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The King of Planets – Atmakaraka

The King of Planets – Atmakaraka

According to Vedic Astrology, each planet influences the native to a certain degree in positive and negative ways. Each planet signifies some aspect of life. This is termed as Karaka. There are seven Karakas identified by the astrologers. But it is believed that the planets Rahu and Ketu cannot have any karaka because it signifies salvation or liberation. Of all the karakas, the Atmakaraka planet is in the highest degree. The different karakas are:

  • Atma karaka, the indicator of self.
  • Amatya karaka, the indicator of career.
  • Bhratu karaka, the indicator of siblings and father
  • Matru karaka, the indicator of mother and education
  • Putra karaka, the indicator of children, intelligence and creativity
  • Gnati karaka, the indicator of strife, disease, and spiritual sadhana
  • Dara karaka, the indicator of marriage and partnership

The Atmakaraka planet in the birth chart is the one that has the greatest longitude. Out of the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or Rahu, anyone can be the Atmakaraka Planet in the kundali of the native.

Role of Atmakaraka Planet

As mentioned above, Atmakaraka planet is a king among the planets. The position of Atmakaraka planet in the horoscope plays a vital role. The house in the birth chart in which Atmakaraka planet is positioned should be given special attention. This house becomes the main house as it is responsible for all the karmic experiences. Atmakaraka planet anticipates about the development of soul during the life. The native’s soul and Karma are defined by the Atmakaraka planet which shows the cumulative karmas of the native.

If the Atmakaraka in the kundli is strong, it helps the other karakas in the chart to produce good results. It helps to reduce the adverse effects of the weaker planets. But if the Atmakaraka is weak, the strongest and the most benefic planets also might not be able to give the best result.

Planets as Atmakaraka and its effect

As mentioned above, every planet except Ketu can become Atmakaraka, but each will have its own influence on the native. Let us find out what happens when a particular planet takes up the role of Atmakaraka planet.

  • The Sun as Atmakaraka: It gifts the native with power, position and respect in society. It also instils and imbibes humility in the native. The native will have to learn to suppress his ego.
  • The Moon as Atmakaraka: These individuals give great importance to family and social life. They turn out to be extremely caring and compassionate. A possessive and protective attitude may become an obstacle in their happy life.
  • Mars as Atmakaraka: Such people are aggressive and too competitive. They are short tempered and may also turn out to be violent. They need to tone down their temperament and get into playful and friendly matches. Also read how Mars Transit 2019 in Libra can affect you.
  • Mercury as Atmakaraka: The native shall not have control over their words while conversing with others. They can be good orators or have an ability to debate but still need to think wisely before speaking anything.
  • Jupiter as Atmakaraka: Such people should learn to respect their spouse and teachers. They need to learn to respect others’ opinions and thoughts. Failing to follow this may result in separation from close and loved ones.
  • Venus as Atmakaraka: These people over indulge in a relation. They often face intimacy issues in personal life as they are sexually energetic and may be involved in illegitimate sex.
  • Saturn as Atmakaraka: Such people face a lot of challenges in life. They should learn to understand the sorrows of others and help them in such difficult times. They should also try not to become a reason of grief for anyone.


According to the Vedic Astrology, every individual is reborn to attain and realize the unaccomplished desires of the previous lives. When the Atmakaraka planet is realised, then the bondage and Moksha can be determined. If the Atmakaraka is in favour, the native experiences positive influence of the planets and all the work is completed. On the other hand, if it is not in favour, the completion of work becomes difficult. The native may take some wrong decisions. The soul is meant to meet with God and attain salvation. So, it is believed that the Atmakaraka Planet provides Moksha. But the mere presence of Atmakaraka in the kundali will not be enough to provide moksha. One has to take steps towards it by leading a satvik life and dharmik life.

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