Interior Design Choices by Zodiac Signs.

Ornate chandeliers, Persian rugs, glimmering tea-lights in antique
candelabras, intricate tapestries, ivory vases or wrought iron photo
frames - what catches your eye like nothing else does? Huge
furniture pieces reminiscent of an era gone by or minimalistic steel
and chrome futuristic look - what appeals to your inner designer's
sensibilities? Each one of us defines design and d?cor in a unique
way. Read ahead to find our how each Zodiac Sign likes his/ her home
d?cor to be -


Speed and action are tantamount to these 'zodiac leaders'. Most Rams'
havens betray Aries' love for outside activity and physical fitness.
It's unlikely that a Ram will spend a lot of time in upkeep and
cleaning of homes. And that's why, it's better that they put in place
fuss-free, low-maintenance design elements with clean lines. Domestic
chaos is a distinct possibility with Aries, unless conscious efforts
to organise are made. Plenty of storage space, preferably, walk-in
closets may add flavour and balance to their often chaotic homes. As
per the Western Astrology, Aries is associated with the top of a
house. Thus, it's recommended that Rams keep a multi-storey home with
their bedroom on the upper floor. However, if that's not possible,
they may install a high bead or a raised bed. Aries like to begin
new projects, but may not end up completing them. This may also apply
to their home renovation projects. You will also find many DIY tool
kits with Aries. In terms of d?cor elements - luxury, sense of space
and vibrancy will rule in the Ram's home. Incorporating a fire
element in homes is advisable for Rams. This may be done with subtle
candle lighting or fire-places.


A Taurus loves his/ her material possessions, and is greatly attached
to them. The home of a Bull is often a worthwhile investment and a
status symbol. Besides, comfort, luxury and stability are vital for
these Venus ruled beings. And, thanks to Venus, aesthetics too don't
lag behind - interior designing and architecture sensibility come
naturally to the Bulls. Usually, the dominant impression in a
self-indulgent retreat of a Taurus is of rest, relaxation, beauty and
deep contentment. And, not to be missed are the warmth, timeless
elegance and rooted-in-time unhurried ways. As far as the finances
permit them, Bulls will prefer to add plush, warmth inducing
upholstery, drapes and furniture to their homes. Graceful extensions
and additions to their homes are always on their minds. Flowery and
ornamental plants find favour with the Bulls. Their sign is also
closely associated with carpets and carpeted floors. The bedroom in a
Bull's house will effortlessly mirror all that is truly Taurus,
complete with practical furniture, soft lighting and most touchable
spreads. Last but not the least, as food is of utmost importance to
most Bulls, methodical and spacious kitchen counters and dining area
are vital in a Taurus' home.


The proverbial party animals, Gemini love social interaction. Action
oriented Twins - Gemini have an active mind and fertile imagination,
and love change. Since Twins don't find it difficult to adapt to
change, they may keep shuffling and rearranging their home d?cor,
furniture arrangement and even fittings, as their choices may keep
wavering and changing. Today the stylish Gemini may decide to put in
place, his most favoured modern, minimal d?cor, while on another
day, he may decide to introduce some fashionable kitsch elements. On
the whole, very urbane, youthful and rebellious in lifestyle, design
choices, outlook and approach, Gemini is a sign that's closely linked
to cities, buzzing, bustling centres of work and entertainment.
Clutter is a possibility in their homes, and they would do well to
avoid it in order to allow for circulation of positive energy. The
feeling of space is important, as it shall allow for additions and
re-arrangements, which will come, given the Gemini quest for variety.
Glass doors, windows, latest designs, utilitarian furniture, modern
art work best for their homes, and so do psychedelic colours and
cheerful, bubbly interiors. A coffee table is another must for this
home, and so is a computer table with the latest computer set-up,
complete with music speakers, gadgets and all the related


Closely associated with home and domesticity, Cancer is a zodiac sign
for whom warmth and constant assurances of love are vital. The
intuitive Crabs - Cancers often regard their homes as their
sanctuaries, retreats from the harsh world! A perfect home of a Crab
is, thus, a picture of gentle withdrawal from the outside world, a
typical symbol of womb-like security and containment with an obvious
link to the past. Cancers love natural daylight, and should have a
well-ventilated and well-lit homes. Blues, aquamarines, greens are
the right colours for the Crab's home. Antiques, family
heirlooms, old family pictures all shall find a place of pride in
this home. Thrifty, both in habits and in words, Cancers may not
spend plenty of resources in meticulously structuring or decorating
their properties, yet their homes would usually be extremely
liveable, welcoming and cosy. The kitchen, which would, in all
likelihood, be a simple, traditional affair, shall acquire the role
of a family/ friends meeting and bonding place in a Crab's home. An
open kitchen set-up, where Crabs can mull, dwell, socialise and play
with children, shall find favour here. Old garden furniture, a water
feature, however minuscule it may be, and tons of plants and flowers
? all will make a Crab truly happy.


Opulence and luxury are the two main buzzwords around which the
design sensibilities of a Leo - the magnificent Lion - revolve.
Everything they own has to be (or at least they like to believe that)
class-apart! When it comes to the architecture, the sign is closely
associated with castles, palaces, royal households, cathedrals,
velvet furnishings and huge, elegant, marbled spaces. And, hence all
these may always be on the Lion's wish-list. However, Leo also crave
for warmth and a certain amount of privacy, especially when they are
resting. Thus, in reality they may not actually go for such huge
places or an extravagant display of luxury. Deep inside, in their
imagination, they will always be on that plane, though. But, they do
learn to be modest and somewhat practical in their dwelling,
outwardly. Yet, Lions would not not forget to surround themselves
with luxurious furnishings and cuddly, super-soft teddies, pillows,
throws, rugs etc. Most Leos also love to own a pet. And, their houses
have to have a 'different' feel of grandeur and opulence. Superior
quality of products, furnishings, materials, furniture etc. is of
prime importance here. And, the sleeping area has to be quite lavish.
Ultra-modern and contemporary elements too find favour with most


Virgos don't mind spending time and energy when it comes to minute,
small details, and the fact that they possess an excellent eye for
detail only facilitates this. Many Virgos tend to be architects and
interior designers, as they have a great sense of space planning, and
can manage even smallest of the spaces quite well. That is why,
you'll find that most Virgos have a separate, designated place for
almost everything at their home/ drawer/ office desk - with almost
no clutter. Many Virgins are always ready with excellent storage
ideas, and the moment they run out of it - they find some more!
They may own many tables, cute cupboards, wall-to-wall drawers, racks
to store footwear, baskets for arbitrary stuff - just about
anything that will cut clutter. This, however, doesn't imply that
they like to fill their house with random pieces of furniture. Au
contraire, they prefer spaciousness, and open plan structures. Muted
colour palette finds prominence in their homes, and so does sun-light
and natural wood furniture. Quite tasteful in their choice, Virgos
prefer to keep everything in their home, from entrance to floors and
rooms, timelessly elegant - understated yet eye-catching. Utility
coupled with clean lines and hygiene is vital here.


Thanks to their ruler, Venus, people of the zodiac sign Libra are
deeply inclined towards beauty, aesthetics - interior design in
particular, and overall excellence in general. Most Librans possess
high standards, which are, thankfully, relax-able for the sake of
their own or their loved ones' comfort and luxury. When it comes to
the design forms, the most closely associated theme and form with
Libra are the Oriental lines and a Zen theme. This kind of Eastern
approach implies cool comfort, loads of space, clarity, low seating,
neutral lighting and spare nooks and corners, wherever possible. The
element of measured serenity and minimalism is also inherent in this
form of d?cor. On their own, Librans prefer modernity and
understated interior design, with strong, marked style statements and
one/ two key accessories. However, there's a hitch here. Due to their
known proclivity for indecision, Libras may end up creating quite a
lot of chaos in their homes. Thus, a Libra will need to carefully
guard against clutter and hoarding. In the colour department -
soothing pinks, muted beige, cream, off-white, pale blues and greens
will find favour. And, never forget that Librans adore flowers - the
exotic the better!


The Scorpion association with mysticism is quite visible in their
choice of furnishings, d?cor, design and architectural preferences.
Privacy is a major concern, and so are darker surroundings. Use of
warm, jewel tones and subdued lighting to create accents of shadows
and darkness works well for Scorpio sensibilities. Colours like bold
fiery reds, maroons and darkest pinks shall find favour. The theme
most well suited for a Scorpio's home would be either a Middle
Eastern, African or Indian theme - not completely ethnic, but
somewhat like a royal courtesan's abode or an Arabian Nights'
sequence. It?s also important that Scorpio natives keep ample scope
for developing secluded spots/ corners within their home. It could be
a simple garden shed, hidden well from the prying eyes of outsiders
or a closed, shadowy, albeit clean room like the one in dark lounges.
In fact, it?s the whole ?drama? effect, such interiors create
that catches the Scorpio?s attention and imagination. It helps them
investigate their souls further, allows them to go further down the
recesses of their psyche! Probably that is why, this sign finds a
close connect with ethnic, tribal, artefacts and ornaments. The
bedroom is the proverbial den of a Scorpio, and is often luxurious
and opulent.


