Lunar Eclipse 2023 - Know the date, Sutak period and measures to avoid the side effects of eclipse

Lunar Eclipse 2023 - Know the date, Sutak period and measures to avoid the side effects of eclipse

When will be the first Chandra Grahan of 2023? Know its Sutak period and measures to avoid the side effects of eclipse

According to Indian astrology, an eclipse is an important event. Both lunar and solar eclipse have direct and indirect effects on any person. Here we will talk about the lunar eclipse 2023. In the year 2023, the first lunar eclipse will happen in the month of May. Know its date, Sutak Kaal and easy ways to avoid side effects of eclipse.

When will lunar eclipse 2023 happen

The first lunar eclipse of the year 2023 will happen on Friday, May 5, 2023. The eclipse will start at 8.45 pm. The time of complete eclipse will be for about 10.53 minutes and the eclipse will end at 1 pm. This eclipse will last for a total of 4 hours 15 minutes.

What will be the Sutak period of eclipse

The Sutak period of the eclipse starts about 9 hours before, but the first lunar eclipse of 2023 will not be visible in India, so its Sutak period will not be valid in India. For the people of India, the Sutak period of the eclipse has no meaning.

Will be important from an astrological point of view, the Lunar eclipse may not be visible in India, but it will have astrological importance. Moon and Ketu will be together on the day of the lunar eclipse. At the same time, big planets like Guru and Sun are also with Rahu at the time of lunar eclipse. There Venus and Mars are together. The most interesting thing here is that on the day of lunar eclipse 2023, all the planets will be opposite to each other.

Will be with the opposite planet. However, the planet Saturn will remain in its zodiac sign Aquarius. Nevertheless, due to all the planets being with the opposite planets, there will be challenges in the lives of common people. During this, some astrological measures can save you from the side effects of an eclipse. As a remedy, you should eat at one time on the day of eclipse. Along with this, do take some important measures.

Measures to avoid the side effects of lunar eclipse 2023

1) On the day of lunar eclipse, you can chant some mantras related to Lord Shiva and Moon-

– Om Namah Shivay Mantra

– Om Hrim Chandraya Namah

– Om Ain Klein Somaya Namah

– Om Som Somaya Namah

– Om Shree Shree Shree Sah Chandramse Namah

– Om Chandraya Namah

These measures will also reduce the side effects of lunar eclipse

After the eclipse, anoint Lord Shiva with Panchamrit the next day. Also perform Jalabhishek of Lord Shiva with the mantra given below. This will open the doors of your success.

Dadhi Shankha Tusha Rabham Kshirod Arnav Sambhavam. Namami Shashinam Som Shambhormukut Bhushan.

Donate white clothes, silver, ghee, milk, pearls, oysters, conch shells, rice and camphor.

– Install Chandra Yantra in your home and worship it after the eclipse.

– One can recite Shivmahimna Stotra and Chandra Kavach during and after the eclipse.

Distribute milk and white sweets made of milk to needy children.

– After the eclipse, you can recite Sarpa Suktam in Lord Shiva’s temple.

After the eclipse, taking a bath with frankincense mixed water will remove Rahu’s pain.

However, all these remedies should be done only after consulting an expert astrologer.

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