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Is your favourite colour helping you?

Is your favourite colour helping you?

If you were to research about Colour psychology, you would learn that colours are not just eye-candy but much more. Colours can be utilized in many ways, from creating positive and negative stimuli to calming a mass audience or even pushing and motivating an athlete to perform better. Nature has offered us a plethora of colours to choose from, and all the colours in this wide spectrum have different effects.

Almost everyone has an individual preference when it comes to choosing between colours, and your favourite colour says a lot about you. We utilize our preference for colours in almost everything. Ranging from our clothes to our cars, wall tones as well as gadgets and gears, we have a desired colour for all of them. Now, these colours have a deep astrological meaning, and the concept is widely recognized as Zodiac Color. The concept of Zodiac Colour delves into the deep-rooted connection between our zodiac signs and colours.

Zodiac signs and colours share a deep connection. These colours, when done right, can help in changing the mindset and thought process of an individual.

For instance, Sun is connected to red, and if a person frequently sports red or is fond of the colour red, it signifies that red has a direct influence on the native and using the colour more often will provide better and precise results while effecting administrative and management skills.

In a similar manner, Moon is associated with the colour white, and it signifies peace, satisfaction and tranquillity. Thus, using more and more of white will help in developing these qualities and will facilitate positive results.

Hence, Astrology can help recognize what planet affects the native based on the colour an individual is attracted to. Moreover, the concept of Zodiac Color can also help individuals prevent negative effects by avoiding certain colours.

We all take birth under one or the other astrological sign or zodiac sign. As astrology has taught us, the planetary transitions have different effects on different zodiac signs. Now, these planets and stars are deeply connected to their own individual colour and all of them have concrete significance. Our mighty Sun rules the colour red, orange and pink, whereas Moon is connected to white, Mars to red, Mercury is light and dark green, Jupiter rules yellow, Venus is connected to off white, royal blue and variegated colours, while Saturn is deeply connected to black. Planet Rahu signifies dark blue whereas Ketu rules the colour grey in totality.

The planets, as we know, rule our mind, body and soul. Thus when we utilize colours that are associated with different planets, the colours start providing us with positive effects on different aspects of our lives.

1.For Aries and Scorpio, red, white, orange and pink are favourable, while green should be avoidable due to the inimical planet Mercury.
2. For Taurus and Libra, the colours off-white, green and royal blue should be used whereas red, orange, pink and white colours should be avoided to get blissful results. This is because the Sun and Moon are inimical to these zodiac signs.
3. For Gemini and Virgo, green, red and off-white can be used very frequently while milky white should be avoided at all costs.
4. For Cancer, red and green can be utilised to benefit oneself. Luckily there is no need to avoid other colours.
5. For Leo, associated natives should use yellow, white and red colours to instil positivity in life, whereas off-white and black should be avoided.
6. For Sagittarius and Pisces, natives should use more of yellow, red, orange and white for better results in life. Similarly, green and off-white should be completely avoided.
7. For Capricorn and Aquarius, the signs associated with Saturn, black is the major colour that can be utilised to avoid the negative aspect of Saturn. While avoiding red, white and orange should bring quick and adaptive results on its own.
8. To sum it up, if you understand the colours associated with zodiac signs and recognise your zodiac sign’s power colour, it should enable you in appeasing the planets and their effects to your benefit by using more and more of the colours that favour you and are lucky colours for your zodiac sign.

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