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It’s Ramadan – can you stay away from the food?

It’s Ramadan – can you stay away from the food?

After the month of Shravan, during which Hindus have performed many religious rituals and ceremonies, it’s Ramadan, the month of Islamic religious observances. This is the month when Koran was revealed. Derived from an Arabic term, Ramadan signifies intense heat, arid ground and dearth of rations. Muslims across the world follow the practices like prayers, fasting, charity and self-accountability at this time. Other religious observances associated with Ramadan are also kept throughout the month.

The most challenging practice during the month is the daytime fasting. From the crack of the dawn to dusk, Muslims around the world practice fast. However, those who cannot keep themselves from good food for the whole day toss down some nourishment and do not keep fast.

Ganesha finds it very interesting to write about how much each Sun Sign fights the food, specifically when it comes to observe fast. On the occasion of Ramadan, Ganesha would like to throw light on this subject.

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Aries is a fire sign with strong appetite. They can readily agree to observe fast but as day progresses; they may feel hungry and may also try to take some liberty! Ganesha feels that they may give up any moment of the day, unless they are challenged. In short, they have less capacity of observing fast.

Taurus is fixed and earth sign with strong determination. It rules throat and voice. They are generally fond of yummies. It may be very hard on them if they have to observe fast but if it adds to their virtue or if it is benefiting them in some or the other manner, they can surely observe fast. Once they have decided to observe fast, no one can change their mind. They do have capacity to strive without food.

Gemini is Air sign, fond of variety of food and variety in general. They will not mind observing fast provided they are given lots of options like potato chips, various fruits and other items. Despite having so many options, they can change their mind any moment and break the fast or you may find them looking for something in the fridge. Alternatively, they can go for a long drive and have food on the way – then they will have an excuse `what to do, I was so tired of driving, had to have some food you know!’

Cancerians can observe fast provided they are fully agreed to the idea of observing fast. Food is their Achilles heel because Cancer is watery sign ruled by Moon. Cancerians can be greedy for delicious food and change their mind immediately if they have some guests coming home or if they are invited at party on the day they are observing fast. In short, it might be very difficult for them to remain hungry and they will always be looking for excuses to eat delicious food to full stomach.

Leos will be ready to observe fast provided they are offered every facility to observe it. Here, facility means they might not do any household activity that day, they will need fruits that they like the most. They will prefer to watch favourite TV shows or entertainment programmes to divert their mind. Unless they are given all the facilities that can inspire them to observe fast, they may not agree. They can be very firm in their decisions and once they agree to observe fast, it may become prestige issue for them; however they have less capacity to observe whole day fast so may require fruits or other items as support system.

Virgos may love to observe fast because they are health cautious. They may not necessarily be religiously inclined to greater extent but the idea behind observing fast is they love to maintain good health and appetite. They can keep fast without any hassles in whichever manner suggested by religions or Doctors. Be it for any purpose, they will not say `no’ to fast. Virgo being methodical and organized sign will be able to handle the fast in best manner.

Librans can observe fast without much of arguments, because they believe in balanced diet. Only weak point is if someone invites them to a party in a five star hotel, it may be very hard for them to resist. Their basic qualities of balancing will help them if they are observing fast but Ganesha has observed that as soon as the fast reaches `out time’, they will start looking for the food they can have! In short, to maintain balance, they will be able to remain hungry but that does not mean that they have good capacity to stay hungry.

Scorpians can hardly observe fast, unless it is a must. Even when doctor suggests them to avoid specific food, it would be difficult for them to resist against it. Ganesha thinks that unless they are challenged by someone, they might not observe fast. Being fixed sign, they have capacity to stick to their decisions once they are firm enough to observe fast. They don’t like to, but they might.

Sagittarians love freedom in all areas of life so they would prefer liberty from such activities. However, they are religious and carry `fear of God’ so as a remedial measure to particular problem, they might observe fast. If they are religiously inclined, they might prefer to observe fast but generally they will not commit on this. Ganesha feels that to convince them to observe fast, you need to instil `God’s fear’ or some religious approach in them.

Practical and hard working Capricornians find it difficult to observe fast because hard working people normally feel much hunger. They can be practical and observe fast for betterment of health, there is no doubt about it. They would demand fruits and other tasty items if they are observing fast but they would do it religiously once committed.

Aquarians may refrain from observing fast and if at all they observe, they will need to have lot of water. In case if they have to observe fast for someone else’s sake, they might do it but for their own well being, they will hardly observe, says Ganesha. They will prefer to have fruit juice and milk more than usual whenever they observe fast.

Pisceans can readily agree to idea of observing fast. They may provide other family members with the freedom if they don’t want to observe fast but they themselves are so religious and honest to such activities that they will do it sincerely. Ganesha feels that they will be `well equipped’ in such a situation. They will have fruit, juice, milk and other food that one can keep handy. In short, because they believe in sacrificing (by nature), they will find it very easy to observe fast for any reason.

Good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless all of you with good food although you are observing fast.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni,