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Know How Will Saturn Ketu Jupiter Conjunction Change Your Life

Saturn, the planet of karma, patience and perseverance, is transiting Sagittarius sign. While transiting Sagittarius, it is moving in the Purvashada Nakshatra, which is considered very auspicious. A big planetary movement, Rahu Ketu transit will commence from 7th March, 2019 and ends on 23rd September, 2020. There will be crucial conjunction of planets as Ketu will join Saturn on 7th March 2019 and Jupiter will join the duo on 30th March 2019 in Sagittarius. This conjunction may trigger significant developments in the lives of people.

Consequently, you may inculcate courage, determination, ambition. At the same time, you will develop faith, devotion and a philosophical approach towards life. It will make you optimistic even in the hard times. You will put on the attitude, “JUST DO IT AND WIN”

Find out the other changes which your life will witness due to this conjunction. Read on:

If you haven’t grown much, you are all set to bloom. Those who are deserving are bound to increase their fame. Selfless service will be well rewarded. At the same time, you will hide emotions and motives on the ongoing issues. You may also feel a push towards Occult practices.

Saturn will unfold the mysteries of life for you. It will make you undertake sadhanas (spiritual practices). You may also undertake foreign travel. Besides, love for water, beauty and creativity is likely to increase. You may experience a push for professions like Writing, Art, Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Tarot Card reading, Psychic Reading, Navy, Pilot, Air Force (Air Hostess), Research Work and Spirituality. Are you anxious to know about your career? Buy the Career Report 1 Year.


Ketu will be joining Saturn on 7th March. This planetary movement will create an urge to start something new, maybe some project or venture. You may also experience emotional turbulence during this phase. Ketu will turn you more inward looking. You may analyse your self and then do your karma.

Jupiter will join the other two planets on 30th March 2019. You may desire a Guru or spiritual guide. This will make you feel like a different individual, you may develop saintly qualities.

You will desire higher learning and wish to attain knowledge to understand life in a better manner. You may desire to open charitable institutions, orphanages, old age homes, educational institutions, temples, other religious places, etc.

You will take up the tasks which were left uncompleted by your Pitras (Forefathers). You may also complete your unfinished karmic desires. This step may help you as your departed ancestors will shower you with grace and grandeur. Besides, for you, the meaning and understanding of relationships will take a new and different turn, more so with your parents or children. Many joint families will turn into nuclear families as the meaning of relationship will change. Is any issue troubling you? Get it answered, access the Ask A Question Report.


The conjunction of Saturn, Jupiter and Ketu will present a time frame wherein you should attend “God’s Call” and work towards the following maxim, ‘Spread happiness and joy everywhere, learn the art of giving.’ You will get the benefits of your past good karma.

This time is the best for spiritual growth. You may read mythological books and interpret them in your own way. You may understand the real meaning of Bhagavad Gita, which is, “Soul is Always Present it never dies it just changes clothes in different incarnations.”

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