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Is Your Zodiac Sign Among The 5 Luckiest Signs Of The Week?

As the new week begins from Nov 14, 2021, it will bring good news for some and not-so-good news for some. The Sun is going to change its sign to Scorpio, and that will create a Sun Ketu Conjunction in Scorpio. Mixed results can be anticipated as a result of this conjunction. However, if we just talk about this particular week, these are the five signs who can breathe a sigh of relief.

Note: the predictions are from Nov 14, 2021, to Nov 20, 2021, and they are based on moon signs. If you’re confused about the Moon sign, you can find out yours for Free, with Moon Sign Report.

Leo natives are likely to have their energies in the right direction. This week may be favourable, especially for the lovers. Good results in the love life can be foreseen.

For Capricorn, This may be a good time to go on a trip. If you are a working professional, success is likely to greet you in your work life. Relationships with siblings may improve, too.

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Hey Aries, You may get to know some special and auspicious information during this time. Possibilities of making money may also be awaiting you in the coming week.

If you are a Cancer, A week full of confidence awaits you. If you are a single Capricorn, the times are likely to change for the better. You may meet someone special!

The Taurus sign people Work-life balance gets redefined as your family may support you in all the projects you take. Students are also likely to experience a positive week from Nov 14.

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