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Karma and our Destiny – The Mysterious Connection Explained

  • We have heard and read a lot about various types of Karmas.
  • Here’s presenting some descriptions to clear the meanings of various types of Karmas:

1) Kriyamana Karma:

This is the Karma you do in the present and whose result you get immediately.
Example –
a) You feel thirsty and drink a glass of water and satisfy your thirst.
b) You abuse a person and get a slap in return.
c) You buy the ticket from the booking counter and watch the movie show.

2) Sanchit Karma:

Certain Kriyamana Karma which you may have done in the past for which you did not get the result at that point of time, falls under this category. also certain Kriyamana Karma you do now for which you may not get the result immediately, falls in this category. These Karmas get accumulated and await the fructification of their results in the time to come, sooner or later, in this janma or next, or maybe in some distant janma.
Example –
a) You eat a snack on a roadside eatery but develop stomach ache in the evening.
b) You appear for examinations now whose results will come after 3 months.
c) You hurt someone through an evil, intended or unintended action for which you may suffer in future.

3) Prarabdha Karma:

This is the part of Sanchit Karmas for which we have to pay for (in the form of a punishment) or either we get rewarded in this particular Birth itself.
This can be further divided into 2 types –
a) Dridha Karmas: Ones for which there is no escape from punishment. (Example- Being born lame, blind, in poor family, with one parent absent, a cruel wife, some painful/chronic disease etc.)
b) Adridha Karmas: Ones from which we can escape the punishment or reduce the effect or intensity of it, by doing the relevant remedial measures.

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