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Jupiter Retrograde 2019: Effects of Jupiter Retrograde In Scorpio

Jupiter Retrograde 2019: Effects of Jupiter Retrograde In Scorpio

Planet Jupiter (Guru) began its transit in Sagittarius on March 30, 2019. Jupiter will be in a retrograde motion between April and August 2019. Jupiter will start its retrograde motion in Sagittarius on Wednesday, 10th April 2019 and end on Monday 22nd April, 2019.

On Tuesday, 23rd April 2019, Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio will occur and this retrograde motion will end when Jupiter becomes progressive on Sunday, 11th August 2019 in Scorpio sign. Thus, you can see some changes in your life due to the effects of Jupiter retrograde 2019.

Jupiter will re-enter Sagittarius on Tuesday, 5th November 2019. These is how Jupiter (the planet of luck) will transit and retrograde in the current year.

Jupiter is the chief planet in the planetary cabinet. It is also known as Jeev, Angirta, Vachaspati, Brihaspati, Tridivesh and Sadguru. Jupiter is a largest planet of solar system, and is the ruler of wisdom, generosity, kindness and during the retrogression phase, it gives mixed results. It takes 13 months to complete one sign (rashi) in astrological cycle. It is the lord of Punarvasu, Vishakha and Purva Bhadrapad constellations.

Now, Jupiter retrograde 2019 in Scorpio will begins on 23rd April 2019 and ends on 11th August 2019. The Jupiter Retrograde can create adverse effects in the fields of education, philosophy, finance, money and spirituality. Moreover, there may be blocks in fortune and our intuition may not work as effectively as it would during a normal phase. You will have to keep a control on your expenses. It is likely to have a big influence on the all moon signs. These are just some of the general indications, find out what Ganesha feels about the 12 Signs.

Retrograde Jupiter In 8th House

The Jupiter retrograde 2019 will transit in the 8th House for the natives of Aries sign. This phase may not give you many benefits. You should take good care of your health to avoid problems in the future. Your relationship with your in-laws will require tactful planning. Your physical intimacy with your partner may become less intense, even then you will share a good bonding with your partner. Your income is unlikely to increase and issues related to inheritance will demand more attention.

Retrograde Jupiter In 7th House

The Guru retrograde transit will take place in the 7th House for the natives of Taurus sign. This Jupiter retrograde 2019 time period may not be favourable to you. Your personal and professional partnerships will demand more attention. Your married life will remain disturbed, you may have arguments with your life partner over small and petty issues. You will need to take good care of your health as your laziness may invite health issues. Be very careful while dealing with joint ventures or else you may get into problems as per the impact of retrograde Jupiter. Know how will Jupiter’s transit impact your life. Buy online transits report.

Retrograde Jupiter In 6th House

The Jupiter retrograde 2019 will transit in the 6th House. This planetary position will render average results to those who are born in the Gemini sign. You may face challenges while you try to procure contracts or projects at the workplace. You may also face other difficulties in your professional life. You may get more aware of your health. Besides, may have to go away from your lover or spouse, as per Jupiter transit 2019 predictions.

Retrograde Jupiter In 5th House

Jupiter retrograde 2019 will take place in the 5th House for the natives of Cancer sign. This planetary position will give you good results. At the workplace, you may face troubles from your seniors and this may impact your performance. You are likely to enjoy good health. You may also get an opportunity to go abroad. You may get inclined towards spirituality and may attend religious events. You may organise religious ceremonies at your home. You should try to avoid unnecessary expenses You will be required to pay more attention to your romantic life, as per retrograde Jupiter effects.

Retrograde Jupiter In 4th House

The Jupiter retrograde in the 4th House will bring good results for Leo natives. There may be a lot of confusion in your relationship with your spouse. Your financial situation will remain steady, however, you may not get the desired profit from an investment made in the past. You will have to be active and avoid lethargy or else it may impact your performance. Avoid making hasty decisions while dealing with buying or selling the property. You will need to spend on an overseas trip in accordance with Jupiter retrograde 2019 results.

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Retrograde Jupiter In 3rd House

Jupiter retrograde 2019 for Virgo sign will be in the 3rd House. It means a favourable situation for you. You may become a bit more religious. Your bonding with your father may improve. You may get a chance to travel abroad. There will be smooth sailing in your marital life. At work, your rapport with your superiors will improve. Stay attentive and alert while taking important decisions to avoid making a big mistake. You may get into property disputes, foresees Ganesha.

Retrograde Jupiter In 2nd House

The Jupiter retrograde 2019 for the people born under the Libra sign in the 2nd House will bring mixed results. Despite having a good inflow of money, you may feel stressed due to diverse requirements. You may face difficulties at work which may be challenging. You will find positive developments in your business or career. Investment of any kind should be done only after careful consideration. Your spouse will demand more attention. You may go on a short trip to an interesting place.

Retrograde Jupiter In 1st House

Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio in the Ascendant / 1st house will be favourable for Scorpio sign natives. You will be good at performing the responsibilities entrusted upon you. However, you will feel emotionally drained, you may also think that you have been taken for granted by someone. This may make you feel powerless. Your married life will be peaceful and filled with love as per Jupiter retrograde 2019. You may get to travel abroad on a short trip. Besides, you will be required to maintain strict discipline in order to keep your health proper.

Retrograde Jupiter In 12th House

The Jupiter retrograde 2019 in the 12th House indicates unfavourable times for the natives of Sagittarius sign. Your expenses may rise mainly on religious activities or health. Stay very cautious while making investments. You will need to take good care of your health. You will not get the expected amount while buying or selling a property. You will face a lot of competition at work, but you may be able to overcome it with diligence. You may not get your expected monetary benefits, which may disappoint you.

Retrograde Jupiter In 11th House

2019 Jupiter retrograde for the Capricorn sign in the 11th House will require them to be careful while handling social relationships. You are likely to face challenges and obstacles as you try to grow your finances. At work, your seniors may not give you the expected support. You will feel lethargic and lazy to accomplish your work. You will be required to give more to your relationship with elder siblings.

Retrograde Jupiter In 10th House

The Jupiter retrograde will move over the 10th House for the people born under the Aquarius sign. You will witness a favourable time frame. In the midst of problems, you will find opportunities for growth in your profession. But some old issues might resurface, which may require your attention. This may be an excellent time to organise your work as the time is not so encouraging for expansion. There may be some differences between you and your father but it will get resolved soon as per Jupiter retrograde 2019. It’s also a good time to restructure your investments and financial strategies.

Retrograde Jupiter In 9th House

The Jupiter retrograde 2019 will be moving over the 9th House for the people born under the Pisces sign. You are to get mixed results as a result of this transit. You may even face health issues. You may become more cautious towards your health & fitness, thus you may adopt a more effective health regime. You will perform better at work and may also get involved in other activities. Besides, you will need to make a short trip for work and this journey may get difficult. However, this period will prove beneficial if you are planning to restructure your business.

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