All Sagittarius natives or Archers true to their form, love freedom
and thus open, unrestricted spaces. Confined surroundings may make
them claustrophobic. Besides, severe structures may appear to them as
impediments to their freedom. Hence their homes ought to have scope
for openness. And, their ideal home will have a plenty of scope for
merging and juxtaposition of - soCapricornonflicting, but rarely
jarring - elements, spaces and themes. Intellectual stimulation, a
certain depth and profound expression are extremely important to
Archers, which also reflects in their design choices. The colours
associated with Sagittarius are darker shades of purple, blue and
other hues with depth, which will allow them to experiment. There
also exists a paradox in the Sagittarius design preferences ?
Archers love open spaces and hence countrysides, yet they need
the accessibility to all modern
facilities only a city centre/ a town hub provides. Thus, they would
prefer to set up their abode, where they would find a middle ground.
Not the ones to go in for a very stylized, ultra-chic interior d?cor
for their homes, Archers would, rather, like it to be relaxed, even
slightly messy. Eclectic pieces, exotic rugs, old furniture,
fire-places, dim lighting will find favour here.


The element Earth makes the Goats conservative in taste and outlook.
When it comes to design sensibilities of these, sometimes
temperamental beings, emphasis remains high on structure and form,
natural and reliable materials and a not-so over-the-top colour
palette. Durability is a important to them, and so is good quality.
The favoured and suitable colours include all earthy shades, forest
greens (except really bright ones), black, greys, browns and various
traditional colour combinations like black and white, maroon and
muted gold etc. Not much for intricate-design elements and frills,
Goats would rather buy and maintain a sturdy, well-constructed
property, than go for some outwardly ornate and new but inherently
unreliable one. The attached facilities will have to be impeccable,
though. A Goat may not fuss much over the beautification of his/ her
home, but would be fanatical, when it comes to myriad practical and
utilitarian aspects, and thus a well located home is a must for the
Goat. Most Goats are partial towards window-dressing -
super-luxurious curtains in thick weaves and piled fabrics with
tie-back options and tails find favour. The zodiac sign of Capricorn
is closely associated to pottery, sculpture, stone and wood. The
rooms in this home should also have ample storage options, as Goats
may have a tendency to get too disorganised, thanks to their busy


Like other air signs, Aquarius too possesses a clearly cerebral and
intellectual perspective towards everything, which includes design
and structural elements. Independence and freedom of space,
obviously, is highly valued, and so Aquarius beings prefer to have
big, spacious houses, or neatly separated areas, at the very least.
Ironically though, many Water Bearers like to keep their homes
inconspicuous or inaccessible. Casual visitors are neither welcome,
nor are they made to feel welcome, in case they happen to drop by.
They are a sign most closely associated to combinations and
juxtaposition of elements. And, when an Aquarius blends, seemingly
jarring, elements in his/ her own individual style, the results can
be striking. No wonder, the visual appeal of a nicely done home of a
Water Bearer can be awe-inspiring. It is here, where you'll find an
effortless blend of steely modernity with traditional utility. And,
given an Aquarius's propensity towards new and inventive, be sure to
come across numerous state-of-the-art gadgets. The favoured colour
palette is aqua - despite the fact that Aquarius is not a water
sign. So, it's blue, its myriad tints all the way! However, modern
blacks, greys, electric and metallic shades are also favoured by


Pisces, the ruler of depths of water, the seas and oceans is a
mystical, dreamy and relaxed sign. And, that is how they prefer their
abodes to be - water feature/s, proximity to a water-body, a
generally relaxed atmosphere, an ethereal feel, colours of the ocean
in the d?cor, use of natural materials and maybe a beach inspired
theme. However, the sign is associated with chaos, so, quite
obviously, the virtues of tidiness and organisation are not naturally
attributed to Pisces. Order in day-to-day affairs may not be a norm.
Intuitive Fish have so much internal stuff going on, so worldly
matters may not really hold their attention. Yet, there's a paradox
here! In reality, Pisces may end up managing and organising their
homes quite well, mostly because they are extremely attached to their
homes. A well-organised home would also provide for a much-needed
anchor to these floaty creatures. And, thus it is important that Fish
keep such a home. Furniture in all rooms ought to be delicate,
comfortable and fuss-free - don't expect the Fish to sit and polish
the brass-edges of an ornate sofa. Plenty of storage space, low
maintenance fittings and furnishings, calmness and serenity shall be
the prefect add-ons to this home.