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It’s May, the month of melancholy and merriment

It’s May, the month of melancholy and merriment

And the lusty month of May comes here! The month when we are lost, when we want to get stolen, when we think a little wickedly. Planetary Symphony is also very interesting in this month. Saturn is moving direct at the beginning of the month. Mars is entering fiery sign Leo. It’s the month of practical approach towards life. Some people may experience strong drive for money and some may have a laid-back attitude. Some may feel that it’s all over and some may feel that ‘O wow, what a wonderful beginning!’ It’s also month of enthusiasm, lots of social and professional activities and communication.

However, whether these planetary changes are working in your favour or not; that will depend on your Sun Sign. For example, if you have Taurian friends, you don’t need to pay the damage wherever you go. But if your friends are Scorpians and Virgos, they will be tight-fisted. Love may blossom in the life of all Earth Signs. Fiery signs are likely to remain over-active. Air Signs may feel strong need to communicate and may remain constantly busy over the phone calls or SMS.

Well, this is just a general overview of the month. Other factors also play important role when planets come into picture. If you are a Cardinal Sign, your experience may be
different. If you are born with Mutable sign, you may face different issues and if you are born with a Fixed Sign, the outlook of this month may be different for you. Still, one thing is sure for everyone – it’s time to rejuvenate your life.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni

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