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Importance of Directions

Because of VAASTU SHASTRA, the whole universe enjoys good health, happiness and all round prosperity. Human beings attain divinity with this knowledge. Followers of VAASTU SHASTRA not only get worldly pleasure but also experience heavenly bliss. According to the Vedic Science, it is very much clear that VAASTU SHASTRA is universal. It is not confined to any particular group of people but helps in the development of all human beings irrespective of their caste, creed or religion. You will be able to understand different directions of Vaastushastra from the following charts:


The nine planets, nakshatras, zodiac signs, our deities, the Panchmahabhutas, the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth consistently govern the eight directions, namely East, North, South, West, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest. The following Vaastu chart, representing the eight directions that are ruled by different Gods and planets:

Directions God Planets Symbolizing Section of Vaastu
East Indra Ravi (Sun) Lord of Lords Entrance (omen of good luck)
North Kuber Buddha (Mercury) Lord of Wealth Vault (money never finishes)
North-East Dharma Guru (Jupiter) Morality Puja rooms (for worship
South Yama Mangala (Mars) Lord of Death Ghastly masks (Mars) (to repel evils)
South-East Agni Shukra (Venus) Lord of Fire Kitchen (Venus) (joyous housewife)
West Varun Shani (Saturn) Lord of Water Bathroom
North-West Vayu Chandra (Moon) Lord of Wind Bedroom (nobility and tranquility)
South-West Niruti Rahu (Dragon’s head) Lord of Demons Assets (avoids being stolen)

The entire universe rests in an endless space which has no directions. The sun, the stars and several other planets like the earth and the moon are revolving and rotating in this real space in their respective orbits, due to their own gravitational forces. Sun is a star closer to the earth and emits light and heat to the humanity whereby we are able to live and feel the presence and direction of the objects.

An intermediate direction is formed when two directions converge and make an angle. These intermediate directions are more important in the sense that they have in them the effects of both the directions, which make an angle in the formation of that intermediate direction.

As per the science of Vaastu, all the eight directions have their own respective influences on the human beings.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,