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Israel’s attack on lebanon – Astro Analysis

Israel’s attack on lebanon – Astro Analysis

The facts Israel’s president Moshe Katsav is born on 05th Nov, 1945, Israel’s Prime minister Ehud Olmert is born on 30th Sep, 1945, Simon Peres Israel’s deputy Prime Minister is born on 16th Aug, 1923. Israel’s independence declaration from UK was done on 14th May, 1948.

Lebanese president Emile Lahoud is born on 12th Jan, 1936 and Lebanese Armed Forces General Michel Sulaiman is born on 21st Jan, 1948. Lebanon’s independence was recognised on 22nd November, 1943.

Hezbollah chief Hasan Nazrallah is born on 31th Aug, 1960.
The begining According to Lebanese independence chart, Saturn’s transit over Natal North Node was in degreecal conjunction and this marked the start of the conflict with Hezbollah
kidnapping two Israeli Soldiers and killing eight of them. Israel retalliated on 17th July,
2006 in line with Mars transit on Natal Mars in Israels birth chart. This happened when Mars was in Leo, the fiery sign ruled by Sun. Mars is the planet of energy and agression.

Natal Saturn in cancer for Moshe Katsav(Israel’s president), Ehud Olmert(Israel’s prime minister) in Israel’s independence declaration and Michel Sulaiman and Saturn’s transit in Cancer in trine with North Node can be considered a catalyst for this conflict. To add fuel to fire, Simon Peres has an explosive combination of Sun and Mars in Cancer.

What about Hezbollah
Hasan Nazrallah, Hezbollah’s leader has a powerful Stellium in Leo with Sun, Mercury and North node in it. The conflict started after Mars entered Leo. The period starting August 5th till 17th August, 2006 will be eventful for him.

Not available Done Done Pending

According to planetary transits, there are chances for the conflict to get resolved or a ceasefire being implemented by the 5th of August, 2006. However if this does not happen, this conflict is likely to continue at least till the 18th of October, 2006. Sensitive dates are 3rd, 6th, 18th, 26th Aug, 2006, 8th, 27th Sep, 2006, 2nd Oct, 2006.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,