Jet-Sahara row: Arbitration panel begins hearing today

The clash between Jet Airways and Air Sahara has entered a crucial stage, with the arbitration panel slated to start the final hearing from Tuesday. Numerologically, Air Sahara’s total is 8 and Total of Jet Airways is 7. Both these numbers are incompatible; this is the reason of conflict. Moreover, the current year 2007 is ruled by Mars. Air Sahara is ruled by Saturn and Jet Airways is ruled by Ketu or Neptune. Hearing is to start from 10th April 2007. Total of this date is 5 i.e. Mercury, which is a favourable day to begin settlement of legal matters signified by Mercury. Considering Horary Chart and Numerological calculations, Ganesha feels that both parties might have to go for compromise. It will be better not to stretch this conflict for a longer time, advises Ganesha as Mercury is debilitated at present.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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