc, Brass pieces Fortune and comforts
15 Rags (torn clothes) Quarrels and fights
16 Iron or steel pieces Death

Before you buy a plot /building, check the following conditions as per Vastu Shastra Rules:

  • Rocky, non cultivable land is not good.
  • Yellow colour soil is good for business class.
  • Plots/buildings sold by rich people for reasons other then misfortune & poverty is good. Sale by distressed, unfortunate people should be avoided.
  • Rectangular plot with long north to south is better then long east to west.
  • Wider front gate & narrow end is not good. Narrow front with wide back is good.
  • A small sized plot between two bigger plots is not good.
  • Reject any site with well towards North or East.
  • If your plot is not rectangular see that at least South East and South West Corners have a 90 degrees angle.
  • Except in North East, if your land is elongated towards any other side it is not good.
  • Never buy a plot which is cut on the North East corner.
  • If North East corner of the plot is extended it is very good.
  • The plots should not be in the neighborhood of any religious place, public places, like marriage halls, hospitals, courts, factories, police stations and burial or cremation grounds.
  • The South or West of the plot must be higher than North and East. If it is not, you should be able to make it so by filling and putting more earth on the same. If it is not possible, you should not buy the plot.
  • If you are making an underground tank for water storage in your house, locate it in the North Eastern corner of your house. Municipal water supply should also start from North East direction of the house.
  • Southern side road is not considered to be very good.
  • Northern side road is good.
  • A road on the Western side is reasonable.
  • A stream of filthy water in front of your house, factory or office is a clear loss of wealth. Even stationary dirty water is bad.
  • Do not use any material from an old building in a new building.
  • Circular, oval, triangular plots are not good.
  • Gate of the plot on the North, North East or the East is very good.

Ganesha advises to perform Bhumi Pujan within 21 days after purchasing the land and your land or property should be purchased as per your Vastu Consultant advice. While entering the home, one must do Vaastu Shanti or Vaastu Pujan correctly. After doing Vaastu Pujan, one must enter the house within 21 days. To energize environment of your home and business places, Yantras, Mantras and Pyramids are extremely advantageous as per your Astrologer’s advice.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,