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Exploring the Relationship between Astrology and Your Mental Health

Exploring the Relationship between Astrology and Your Mental Health

Zodiac Signs hold a great significance in one’s life. Astrologers believe that Zodiac sign is not only used for the future of a person but also has a profound effect on the mental health and well-being. Our state of mental stability is ruled by our planetary positions at the time of birth. Modern lifestyle has brought in a lot of comforts and luxuries but also ushered in a lot of stress. Apart from lifestyle stress everyone has some degree of stress in their personal front. Everyone is entangled in their own cobweb of life.

The beauty of the whole story called life is that everything is connected to everything else, especially when it comes to distress. We fail to arrive at the right node or the pain point as to why some people are not able to respond well to stressful conditions while some others have a balanced approach. We usually draw parallels with the society in which one is raised, but do not care not to acknowledge the link of Astrology and your Mental Health.

Every zodiac sign has a peculiar mental health character associated with it. For instance, some people are always upbeat no matter what the situation while others are usually low despite everything at peace. Some people are very lovable and are extremely social, while others tend to stay away from the crowds. All this is dominated by the Zodiac signs as well. Here is a list of the 12 signs of Zodiac along with their mental health traits which will be apparently seen in the native.

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1. Aries
They form a courageous lot of people. You are highly courageous and brave the situations of life but often have a fear of cats. You are aware of this latent fear as well.

2. Taurus
They are known to be stubborn but are also very possessive. They have very few friends about whom they are highly passionate about. They tend to undergo separation anxiety, and if they find anyone spends more than the required amount of time with their friends, they simply cannot stand it.

3. Gemini
They are known for their bipolarity. Hence, bipolar disorder is associated with this zodiac sign. This means that in one second you will be highly excited, frantic and just ready to rock the world while the next you can be just so dull and in fact sad.

4. Cancer
These are the manipulative lot. They can go out of their means and ways to manipulate people or situations to their advantage. They are also said to be affected by the histrionic disorder of personality, which states which refers to an excessive display of emotions to catch the attention of others.

5. Leo
They are said to be born with a royal attitude and demeanor and do not like to be dislodged from their throne. In other words, they do not accept change very easily and cannot adjust in conditions which call for the subjugation of any kind. They usually are found to be suffering from agoraphobia, which means they get panicky in certain situations.

6. Virgo
They are known as the masters of perfection as they like to the minutest detail. They cannot resist any kind of deviation from their standard of perfection. So, OCD or the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is the one which marks their mood. They feel compelled and drawn to slight changes which they do not appreciate and always end up making things perfect around them.

7. Libra
They are said to be highly clingy of all the signs. They usually have one of the many kinds of attachment disorders. This can mean either they are highly scared of getting attached or do need a strong emotional attachment to survive.

8. Scorpio
A very stable sign of the Zodiac and it takes a lot to move the Scorpio head. They are also very brave. One thing which does not resonate with a Scorpio is dishonesty, and thus they do not like to be manipulated. They can often have depersonalization and derealisation disorder. In this, the person starts losing their hold on reality and often get highly detached.

9. Saggitarius
They are a playful soul and like to be outdoors. Any change in season which prevents to be in the open often leads to distress. They are thus said to harbour a seasonal affective disorder, which means they have a low feeling when the weather becomes grey.

10. Capricorn
They are highly reserved people who like to keep aloof and will not let anyone in easily. They thus at times have the avoidant personality disorder. This makes the people highly shy, introvert and cannot take on criticism.

11. Aquarius
They are the true lovers of freedom and hate to be trapped and confined. They love to travel, meet people and have fun. So, when they are bound, they feel stifled, suffocated and even start to panic. Hence, they are said to have a panic disorder. They can have unexpected panic disorders. They are highly alert people.

12. Pisces
Pisceans are kind human beings and often get hurt. Hence, they are linked to depression. Many times, Pisceans feel disconnected with their own selves and start feeling sad. Once plunged into the ocean of depression, it is hard for them to find a way back to surface.

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