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Jupiter and Rahu Conjunction in Aries: How Will It Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

Jupiter and Rahu Conjunction in Aries: How Will It Affect Your Zodiac Sign?

The transiting Jupiter and Rahu will be conjunct in Aries Sign during 22 April 2023 to 30 October 2023. Let’s see the major impact of this transit on various Moon Signs

During this period, the spirit that drives and motivates you to move out beyond the routine grind will come up strongly. It will offer you hope and optimism which will fuel your drive to expand your horizon. But, in this process you may face some resistance from others. On a personal & marital front, this time will require patience. So, slow down and be attentive. There could be some niggling pains or old health problems may bother you. Omkar Meditation will help you work more efficiently and productively.

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This transit shall remain average for you. You will need to take proper care of your health. Working professionals may get a chance to visit a foreign country. Increasing expenses can stress you. Also, some financial worries may disturb your peace of mind and hence risk taking tendencies should be curbed totally. Some long-distance travel can be seen during transit. This mixed period is ideal for developing future plans and strategies to achieve long term goals in job. Moreover, hasty decisions will come back and haunt you, therefore, avoid making impulsive decisions.

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This transit will remain favorable for you. You will find happiness in your relationship. Earlier conflicts or disagreements will tend to resolve. Your awaited wishes can be fulfilled in this period. You can travel for leisure or recreation. Health will also remain good during this transit. This period may introduce you to someone with whom you may wish to develop a long term meaningful relationship. You may observe a sudden increase in your religious or spiritual beliefs during this periood and you would also be benefited from pious deeds.

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This period would be all about accomplishing goals and realization of ambitions. With a more focused and practical approach, you would be able to progress rapidly at all fronts. Also, be prepared to get new assignments and responsibilities, which would result into pleasant accomplishments. Recognition and success would now come at a faster pace and this will inspire you to perform even better. Your creative pursuits will now yield instant results and the ideas will get converted into action in an even faster manner, and this would be because of the better executive abilities.

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During this phase, your focus would be on networking, socializing and assimilating ideas and different concepts from other people. You stand to gain strongly from socializing and this may also bring a lot of opportunities your way. This period will also present you with opportunities and avenues to attract quick gains. You would impress others with your quick responses, sharp grasping and amazing observation. The pace at which gains would be coming in or the quick appreciation that you would be getting from the people around you will bring a lot of happiness. This phase would be conducive for career planning and to make strategies for your future course. Purchase The Career Prospects Report And Avail Career Advice

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In most cases, you will feel lazy and lethargic. So, you will need to channelise your energy by yoga, meditation or some physical exercise. Proper diet will also be needed this time around. Financial tasks will need proper vigilance. This period may also provoke you to make investments in risky instruments. So, kindly control your emotions and implusions. On the whole, the job may seem demanding and business may look tough. The period is opportune to accomplish your spiritual goals.

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You may also have an acute desire to find a loving partner with whom you can share your feelings. But, circumstances will not allow you to settle down in a meaningful relationship. Existing relationships will also see distances and new relationships will not work in your favor as one or the other issues may continue to disturb the harmony. During this period, you need to observe strict discipline in all works to succeed. Any laxity at work will harm your long term prospects.

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The projects that you are to work upon or the projects that you start will surely succeed. However, you will have to be very target oriented. You will become popular in society. Others will expect a lot from you on the professional/business front. On some days, negative thinking could also affect health adversely. You should try to avoid taking on more laborious projects. It will be a good time for you to amuse yourself and revitalize your energies and your feelings.

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Your need to love and to be loved will manifest strongly. This transit is good at the relationship front and lovers will experience a good period and better understanding during this period. This transit is also good for married people. Those who are not in the relationship may get an opportunity to enter into a relationship. For the natives who are planning to get married may come across with someone special. Financial scenario of this period will be much better and satisfactory. Major days of this period denote an excellent period to reap the fruits for your persistent efforts for a long time.

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Under this transit, you could become somewhat aggressive and hasty in attitude and that might cause problems in your life. Conflicts with your near and dear ones could also lead you towards some distress. You might be struggling to complete your task within the deadline. Hectic work schedule might strain your nerves. Health-wise, this period presents a rather not so comfortable proposition. Some unwanted thoughts could bother you in the latter parts of this transit.

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You will be able to do something more constructive now. You will combine your intellect & hard work to reach a better stage at the occupational front. This is a good time to recover pending payments and also to make extra money. You might try to push your limits by working harder in the areas of life necessary but to maintain energy levels, you will need to remain relaxed and must have sound sleep too. Overall, planetary forces will bring some profitable results for your financial prospects.

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During this period, you should continue to work optimistically to achieve desired success in all spheres of life. This period, you will focus only on finances and family related matters. Either you will find new sources of income, or you may come across opportunities to earn the same. You will think practically, and shall manage to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Keep your expectations low, and avoid taking short-cuts. If you currently are not involved with anyone, it is quite possible that you may develop strong attraction and attachment for someone. Read more about Pisces.

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