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Invite Feng Shui in your Living Room

Invite Feng Shui in your Living Room

The living room, which is also called as sitting room, is central to family life. It is where you entertain your guests, host parties and important family celebrations, and it is the place where secure relaxation.

Usually the living room is the largest room in the house and plenty of space is essential for its success. Chi energy can stagnate in overcrowded rooms. If your living room is too small, use mirrors where necessary, to adjust the overall proportions and create an illusion of space.

A fireplace or the hearth is often the focal point in a living room. Because of its association with the fire energy, it presents both opportunities and risks, and requires careful consideration. A working fireplace (one that burns coal, wood or gas) can greatly
enhance the comfortable atmosphere of a home during the winter. It enhances passion, excitement, spontaneity and brightness. Electric fireplaces, however, are not recommended because they increase electrical radiation.

Often, it is practical to combine the living room and dining room. Generally, entertaining and eating are compatible functions, and you can usually create an atmosphere that works for both. Sometimes, the living and dining area also incorporate the kitchen. The main
drawback here is that the kitchen part must be kept especially clean and tidy at all times. If not, it has a negative impact on chi energy which can spread to the rest of the room.

A bright sunny room will help to create a lively uplifting place where you and your family will enjoy spending time together. The sunlight charges up the chi energy and helps to stimulate the flow of energy through the room.
An ideal living room uses furnishings and decor to enhance the room’s spaciousness and to make it feel relaxing and comfortable. At the same time, try to promote sociability and family harmony. To allow chi energy to circulate freely, keep large pieces of furniture to a
minimum and do not overuse heavy fabrics and upholstery. Balance the need for comfort against the risk of stagnant chi energy.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,