Indian Airlines adds DVD channel to in-flight entertainment system on new deliveries

Indian Airlines has decided to add entertainment facilities to its new aircrafts. They will be providing DVD channel in the flight. Ganesha finds this very interesting astrologically. This decision has been announced while significator of entertainment – Venus – is in its own sign Taurus. Venus is in applying aspect to Natal Jupiter in Indian Airlines Natal horoscope, which was established in August 1953. Venus is entertainment and Jupiter is expansion. This is one reason why Indian Airlines is thinking of providing more entertainment facilities to its passengers. Moreover, Indian Airlines has Venus in Gemini. The sign Gemini is air sign, which has direct connection with aircrafts. Moreover, in the month of May, Venus return is happening in Indian Airlines’ Natal horoscope meaning Venus will be passing over its Natal position. This is when new ideas related to entertainment and facilities or say comforts may be applied. Ganesha notes that as per decision taken by Indian Airlines, they have thought of implementing it from June 2007, immediately after Venus return taking place in Gemini. Considering all astrological combinations, Ganesha feels that by September 2007, Indian Airlines will start attracting more passengers due to this added entertainment facility.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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