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Everyone is blessed with certain level of smartness, and they use it for making decisions in life. Every decision in life is a bargain / Trade off. This tradeoff turns out to be worthy for some or a big loss for some others.

A right tradeoff (decision) happens to turn an underprivileged into a highly privileged, and a wrong one converts a highly privileged into an underprivileged. A person with right value system and mental  balance, through his behavior / actions under given circumstances can control the intensity of this gain or loss; for the unbalanced it’s a downward spiral!

It is this decision making process where the stars (astrology) play their role. They influence the decisions making of an individual under given circumstances as they highly influence the energy levels of the mind and the body based on their transits and placement in one’s horoscope.

Karma and Astrology, how are they interrelated?

All the people and circumstances that one encounters in the journey of life just happen to be the means for one’s rise or fall, and this encounters are aptly governed by the theory of Karma (Karmic connections)! The life span of all relations in one’s life is decided by the Karmic Connections that are born out of Karmic transactions that one had with the related person in their present or past life.

The science of astrology helps one interpret their Karma as our Vedic science believes that the placement of favourable and unfavorable stars in ones horoscope is based on one’s Karmic balance (unaccounted good and bad Karma of past life).

Hence, as wise men always say, “What you sow, so shall you reap”. So always watch your actions / Karma because….. the Universe is keeping a watch over it; and it will come back to you, if not in this birth then the next, in the form of favourable and unfavorable stars placement in your horoscope! 🙂

This is how Astrology and Karma are interrelated! Astrology is the interpretation of your unaccounted Karmas of the past. The science of Astrology is a guiding factor which, based on the placement of stars in your horoscope gives an overview of possible events that may occur in your life. An expert Astrologer can help one interpret the possible events that may occur in his or her life.

So when things go wrong in your life, don’t blame people or situations; be rest assured, its your karmas! And yes, now that you know the relationship between Karma and Astrology, do look forward to Astrology for finding the unanswered answers. It will certainly play a guiding role and may help you mitigate your problems.

The remedies suggested by astrology cannot alter the events that are bound to occur in one’s life, but can certainly give an individual the mental strength and balance for making rational decisions under given circumstances. The quantum of benefits and loses fairly depend on one’s free will actions. Astrology based guidance and remedies can help rationalize ones thought process and free will actions under given circumstances. So, do benefit from our ancient vedic science form i.e. Astrology!

Astrology may have answers to your unanswered problems regarding Love, Marriage, Relationship, Career, Job, Finance, Business, Foreign Travel,  Health and Academics.

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